Calendars, planners, to-do lists: these are just a few of the tools we use to stay on top of our day-to-day activities.

But, how can you stay on top of your sales activities? Luckily, there are sales activity trackers that can help you out.

A sales activity tracker helps salespeople manage things like contacts, deals, quotas. If you're a sales leader, it's important to determine the key metrics your sales team will be evaluated on. From there, you can reverse engineer your sales process to set sales goals. Then, monitor performance using sales activity tracking tools.

Using a tracking spreadsheet or template makes it easy to have all the information you need to review in one place. Plus, they can be used to quickly identify trends and any corrections that need to be made. And they can be used in one-on-ones and team meetings to review performance.

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Excel Sales Tracking Templates

Here are the best spreadsheets, templates, and tools to help you track your sales activity, monitor the effectiveness of your team, and make data-driven decisions for your business.

1. Sales Lead Tracking Spreadsheet

This template is tailored toward product-based businesses. If your company fits that bill, it offers a simplified way to track your sales goals. Using your sales budget, the spreadsheet forecasts sales based on price per unit and will track which items make up what percentage of total sales.

excel sales tracking template: sales lead tracker

2. Weekly Sales Tracking Spreadsheet

With handy columns that correspond to tasks and action items, this sales activity report lets reps keep track of their activities each week — offering a reference point for them to see whether they're keeping pace with management's goals and expectations.

excel sales tracking template: weekly sales tracking

3. SLA Calculator Template

Alignment between marketing and sales teams is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Wouldn't it be great if marketers were generating all the right leads, the sales team closed them all, and both teams agreed on what a qualified lead was?

This template calculates and tracks goals based on marketing leads, monitors the performance of different lead targets, and increases transparency between the two teams to encourage better alignment.

excel sales tracking template: marketing sales sla template

4. Sales Tracker Spreadsheet

Keep track of revenue generated from deals closed with this sales tracking spreadsheet. Using the number of products sold, this spreadsheet produces a revenue breakdown by-product in an easy-to-read graph view. At a glance, sales managers can quickly assess the team’s progress toward revenue goals, and reps can pinpoint big wins and areas for improvement.

excel sales tracking template: sales tracker spreadsheet

5. Leads Sales Tracking Spreadsheet

If your sales organization doesn't use a CRM , it can be a challenge to keep track of your leads. Entering this data doesn’t have to take a long time if you have a detailed lead tracker.

One of the key benefits of this lead tracker is that you can keep the historical data you’ll be adding to it when your business is ready for a CRM. Simply export it as a CSV and import it directly into the new platform.

excel sales tracking template: leads sales tracking

6. Sales Funnel Spreadsheet

If you're a key stakeholder in your organization, it helps to have a macro view of your sales team's activities, especially with regard to what's currently moving through the funnel. This tracking spreadsheet breaks down the number of deals in each stage so that you can visualize the progress and opportunities within the sales team.

excel sales tracking template: sales funnel tracking

7. Sales Pipeline Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet can work in tandem with the sales trackers listed here. By tracking the sales pipeline, you’ll have a birds-eye-view of the health, revenue, and bottlenecks that are affecting the close rate of your sales team.

excel sales tracking template: sales pipeline sales tracking

8. Sales Forecasting Spreadsheet

Set clear goals and track your progress toward them with a sales forecasting template like this one. Unlike some templates that track by quarter, this spreadsheet keeps track of your targets over the course of the whole year.

excel sales tracking template: sales forecasting sales activity

9. Sales Report Spreadsheet

Both sales leaders and reps can get a lot out of this template. It gives stakeholders a structured way to understand which clients were closed and the revenue generated by the deal. The unique part of this template is your ability to compare the projected revenue to actual revenue so you and your team can better forecast your sales.

excel sales tracking template: sales report sales tracking

10. Sales Data Tracker

A sales data tracker is a simple, yet effective way to visualize your sales data. With a sales call planner you can help your team track and manage your outreach activities and their performances. Use this sales call planner digitally. You could also save it to your tablet and use it whiteboard-style by filling in the information with a stylus before each call.

excel sales tracking template: sales data tracker

11. Sales Activity and Customer Tracker

HubSpot created a detailed sales lead follow-up tracker or CRM (customer relationship management) tracker to help your company keep track of how they interact with customers who buy the products or services. You’ll have a place for meeting notes, names and titles, as well as proposed solutions you’ll want to bring up on your next call.

excel sales tracking template: sales activity and customer tracker

12. Customer Retention Tracker

You need this template if you have several client relationships to manage at once. This template also helps build improvements and opportunities for customer retention. You can easily add this spreadsheet as a tab in a larger workbook that tracks accounts from lead to close.

excel sales tracking template: customer retention tracker

Sales Tracking Templates

1. HubSpot Sales Dashboard

This isn't actually a spreadsheet or a template, but you can get free interactive dashboards for sales activity using HubSpot CRM and Sales Hub. With this tool, you can track your pipeline using different metrics and manage the data for transparent deal forecasting.

excel sales tracking template: hubspot sales dashboard

2. HubSpot Sales Forecasting Template

This forecasting template allows you to see the stage a deal is in to calculate the probability of a successful close. It can also use that figure to calculate future pipeline numbers so you’re never left with an empty funnel. On top of that, this template comes with other helpful sales templates and checklists in a handy sales productivity bundle.

excel sales tracking template: Hubspot sales forecast template

Make Smart Decision with a Sales Activity Tracker

Using a sales activity tracker can give you the full picture of your sales team's performance with regard to productivity, close rates, and projected revenue. Having your finger on the pulse of these numbers means you’ll make more informed decisions more quickly. Whether you're a sales rep, a sales manager, or higher up, you’ll find the information you need to do your best work in a sales activity tracker.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in September 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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