21 Ways Salespeople Lose Their Buyer's Interest [SlideShare]

Mike Renahan
Mike Renahan




You might think that a sales rep walking out of a conference room smiling just gave the perfect presentation and closed the deal.

But what if I told you the rep actually gave the worst presentation of his life? It was so bad, in fact, that he walked out halfway through laughing at himself because two-thirds of the audience fell asleep during slide #10 of 100.

The art of a great presentation is tough to master. But what about giving a bad, soul-crushingly boring presentation? That’s something any of us can do. Maybe you took 15 minutes to get through the introduction. Or perhaps you put a small essay on every single slide so your audience was forced to read tiny text.

The following SlideShare from SketchBubble provides 21 tips for reps to give the most boring presentation of their careers. While we all want to know what goes into a great presentation, learning the strategies behind a bad one can be just as insightful.

What presentation sins are you susceptible to? Don’t be shy -- tell us in the comments!

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