22 Unique Conversation Starters to Build Rapport Right Away [SlideShare]

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner




One of the primary reasons people go to conferences and industry events is to network with their peers. But how exactly do you "network" with someone? Approaching a fellow attendee with the opening line, "Hello, I would like to network with you" will likely get you a weird look. Not exactly a rapport-building introduction. 

Enter the following SlideShare from Sidekick to ensure you'll never be at a loss for a punchy opener again. The deck contains 22 unique conversation starters, each far more interesting than "So, some weather we're having, huh?"

Some of my favorites:

  • "Is your phone dying, too? There's got to be somewhere we can charge them ... " 
  • "I'm tired of chatting with my colleagues -- I see them all the time. What are you guys talking about?"
  • "Man, I hate networking."

To make yourself stand out from the crowd, don't just trot out the same tired conversational starters as everyone else. Ignore the rain/snow/sunshine, and try these instead. 

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