16 of the Best Startup Communities for Founders

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Paige Bennett
Paige Bennett



Starting a business is challenging, especially if you’re on your own. Where can you turn to with questions, and how can you find other entrepreneurs to help expand your network?

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Startup communities can help founders find like-minded individuals who can give advice, listen to frustrations, and provide mentorship and resources.

Whether you’re seeking mentorship or just some buddies to chat about the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, a startup community could be the place for you.

What are startup communities?

A startup community is a group of people, typically founders or those working in startups, who come together in person and/or online to discuss their businesses. These communities often have members of all experience levels, so newer founders have a chance to learn from successful serial entrepreneurs. Startup communities may host events and provide resources to members. Ultimately, the goal of these communities is to provide mutual benefits to everyone involved.

Benefits of startup communities

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Joining a startup community can come with many benefits for members. Members can connect with others in their industry and learn from one another’s experiences. Newer founders can seek out mentorship and gain guidance for growth strategies. 

Many communities also offer exclusive resources or discounts for partner products. By joining a startup community, founders can tap into a network, which can come in handy when it’s time to hire new talent.

16 best startup communities

When it comes to finding startup communities that are right for you, there are several factors to consider. You’ll want to seek out established communities, where you can start making connections right away. You’ll also want to find groups that cater to your industry, experience level, and budget.

1. GrowthMentor

GrowthMentor is a community for growth-oriented startup founders who are looking for mentors to help level up their businesses. The community offers one-on-one mentorship from over 500 mentors, plus members can connect via a Slack channel. 

Founders can vent their troubles, seek advice, get help with their growth strategies, or network by attending GrowthMentor events.

  • Best for: Mentorship, growth, tech startups
    • Number of members: Over 2k members on Slack
  • Cost: $120 per month or $720 billed annually

2. Startup Grind

Startup Grind was founded in 2010 by Derek Andersen, who was getting together with a few friends and fellow entrepreneurs to discuss challenges in their startups. 

Since then, Startup Grind has grown to a network with millions of members and chapters around the world. The organization’s chapters host more local events, while Startup Grind puts on a global conference each year. Members can join as students, partners, investors, or startups; startup members can apply to join for free.

  • Best for: New founders and any parties looking to connect with founders (such as investors)
    • Number of members: Over 7k Startup Grind members, over 1k investors, and over 100 mentors
  • Cost: Free

3. Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers offers a platform for founders who have had success in previous or existing ventures. The forum allows members to connect and share their experiences or seek out advice, and members can organize meetups for networking. 

Indie Hackers also has a podcast for founders to learn more about various topics, such as utilizing AI in their business or running a business as a digital nomad, as well as a newsletter with founder stories.

  • Best for: Experienced founders, tech startups
    • Number of members: Over 39k
  • Cost: Free

4. Founders Network

For founders, receiving an exclusive invite to join the Founders Network can be an exciting opportunity. This startup community is made up of over 30 global chapters and hundreds of founders who can answer questions and share entrepreneurship experiences. 

Members also gain opportunities to network with investors and attend skill-building workshops. You can apply for an invite, although any potential members must receive an invite from the network or one of its existing members to join.

  • Best for: Tech startups, new-to-experienced founders
    • Number of members: Over 700
  • Cost: $74.92 per month, $133.25 per month, or $374.92 per month, all billed annually; or pay a one-time lifetime fee (cost determined after a consult)

5. StartupNation

Entrepreneurs who are just getting started with their ideas or building their businesses can benefit from StartupNation’s resources, including webinars, podcasts, and blogs about business basics. 

New founders can learn how to find and secure funding, calculate estimated business costs, or learn more about marketing products and services. The organization also has a forum for members to connect with each other.

  • Best for: New founders
    • Number of members: Over 100k
  • Cost: Free

6. No Code Founders

No coding? No problem. For entrepreneurs who are less than excited about the technical aspects of building a website or other digital content, the No Code Founders platform is a helpful community. 

No Code Founders offers resources and advice to help founders build and scale their business without coding. In addition to connecting to fellow founders, the community also offers webinars and expert support.

  • Best for: Founders, freelancers, and other professionals who prefer no-code tools
    • Number of members: Over 17k
  • Cost: Free

7. FoundersBeta

Whether you’re looking for people to fill permanent roles or you need some freelance help, FoundersBeta connects founders to developers, marketers, designers, writers, and other professionals who are interested in joining a startup. 

In addition to networking, members can attend events, get discounts on partner products and services, and find startup jobs.

  • Best for: Founders and anyone interested in working for a startup, tech startups
    • Number of members: Over 6k
  • Cost: $15, $30, or $100 per month, billed annually

8. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is, well, on the hunt for startup products that could be the next unicorn. Its web forum covers the latest trends, news, and topics in the tech industry, and is a great place for startups to get feedback on their ideas. 

Members can also find new tools to utilize for their business, like AI tools for email or ecommerce store templates.

  • Best for: Tech startups and tech enthusiasts
    • Number of members: Over 400k
  • Cost: Free or $60 per month (charged annually) for a Marketplace Pro membership

9. StartupSauce

Startups outside of Silicon Valley making at least $5k in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) can join StartupSauce, a dedicated community for founders and CEOs of SaaS startups. 

The community is private, so members can feel confident and safe in sharing their ideas and experiences for feedback. Members can access regular events, custom marketing audits, ongoing mastermind calls, partner discounts, and more.

  • Best for: SaaS founders
    • Number of members: Over 100
  • Cost: $399 per year

10. GrowthHackers

Growth hacking is a way for businesses to efficiently, affordably, and quickly grow their businesses. As such, GrowthHackers is a startup community for founders looking to scale fast.

 Members can share tools, resources, and feedback for growing businesses. GrowthHackers hosts an annual event for members, plus online events like strategy sessions. Members must be invited to join.

  • Best for: Growth-oriented startups
    • Number of members: Over 200k
  • Cost: Free

11. Latka SaaS Hackers

Latka SaaS Hackers is a community founded by investor Nathan Latka. Members connect in a private Slack channel, where they can offer advice, seek feedback, share data, and more. 

Every week, the group has Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions, and there are additional in-person and virtual meetups. Members also get $64k of perks via partner discounts and credits.

  • Best for: SaaS startups
    • Number of members: Unknown
  • Cost: $499 per year

12. SaaStr

SaaStr is a large community dedicated to founders of SaaS companies. The goal of the organization is to help SaaS startups reach $100m in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

It offers a plethora of resources, including weekly workshops, e-books, blog posts, podcasts, videos, and its SaaStr University courses. Members can also attend live events around the globe. 

  • Best for: Founders of SaaS startups
    • Number of members: Over 600k
  • Cost: Free

13. Future Founders

The Future Founders community aims to empower young entrepreneurs aged 18 to 30 as well as founders in middle school and high school. 

Members are paired with local, experienced founders to learn the skills necessary to build a successful business. Future Founders has helped young founders generate over $325m in revenue.

  • Best for: Young and new entrepreneurs
    • Number of members: Over 44k
  • Cost: Free

14. Astronomic Network

The Astronomic Network was created by and for startup founders in and around Austin, Texas. The community offers three programs: Fast Track, Moonshots, and Constellations. 

Fast Track is a 10-week program for founders to learn business fundamentals, while Moonshots pairs a founder with five other founders or freelancers with similar industries and goals. The Constellations program also matches founders and freelancers with similar industries and goals, and has them discuss business over dinners. 

  • Best for: New-to-experienced startups in the Austin, Texas, area
    • Number of members: Over 100
  • Cost: Free to join, but program costs vary based on startup needs

15. The Entrepreneurs Collective

The Entrepreneurs Collective is a private members community designed to accelerate early-stage entrepreneurs through collaboration, education and funding opportunities. This London-based organization runs a packed calendar of over sixty events per year, including: pitch competitions with top VCs and Angels, workshops with subject matter experts, panel discussions with industry thought leaders, round tables with exited founders, and sector specific networking lunches with investors and socials with like-minded founders. It also includes access to 50+ credits and discounts from services like HubSpot, Stripe and Dropbox. The Entrepreneurs Collective helps startups overcome common challenges, accelerate their growth, and increase their chances of success. Whether you’re looking to refine your business model, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, or secure investment, The Entrepreneurs Collective provides the resources and support to help your startup thrive.

  • Best For: Founders who have raised initial funding and are looking to scale
  • Number of Members: 7k
  • Cost: £49.99 Per Month

16. Nomad List

For founders of digital platforms, products, or services, living a nomadic lifestyle may be appealing. Nomad List offers support and connection among those who work remotely. The platform can help founders, freelancers, and anyone working remotely find the best places to live and work as a digital nomad. Members can also arrange meetups with others in their current area.

  • Best for: Digital entrepreneurs, remote or online startups, individual founders
  • Number of members: Over 10k
  • Cost: $99 one-time fee

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