5 Things Salespeople Can Learn From Stand-Up Comics & More Posts You Might've Missed This Week

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Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner




Okay, you probably don't want to start your sales demo with "I mean, what's the deal with airline peanuts? Am I right, folks?" Only Jerry Seinfeld can get a laugh out of airline food humor. Do not attempt.

There's probably nothing more intimidating than getting up in front of a room of people expecting you to make them laugh. Although presenting your product to a roomful of stakeholders expecting you to provide value and tie your offering into their day-to-day lives is likely a close second.

All jokes aside, salespeople could stand to learn a thing or two from stand-up comedians. The greats know how to use body language to their advantage, adapt their tone to match the audience, and spin a heckler's game around on them. And if you swap "heckling" for "objecting," these all sound like skills salespeople would be wise to master.

In the post "5 Things Sales Professionals Can Learn From Stand-Up Comedians," Simon Wong draws parallels between joke tellers and rainmakers.

"Great comedians are all great presenters in their own rights," Wong writes. "To be able to keep an audience of hundreds and thousands engaged for greater than 90 minutes and leaving them wanting more is the key to their success."

After channeling your inner Louis C.K., check out five more of the week's best sales posts.

1) How New Salespeople Can Differentiate Themselves by Jim Keenan

In this video, Keenan explains how to separate yourself from the pack fast with his characteristic enthusiasm.

2) What If Sales Is Not a Numbers Game? by Jill Konrath

Just like in decor and fashion, less is more in sales. 

3) Top 5 Skills to Look For in a Sales Consultant by Richard Harris

Make sure you pick the consultant who's the perfect fit for your organization.

4) Are You Scaring Your Buyer Away? by Colleen Francis

One fatal flaw can send your prospects running.

5) Why Taking Risks in the Sales Process Can Improve Results by Mark Suster

To the risk takers go the rewards.

What were your favorite sales posts of the week? Share in the comments.

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