7 Times to Shut Down a Price Negotiation & More Sales Articles You Might've Missed This Week

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner




As consumers, we're trained to hunt for bargains. And as salespeople well know, this instinct also kicks in during B2B sales deals. It's relatively rare for a deal to close without some sort of price negotiation, whether the buyer is successful in securing a discount or not. You might as well ask, right?

Because of the frequency with which discount requests pop up, reps are trained to steer these conversations toward win-win conclusions. But according to Mark Hunter, there are situations where salespeople should refuse to negotiate entirely. In the article "Are There Times I Should Not Negotiate?" Hunter identifies seven scenarios in which salespeople should shut down even the suggestion of a discount.

"Negotiating is a form of trying to maximize sales vs. supply. If you can sell it without negotiating, then don’t negotiate," Hunter writes. "Sell first, negotiate second."

Once you bulk up on your bartering skills, browse five more sales articles that might've blown past you this week.

1) 3 Sales Strategies to Help You Handle Your "Just Looking" Customer by Jeff Shore

They say they're not interested in buying, but you know better. Learn how to overcome this common buyer brush-off.

2) Your Sales Manager Is Why Your Sales Team Is Failing by Paul McCord

There are several varieties of bad sales managers (hall monitors, super closers, good buddies), but only one type of good manager.

3) The Top 10 Strategic Account Management Challenges by Mike Schultz

New research reveals what's preventing sellers from growing accounts.

4) 3 Ways to Prevent Radio Silence by Brian Burns

Rather than figuring out how to reengage a prospect gone quiet, learn how to keep them from dropping off the map in the first place.

5) Take It From the Wolf by Adam Buschbacher

Turns out that if you set aside the drug use and raging party behavior, "The Wolf of Wall Street" contains some valuable leadership lessons. Who knew?

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