10 Ways You’re Killing Your Team’s Motivation (and How to Fix It)

Leslie Ye
Leslie Ye





People don’t leave their jobs -- they leave their managers.

This statement probably isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s worth repeating. Two people with the same job description can have wildly different work experiences, and that’s in large part due to their experience with their managers.

Are they allowed to grow their careers and reach outside their comfort zones, or are they micromanaged within an inch of their desks? Have you set clear goals for your employees or are they working without set priorities?

These scenarios -- a lack of career development, micromanagement, and unclear goals -- are just three of the ways managers can make their direct reports’ lives more unpleasant. Check out the infographic below from Weekdone for more information on the worst offenses managers can make, as well as tips for how to turn things around.


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