The 18 Stages of Every Sales Call, in GIFs

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner



Even if you weren't a big fan of the phone before you took a sales job, you learn to love it. Why? Salespeople make more calls than any other person on the planet. (Okay, that's not an airtight fact, but as any rep will tell you, it certainly feels that way.)

And while making calls day in and day out, reps start to notice patterns in their conversations. For instance, prospects are likely to make at least one objection. There's probably a certain statistic or fact that grabs buyers' attention every time. Reps might even begin to observe similarities in their reactions to prospects' behavior.

As a tribute to the sheer number of calls reps make each and every day, we've laid out the 17 stages of a sales call below, GIF-ified for your sharing pleasure. 

The Stages of Every Sales Call

1) Waiting to see if they'll pick up

2) When they pick up

3) When they ask, "What is this about, anyway?" 

4) When they're trying to get off the phone and you reel them back in

5) When they hit you with an objection right off the bat  

6) When they confuse you with your #1 competitor 

7) When they say "I'm not interested" 

8) When you ask them a question that blows their mind 

9) When you silently congratulate yourself on your cleverness while they're answering 

10) When you use an industry term that you know will resonate with them

11) When you ask a question that doesn't pan out as you expected 

12) When they say something that surprises you but you can't let it show 

13) When you insist on nailing down a time to follow up right now 

14) When they say they want a demo 

15) When you say goodbye

16) Writing the follow-up email

17) Updating the CRM 

18) When you go tell your manager about your great call 

What other emotions do you go through on a sales call? Share your thoughts (or favorite gifs) in the comments.

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