9 Sales Email Templates to Inspire Urgency in Your Prospects

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Aja Frost
Aja Frost



Most salespeople face the same persistent challenge: Their prospects lack urgency.

There are a number of strategies -- both successful and unsuccessful -- reps use to overcome this inertia. Often, they end up offering huge discounts with expiration dates. While this technique might result in a sale, the company’s margins and the rep’s commission bonus both take a hit.

Plus, once other potential customers learn the business’s salespeople are willing to discount heavily, it's difficult to sell at full price.

The solution? Create authentic urgency. These nine sales email templates will encourage your prospects to buy sooner rather than later without resorting to discounting or manipulative tactics.

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Urgent Email Subject Lines & Templates

  1. "What your competitor is missing"
  2. "How does your company compare?"
  3. "Thoughts about your issue with X"
  4. "Taking X step"
  5. "Biggest takeaway from our call today"
  6. "Timeline for accomplishing Y by [date]"
  7. "Few more suggestions for accomplishing your goal"
  8. "How [customer] got Z results"
  9. "[Name], you're a special case"

Urgent Prospecting Emails

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