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Bill Cates
Bill Cates




When you think about getting referrals for your business, do you think about referrals as being in abundance or in scarcity?

Many years ago, Earl Nightingale produced the first ever motivation album. Not audio tape or CD, but a vinyl record. It was called “The Strangest Secret.” The essence of Earl’s secret was “What you think about, you become.”

You may be aware of the book and video that many people are talking about called “The Secret.” While the concept has drawn much praise (and much criticism), I believe the essence of the message is undeniable. What you direct your attention toward grows stronger in your life.

We can relate this concept to every aspect of our lives, but since my expertise is in the area of business referrals, let’s stay with that. If you constantly think and feel that referrals are a scarce resource, you will likely experience that state of scarcity. On the other hand, if you can come to the realization that referrals can be had in abundance, you will create that reality for yourself.

To some, this might seem a little “woo woo.” All I know is that what we focus on grows stronger in our lives. Focus on lack of referrals or your fear of scarcity, and that’s what you will create. Focus on abundance and you will most likely bring about that abundance.

Of course, you have to take specific actions to enact an abundance of referrals, and I'll concentrate future posts on these actions. But for this week, my suggestion for you is to take an honest look at how you view your referral reality. Abundance or scarcity? 

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