The Best Networking Email Subject Lines, According to HubSpot Reps

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Networking is when you connect with people with shared professional interests, help each other achieve goals, like getting a job, or sometimes simply build confidence in having conversations with others.

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As a sales rep, networking can be incredibly helpful when it comes to obtaining new leads. People in your same industry will be pre-qualified as being able to use and benefit from what you have to offer, which makes it easier for you to make a value proposition that sells.

The most challenging part of networking is making the initial outreach, whether over the phone, in person, or via email. Not to fear, though — we’ve asked HubSpot salespeople for their favorite networking email subject lines and why they’re so effective and we’ll share their insight in this post.

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The Best Networking Email Subject Lines

Read on to learn how to write an effective networking email subject line, according to HubSpot Reps.

1. “Hey, Sam, let’s talk about Marketing Hub.”

Template:“Hey, [insert name here], let’s talk [insert relevant product here].”

Ashley Weissmann, Growth Specialist and Account Executive at HubSpot, recommends this networking subject line: “I love using this subject line because people WANT to talk about those things, especially if you’re reaching out to a director. I feel like the subject line is simple enough and also catches the eye of the person it’s sent to.”

2. “Beth, 7 surprising industries that are perfect for your business are….”

Template: “[insert name], here’s [insert amount of information] about [insert corresponding topic].”

Alozie Nwabeke, Principal Account Executive at HubSpot, recommends sending an email with a subject line containing brief information about a shared topic of interest and then identifying how much information you’re sharing in the email. This can entice recipients to open the email because they immediately know what to expect, and they’re likely curious about what you have to offer them.

3. “Lee recommended we speak.”

Template: “[Mutual acquaintance] recommended we speak.”

This is a basic networking email subject line, but it is effective because it immediately names a mutual connection to help establish trust, and it also sparks curiosity.

If the person you’re reaching out to is familiar and close with the person whose name you’ve used, name-dropping can also serve to vouch for the quality of information you provide, making them more likely to click through the email.

4. “Friend of Taylor who needs your advice.”

Template: "Friend of [mutual acquaintance] who needs your advice."

This subject line works as an introduction because you’re establishing the mutual connection that endorses your relevancy in your network, and you’re immediately sharing what you’re hoping to gain from the relationship so the recipient knows what to expect.

5. “Bill, here’s 3 reasons we should chat.”

Template: “[insert name], here’s [insert number of reasons] we should chat.”

“My subject line criteria is to use a name, a number, and a list of reasons why they should open the email,” says Nwabeke. Nwabeke likes to use names because it’s personalized, and numbers let the lead know how much info they can get from opening the email. Again, you're sparking curiosity by only providing the value within the email copy.

6. “Reason for contact: information sharing.”

Template: “Reason for contact: [insert reason here].”

A fairly straightforward networking email subject line, recommended highly by Simona Levina, Principal Partner Manager and HubSpot. She says, “It’s a brilliant one — people are so curious what the reason is, so they open the email to get more information.”

A unique and intriguing subject line in your networking emails can help you capture the attention of your leads and potentially spark the beginning of a great relationship. Leverage the suggestions on this list and begin using your inbox to grow your network.

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