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25 Productivity Hacks That’ll Help You Work Smarter and Make Better Decisions



Decision-making is difficult to do well and essential to get right. Time is precious in any profession, but especially so in sales, where every misstep and miscalculation is literally money out of your pocket.

But it’s not easy to make good choices, especially when your whole day consists of choosing which prospects to spend time with, which to pursue, and which to part ways with. Decision fatigue, a mental state where it’s harder to make good decisions the more you’re faced with in a day, is real.

So when you’re structuring your day, think of ways you can make your decisions easier and save yourself time -- so you’re able to give your important choices the attention they deserve. One strategy is to automate relatively unimportant decisions, like what to wear to work -- either by laying your clothes out the night before or assigning outfits to certain days of the week.

For 24 more strategies that’ll save you time and make your decisions easier, check out the infographic below from Air-IT.


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