18 Sales Email Templates Perfect for the New Year

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The beginning of the new year is a fantastic time to reach out to buyers. Your prospects are focused on starting fresh, driving change, and setting yearly goals — if you reach out with a relevant suggestion or compelling value proposition, they'll be primed to respond. Double down on this effect by referencing the holiday in your message.

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Adding some humor and levity to your sales emails will improve your response rates as well. Most messages are relatively cut-and-dry, so prospects are usually surprised and impressed by anything with a little personality.

Download Now: 15 Free Holiday Email Templates

To be clear, there are many ways to use the New Year as an ice-breaker to re-engage with a client, which is why we included the messages below.

Use the New Year-themed sales email templates below to connect, follow up, and close the loop with prospects — and start 2020 off strong.

Happy New Year Email Templates

Prospecting email templates

These prospecting email templates will start off your year of prospecting on the right foot.

1. "Don't drop the ball ... "

Why this works: To motivate your prospect to respond, remind them of a timely opportunity and offer your expertise.

2. "I can't do this alone ... "

Why this works: The self-deprecation will give your recipient a chuckle and make you seem more human and relatable. In addition, they'll appreciate your focus on their goals.

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3. "New year, new you ... "

Why this works: This email is short, easy to read, and engaging. If your prospect has already started thinking about the trend you mention, they'll be impressed by your timing. If they haven't started thinking about it, they'll be eager for your help and insights.

4. "Congratulations ... "

Why this works: Show your prospect you've done your research by referencing company news. And because your prospect simply needs to say "yes" or "no," responding will feel nearly effortless.

5. "Time is of the essence ... "

Why this works: The cheeky subject line will entice your recipient to open the email — and its helpful, relevant, non-pushy contents will prompt them to respond.

6. "First of your kind ... "

Why this works: Your prospect is far likelier to respond to an offer to help than a request for their time. Once you've added value to their life, they'll be eager to learn how your offering can help them even more.

7. "Proton pack weapon not included ... "

Why this works: Who doesn't love a Ghostbusters reference? This creative email shows off your personality while demonstrating what you can offer.

8. "Most expensive breadsticks ever ... "

Why this works: The unexpected subject line is guaranteed to boost your open rate. And the punch line is memorable, which means your prospect will be thinking about your email all day.

9. "Let the good times roll..."

Why this works: Highlight a success your prospect has had over the past year and use it as a conversation starter. Who doesn't like talking about their wins? This is a great way to engage and be top of mind as they begin their year.

Follow-up email templates

Is your prospect ghosting on you? Use these follow up email templates that are sure to get a response.

1. "If at first you don't succeed … "

Why this works: Your honesty will impress the buyer and help you earn their trust. Even if they're not currently dealing with the pain points you've included, they may be impressed enough with your straightforward approach to respond regardless.

2. "Looking forward ... "

Why this works: "Prediction" articles are a dime a dozen around this time. Find one that applies to your prospect's industry, geographic territory, product space, target demographic, and/or internal policies and pass it along. They'll be grateful for your helpfulness, likely leading to an opportunity to present your solution down the line.

3. "No sales pitch, guaranteed ... "

Why this works: If you've been unable to get a prospect on the phone, this template may do the trick. The unexpected approach will surprise them and pique their interest. In addition, they'll feel like you're doing them a favor rather than the other way around.

A note of caution: Don't bait-and-switch anyone who takes you up on the offer. Buyers will get annoyed if you turn your consultation into a sales pitch — and rightfully so. Once you've spent 15 to 30 minutes helping them, request another meeting to talk about your product's ability to help them with the same goals.

4. "I'm not giving up on you ... "

Why this works: It cheekily references the number of people who abandon their resolutions a few months out — then shows you've got more stamina.

5. "It's not you, it's me... "

Why this works: We can all admit we've been turned off by receiving overly sales-y messages in the past. This follow-up template recognizes this, and offers a more human approach.

Breakup email templates

If your prospect just doesn't seem interested, send them a message using a breakup email template.

1. "Not just because it's New Year's ... "

Why this works: This classic line from When Harry Met Sally will elicit a smile from your recipient. Meanwhile, hearing this is their last opportunity to work with you will incite some much-needed urgency.

2. "Reevaluating your strategies ... "

Why this works: This short and sweet message gives buyers one last chance to respond before you professionally move on.

3. "We don't talk anymore ... "

Why this works: Playfully put yourself back on the buyer's radar without guilt-tripping them.

4. "I'll be here when you need me... "

Why this works: Sometimes it's ok to be a rebound. Let your prospect know you'll be there when they're ready to proceed.

These templates will make it easier to hit your first quota of the year. Now that deserves a toast.

Looking for fresh real estate email templates for the new year? Look no further.

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