The Most Annoying Sales Email Question Reps Ask

David Ly Khim
David Ly Khim



You just sent a cold email to a prospect and you’re excited. The prospect is a perfect fit and you crafted a personalized email sure to pique their interest.

But as the days pass to no response, your enthusiasm turns to worry. Why haven't they answered? Could it be that they never got your email in the first place?

And then you draft a second message with perhaps the most annoying email question of all time: "Did you get my email?"

The buyer now perceives you as pushy, needy, and obnoxious. Not exactly the beginning of a great relationship.

Sales reps send countless emails every day that seemingly evaporate into thin air. How do you know if your buyer opened your message? And if they opened it, how do you know if they clicked on your proposal? How do you know if you should follow up?

Unless you use email tracking, you won’t know.

But how does email tracking work? Is it like big brother watching over your email?

Far from it. You simply get notifications when a prospect (or client) opens your emails or clicks on a link in your email. Using this information, you know whether or not they’re interested in your proposal and when to follow up. And most importantly, you'll never have to ask that incredibly annoying email question ever again. 

Click through the presentation below to discover how email tracking works and how one professional used it to close a $100,000 deal.

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