Persistent or Just Plain Pushy? 7 Sales Behaviors Decoded

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Leslie Ye
Leslie Ye



When was the last time you called a prospect and they said, “I’m so glad you called! I love salespeople!”?

Probably never.

Psst: It’s not your fault. Salespeople are frequently measured by activity or told to hammer the phones, which lends itself to high-volume prospecting and mass outreach. And when you consider that 80% of deals require five or more follow-ups to close, it makes sense. Clearly, persistence pays off.

But reps are also painfully aware of the fact that they have a negative public perception. Research revealed that “annoying” was one of the first words that came to mind when people thought of sales.

So what’s a conscientious modern salesperson to do?

Recognize that there’s a fine line between persistence and harassment. The same sales activities can be executed in very different ways -- some good, some bad. Read on to see if you’re unintentionally being pushy instead of persistent

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