9 Amazing Sales Memes To Celebrate the End of 2017

The end of 2017 is mere days away. This year, like most years, has been a roller coaster of emotions. You'e experienced the awesome high from closing deals and the horrendous lows of missing quota and working with tough customers. The beauty of it all? You get to start a whole new year of the same soon.

Let’s not dwell on that yet though. Instead, enjoy these nine relatable sales memes.

1) New sales targets

Perhaps your manager hasn’t revealed them yet, but next year’s sales targets will definitely be more aggressive than this year’s. That’s the nature of selling.

2) The not-so-rewarding bonus


You’ve likely worked incredibly hard and deserve a nice end-of-year bonus. Unfortunately, many of you will have to settle for a handshake.

3) The outlier

It’s great to see your colleagues celebrating their success -- except when you were the only one who didn’t hit their target.

4) The “call me after the holidays” line

When Q4 rolls around, practically every other prospect is telling you they’ll “tackle this in 2018.”

5) The worst month for sales

Everyone’s on vacation, budgets are spent, and you struggle to get prospects to pick up the phone -- let alone buy from you.

6) The one day off

One of the rare, rare times you can actually ignore your inbox all day and there won’t be negative repercussions for your quota.

7) The reality check

Reflecting on a busy yet successful year of selling is nice -- until you realize you’ve got to do it all over again.

8) The pushy sales manager

Sales managers across the world are pressuring their sales team to close all outstanding opportunities by the end of the year. Wishful thinking?

9) The gift to the government

We all know how hard we work. For those of us lucky enough to get an end-of-year bonus (see #2), there’s nothing worse than seeing it gobbled up by taxes.

I hope you have a happy holiday and end 2017 with a bang. Here’s to more sales memes in 2018!

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