7 Top Sales Coaching Software & Key Benefits of Leveraging It

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Every winning sales team has an excellent coach guiding them. This is no different in sales. 

sales coaching software

The key to improving sales performance lies not only in the hands of sales reps, but also in the ability of their managers to provide effective guidance and support. According to a study from Second Nature Sales Coaching, 96% of respondents agree or strongly agree that effective sales coaching positively impacts sales reps’ performance.

To effectively coach your teams, you’ll need sales coaching tools that can take your coaching to the next level by offering collaborative dashboards that help you gain a better understanding of how your team’s performance links to their coaching needs. Additionally, with features like call coaching software — some tools can even help you help them level up their conversations.

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In this post, we’ll dive into:

  • What Sales Coaching Tools Are
  • Top Sales Coaching Software
  • Sales Coaching Software Benefits

Top Sales Coaching Software

Call Coaching Tools

HubSpot Conversation Intelligence

HubSpot Conversation Intelligence

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HubSpot’s Conversation Intelligence tool helps you understand how your team is performing on customer calls and coaches your team so that they know how to improve their performance. 

This software helps you track your team’s performance with HubSpot’s conversation AI that automatically captures voice data in your CRM. Through the platform, you can see performance patterns, leave feedback on your reps’ calls, and identify top performers by looking at performance data.

You’ll also get a comprehensive view of customer interactions — you can even enter terms into the platform’s search function to see specific conversations. 

Pricing: Free version available as part of Sales HubStarter ( $45/month), Professional ($450/month), and Enterprise ($1,200/month).

Showpad Coach

Showpad Coach


Showpad Coach's Manager Hub lets you view your reps’ assignments,  deal progress, and their challenges. Through the platform, you can record pitch or call practice sessions, which enable reps to learn how top sales performers give pitches.

Additionally, you can enable collaborative coaching by letting reps give eachother pitch feedback, while additional features, like Leaderboards, can encourage friendly competition.

Pricing: Essential, Plus, and Ultimate tiers are offered. Pricing is available upon request.




Chorus.ai is a sales coaching and conversation intelligence software that helps you identify patterns of successful calls. It captures and analyzes customer calls and meetings through call recording and transcription, which enables you to quickly gain after-call insights  like competitor mentions and feature requests.

The tool also helps you support your team by enabling you to set up and customize coaching initiatives and feedback through the platform. For example, as a team lead, you can also leave personalized feedback with scorecards for your reps. Chorus.ai can then surface high-scoring calls that you can recommend to your team to learn from.

Pricing: Pricing is available upon request.




With ExecVision, you can use conversational AI to analyze sales chats, create coaching plans to identify performance gaps, and take action by focusing your team on improving skills the platform's AI recommends. 

Like some of the platforms above, ExecVision can generate and allow you to customize scorecards to show reps how they're performing, while also enabling annotations that let you give feedback at a specific recording timestamp. 

Lastly, performance dashboards let you know how effectively you’re coaching your team, giving you insights like how many hours you’re spending on coaching, as well as rankings on manager coaching effectiveness.

Pricing: Pricing is available upon request.

Sales Coaching Tools




This sales coaching software captures video calls, phone calls, emails, and SMS so you can see how your team interacts with customers and prospects. The platform leverages AI to surface key points of customer interactions like topics discussed, top questions, competitors, action items, and relationship dynamics.

The analytics and insights offered by the tool can enable you to identify coaching opportunities for your team, give examples of what conversational trends positively lead to deals, and provide insights about what deals to focus on.

Pricing: Pricing is available upon request.

Second Nature AI

Second Nature AI


Second Nature AI is a conversational AI sales coaching software that enables you to set up courses fueled by videos and other sales enablement materials. 

Sales leads can also assign tasks to reps and track their progress with reports that track performance in both soft skills, such as presentation style, and hard skills like product and playbook knowledge. With these reports, sales managers can identify specific areas where their reps need improvement, allowing them to provide focused 1-on-1 attention and guidance.

Like Showpad Coach, Second Nature AI also has a leaderboard, as well as gamified challenges and trainings, for friendly competition.

Pricing: Pricing is available upon request




Like Second Nature AI, Mindtickle also enables you to create courses from pre-made templates and your brand's sales enablement materials. However, it streamlines coaching even further with features like generative AI roleplays, which give feedback on practice sales calls; ideal rep profiles, which allow you to benchmark rep progress against skill scores and performance benchmarks of teammates; and individualized learning paths for reps who best learn in different ways.

Like some of the tools above, Mindtickle also supports gamified learning experiences like sales plays, repeatable actions, so your reps can feel engaged while they learn.

Pricing: Pricing is available upon request.

Sales Coaching Software Benefits

Improve Performance

Sales coaching software empowers sales reps (and their managers) to improve their performance by developing vital skills and identifying the gaps holding them back through personalized coaching. With features such as call recording, real-time feedback, and performance tracking, reps and managers can fine-tune or perfect key techniques that lead to deals.

Save Time

Sales coaching software automates and streamlines the entire coaching workflow, from scheduling and organizing coaching sessions to assigning tasks or action plans, monitoring progress, and documenting feedback.This enables managers and reps more time to drive revenue, skill up at their own pace, or focus their precious time on lessons that aren't as easy to learn online.

Retain Reps

Sales coaching software fosters a more engaging and interactive coaching experience. Through features like video-based coaching, role-playing scenarios, and gamification, reps are motivated to actively participate. 

Additionally, the ongoing communication and mentorship you can provide with these tools could foster a culture of continuous learning. As a result, sales reps might feel like they're invested in, valued, supported, and engaged – leading to increased job satisfaction, retention, and ultimately, a stronger sales team.

Make Better Decisions

One of the most significant advantages of sales coaching software is its ability to provide sales leaders with valuable data and insights. By analyzing performance metrics, coaching effectiveness, and customer interactions, you can make informed decisions and optimize coaching strategies for the best potential ROI.

Scale Your Team

Coaching tools ensure that your training practices remain consistent and scalable, even as teams grow or adjust to remote work environments. With standardized coaching frameworks and easily accessible resources, you can ensure all reps receive consistent guidance and experience a standard level of coaching excellence.

Additionally, these tools can help you learn from, share, and replicate successful coaching methodologies and best practices across your organization. 

Revenue-Generating Calls

Reps spend a lot of time on the phone and every second of the conversation counts. Because of this, call coaching tools within sales coaching software can help you analyze and offer feedback on recorded calls. This targeted coaching helps sales reps improve their communication skills, objection handling, and overall call performance.

Get Started With Sales Coaching Software

Without the right tools, it's difficult to lead a sales team and provide them with the guidance and training they need. 

Now that you know how sales coaching software can help you or your teammates, start exploring tools like HubSpot’s Conversation Intelligence today.sales software

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