We've all seen awful slide decks packed with teeny text, blurry graphics, and nonsensical jargon. Ugh. Another sales presentation dead in the water.

Keep in mind your prospect's reaction depends just as much on your visual presentation as the words coming out of your mouth. An ugly or confusing slide deck will make you look inexperienced, amateurish, or unprofessional.

How to Craft a Sales Presentation That Wins Deals

This infographic from PPTPOP highlights the components of a perfect sales presentation: An inspiring story, snappy value proposition, social proof, and a call to action, among other things. How do you construct each of these sections and wrap them up in a unified and appealing package? Check out the best practices below to build beautiful slides that sell.


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Originally published Mar 8, 2016 7:30:00 AM, updated November 18 2017


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