25 Sales Lessons Learned From 1,000 Pitches

Jami Oetting
Jami Oetting




It doesn't matter how insightful, creative, and compelling your ideas are if you 1) can't communicate them to the potential buyer, and 2) can't create a connection with the prospect through the way you present the information. 

You need to understand the mindset of the person you're pitching and craft your presentation to match their attitude and needs. This means considering how you speak, the pauses in your presentation, your body language, energy, and eye contact. 

All this is what will not only get your message heard but will build up trust so that the prospect actually belives what you are saying. 

Michael Parker, formerly the vice chairman of London’s Saatchi & Saatchi and the man behind Pitchcoach, created the below SlideShare outlining his pro tips learned from being involved in more than 1,000 pitches. 


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