Read This Because Your Sales Career Depends On It

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Melanie Lane
Melanie Lane



I know what you aren't thinking. And you aren't thinking it because, and I will apologize to you a little later, I used a very powerful conversational hypnosis tool on you.

Let's review. The headline reads "Read This Because Your Sales Career Depends on It." Upon further review you may start to question this, realizing that it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

You are correct. It makes no sense whatsoever.

But, no matter, you are still with me -- and that was my sinister plan all along.

You see, top sellers and closers and even advertisers use language patterns and hypnotic suggestions on us all the time. In this instance I'm using the cause/effect tool of "because." 

Now, how can that be such a powerful tool? Because over time we’ve all been subtly hypnotized to accept certain trigger words. The process started before we could even talk. And when you use them consciously and correctly, these words can greatly improve your persuasive power.

As you know, persuasion is all about bypassing the critical mind so that we can get to the unconscious and stimulate emotion. Think of the critical factor as the "bouncer" -- the guy watching the door, deciding who gets in.

We as humans long to know why things are the way they are and what caused them to happen the way they did, especially in our own lives. We crave order. It's just how we're wired.

So, when our mind’s bouncer hears that crucial trigger word, it treats it as a cue to let the speaker (or writer) through to the unconscious mind. "Because" satisfies our desire for cause and effect all in one word!

Think you haven't been conditioned this way since you were a cute little tot? Well, let me refresh your memory. "Mom, can I have a cookie?" "No." "Why?" "Because I said so." And off you went, huffing and puffing.

Evolutionary scientists believe that we are hard wired to accept cause/effect sentences as true because it helped us survive in life-threatening situations. These days, although we don’t have to worry about a tiger stalking us too often, we still have the mental wiring that allows concepts formed in this pattern right through!

Let’s look at a few examples in a sales context: 

"This is the car for you because it has every feature on your wish list!"

"You will be so happy with this policy because it will protect your family forever."

"Your ability to close business has increased because you’ve read and understood this article!"

Just feel how these statements cruised right on through! If you wanted to examine them, did you notice you had to back up and “rethink” them? That takes a lot of mental energy and more often than not, we don’t expend the effort and the idea is simply let right into the subconscious mind.

"Because" seems to put our brain into some sort of illogical acceptance/hypnotic state. It is a very powerful sales tool when used correctly.

Start using "because" intentionally to persuade because it will help the environment. And really, who doesn't want to help the environment? (See what I did there?)

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