The Top Social Selling Trends in 2022 [New Data]

Erin Rodrigue
Erin Rodrigue


If you're in sales, you know that finding prospects isn't easy. In fact, it can be the tallest hurdle in the sales process. The key is to meet people where they are — and more often than not, they're on social media.

The HubSpot Blog surveyed 500+ sales professionals to uncover the top social selling trends to reach more prospects and close more deals — all at your fingertips.

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Let's take a look at the top social selling trends of 2022.

1. Using DMs (Direct Messages) to answer questions and engage prospects.

As a sales professional, you're often the first point of contact for prospects when they have questions or concerns. The same can be true online.

A whopping 45% of sales reps say using DMs to provide customer support is an effective strategy for converting prospects. On top of that, 43% say it's an effective strategy for converting existing customers.

Don't be afraid to tell prospects and clients that your DMs are open for any questions. If you identify a possible lead, shoot them a quick introductory message. Like a traditional cold call, keep your message short, personalized, and friendly.

DMs offer personal, one-on-one, direct business-to-consumer communication. It also affords more privacy than the standard comment section. But remember — while social media is a powerful tool to start conversations, the ultimate goal is to eventually take it offline. DMs can be a stepping stone to getting there.

2. Approaching social media as a search engine to find leads.

Most sales professionals think of social media as a networking tool — which is true, but it's also a powerful search engine, enabling you to identify and research leads with just a few clicks.

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For instance, 74% of sales professionals say LinkedIn is the most effective channel for prospecting. A simple click on a prospect's profile can lead to their job title, work history, shared connections, and more. It may also give you insight into their personality, interests, and preferred communication style.

With all this intel available, salespeople no longer need to take shots in the dark, hoping their pitch lands.

Further, social media can be used to "warm up" leads before you eventually reach out in a more formal capacity. Start by liking and commenting on their posts to get on their radar. Then, when it's time to pick up the phone and call, you can reference something they've shared in your pitch. Something along the lines of, "Hi [X], I just read about your new office opening in Chicago. Congratulations. It got me thinking about some ideas that could help you with [address concern]."

3. Building social proof and credibility online is increasingly crucial.

What's the biggest change sales reps are seeing in their field? The growing importance of building trust with prospects. In fact, 54% of sales professionals feel this change is impacting their role.

At its core, building rapport is about providing value — and social media is a great vehicle to deliver it. There are many ways to build rapport via social media, such as showcasing reviews and testimonials, engaging with your prospect's content, and sharing relevant articles.

But, above all, your goal is to provide value. Don't clutter your prospect's feeds with irrelevant content or inundate them with messages. Instead, your interactions should be thoughtful, timely, and personalized.

Social selling trends 2022

4. Leveraging social media shopping tools in the sales process.

Social media can level up your eCommerce strategy. In fact, more than a quarter (27%) of B2C sales reps report using social media shopping tools to reach customers.

Social media shopping allows brands to sell their products through social media platforms. Rather than directing prospects to your online store, social shopping tools enable others to discover, peruse, and purchase products directly from your business's social channels.

This trend is picking up traction amongst B2C businesses. In addition, we're all witnessing more social platforms — like Instagram Shopping, Pinterest, and Facebook Shops — expanding their shopping features, which could add another entry point in your sales process.

Over to You

Sales reps shouldn't ignore the power and popularity of social media. As you've read above, it's a versatile sales tool for reaching and engaging with prospects. While it's a great vehicle to start conversations, finding success relies on creating relationships you eventually take offline.

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