Sales always has been, and always will be, about closing the deal.

But, sales professionals cannot rely on cold calls and haphazard prospect visits if they want to meet their sales goals and make it into the top 10%.

In reality, sales professionals and managers need to have access to the best available sales planning tools to help them boost sales productivity and close more and bigger deals.Free Download: A Guide to Inbound Selling Best Practices

I’ve compiled a list of 18 sales planning tools, listed here in no particular order, which can help you organize your sales process and plan calls, routes, and territories with greater efficiency.

1) HubSpot Sales Platform


The HubSpot Sales Platform, released at INBOUND14, gives sales professionals the tools they need to sell more deals faster in one integrated suite. With the CRM and Sales combo, you can track contacts, deals, companies, and tasks; schedule meetings easily; learn more about your prospects; and monitor your team's progress with intuitive reporting. HubSpot Sales gets rid of manual data entry, a huge time waster in sales, so professionals can spend time selling.

Cost: FREE

2) A Sales Guy Consulting


A Sales Guy Consulting offers a variety of tools to help salespeople plan their sales calls and strategies, including a prioritization worksheet, an account vision and penetration template, and an account/territory plan, among others. Tools are available for download directly from the site.

Cost: FREE

3) Axiom


Axiom is a sales performance company on a mission to improve sales through better learning, coaching, and selling. Their account planning and management tool advances account relationships through a more holistic view of account planning and management that allows for setting objectives and strategic initiatives.

Cost: Contact for a quote

4) Mindjet


Mindjet’s ProjectDirector keeps everyone in sync and makes it possible for the entire team to create living plans that adapt as the sales cycle changes. Features such as the virtual whiteboard, drag-and-drop editing, and organization charts result in a centralized account plan, making sales planning a collaborative venture every time.

Cost: Contact for a quote

5) Sales PROPHET System


The Sales PROPHET System from The Complex Sale (TCS) is an analytics and forecasting software suite that produces more accurate forecasts and pipelines, helping sales managers know what salespeople need to close more deals. With its five key solutions, including R.A.D.A.R.: Opportunity Manager and M.A.P.: Accounts Planner, Sales PROPHET is a comprehensive sales planning tool.

Cost: Contact for a quote

6) Dealmaker Smart Call Planner


Dealmaker’s Smart Call Planner gives sales team members their plan in the palm of their hand. Smart Call Planner allows the team to align meeting objectives, access customer insights, review business issues for discussion, and learn which sales strategies to use, all from their mobile device.

Cost: Contact for a quote

7) ConceptDraw


ConceptDraw offers a solution of seven management and planning tools that extends ConceptDraw PRO v9.4 software. The add-on solution contains a set of diagrams to help solve complex business management problems and includes an Affinity diagram, a Relations diagram, a Prioritization matrix, and other tools that will aid sales teams in planning sales calls.

Cost: FREE

8) Demand Metric Key Account Planning Tool


Sales professionals looking for a solution that results in more closed deals from top accounts rely on Demand Metric’s Key Account Planning Tool. This Microsoft Word document makes it possible for salespeople to clearly depict key account information, analyze potential growth opportunities, and establish a plan for account development that they then can share with the rest of the sales team.

Cost: 1 FREE download when you sign up to join Demand Metric

9) Demand Solutions Forecast Management


Companies that are interested in boosting sales through sales forecasting choose Demand Solutions Forecast Management because it is light years ahead of spreadsheets. With its built-in social collaboration functionality and native business intelligence, Forecast Management is a top sales planning tool in terms of collaborative forecasting and decision-making.

Cost: Contact for a quote

10) Telogis Territory


Telogis Territory is a top pick among sales teams who do most of their business in the field, because it is a territory planning and management tool. Telogis Territory helps sales professionals plan better areas for sales based on map regions, load type and size, driver attributes, and customer requirements.

Cost: Contact for a quote

11) Anaplan


Anaplan provides several cloud-based planning tools for sales: territory and quota panning, incentive compensation planning, sales forecasting, configure price quote optimization, and trade promotion planning.

Cost: Contact for a quote

12) Longitude

Longitude, “known as the leader in unified sales planning,” offers free, downloadable model sales plans. Available in one of three categories, Sales Management Plans, Sales Personnel Plans, and Account Plans, all of the plans are in Microsoft Word format on an “as is, as available basis.”

Cost: FREE

13) LivePlan


LivePlan, a leading business planning and tracking software, makes business planning, budgeting, forecasting, and performance tracking for small businesses simple. Features include setting business goals, comparing performance to benchmarks, and viewing all key numbers in a user-friendly dashboard.

Cost: Plans start at $11.60/month

14) Pipeline Manager

Pipeline Manager is one app that does the work of many, to make sales planning simple. From forecasting, instant insight, collaboration features, CRM-native spreadsheets, and the ability to organize, plan, learn, and coach, Pipeline Manager works with Salesforce to give sales professionals everything they need to plan the most effective sales calls to close the most deals.

Cost: FREE

15) Plan 2 Win


Plan 2 Win provides “the right strategic account, sales territory and pre-call planning tools for B2B sales teams.” Plan 2 Win’s Account Plan Pro, Pre Call Plan, and Territory Plan Pro make it possible to plan strategic account sales and sales territories that result in closing deals with high-value customers.

Cost: Pre Call Plan is FREE or Account Plan Pro and Territory Plan Pro plans start at $110/user/year

16) TimeTrade Sales Scheduling Software


TimeTrade’s Sales Scheduling Software is a practical web-based tool for sales professionals to plan and schedule sales calls ahead of time. Sales professionals work more efficiently and close more deals when they don’t have to spend time calling, scheduling, and waiting for prospects.

Cost: Contact for a quote


@assistantto is the app that allows sales reps to schedule sales calls and meetings right from their Gmail (and soon from Outlook). With the ability to plan meetings from within familiar email providers, sales reps eliminate double bookings and have more time to close deals.

Cost: FREE

18) Javelin Call Plan Manager


Javelin Call Plan Manager makes it possible for sales professionals to perfect their sales call plans. This mobile account management software solution helps sales reps review and refine plans to increase sales growth and includes call plan parameters, summary reports, and customer profiling.

Cost: Contact for a quote

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