102 Sales Metrics Every Manager Should Be Tracking [Infographic]

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Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner



We all know the business adage "what can be measured can be managed." Unfortunately, this rule of thumb doesn't tell managers what they should be measuring in the first place. And determining what metrics to focus on is often the hardest part of leading a team.

If you're a sales manager who's grappled with this quandary, I have good news for you.

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Rain Group has compiled the essential list of sales metrics, which contains no fewer than 102 discrete indicators of a sales team's health, including:

  • Customer net promoter score
  • Average tenure of employment
  • Time to seller expertise
  • Revenue by territory
  • Percentage of addressable market covered
  • Forecasting accuracy
  • Lead to close ratio
  • Average margin per account
  • Length of sales cycle 

The list goes far beyond traditional revenue measures. Just as crucial as average revenue per seller and percentage of the team hitting quota are metrics such as reps' job satisfaction and the ROI of training initiatives. Without tracking training, talent, strategic, and operational metrics alongside revenue goals, sales leaders won't be able to get a full picture of team performance. 

Peruse the graphic below, and take note of sales metrics and KPIs you currently aren't tracking that you should add to your dashboard. Get measuring, and start managing.

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