One of the primary reasons people go to conferences and industry events is to network with their peers. But how exactly do you "network" with someone? Approaching a fellow attendee with the opening line, "Hello, I would like to network with you" will likely get you a weird look. Not exactly a rapport-building introduction. 

Enter the following SlideShare from Sidekick to ensure you'll never be at a loss for a punchy opener again. The deck contains 22 unique conversation starters, each far more interesting than "So, some weather we're having, huh?"

Some of my favorites:

  • "Is your phone dying, too? There's got to be somewhere we can charge them ... " 
  • "I'm tired of chatting with my colleagues -- I see them all the time. What are you guys talking about?"
  • "Man, I hate networking."

To make yourself stand out from the crowd, don't just trot out the same tired conversational starters as everyone else. Ignore the rain/snow/sunshine, and try these instead. 

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Originally published May 18, 2015 7:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017


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