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How much of your day do you spend completing routine tasks? For many working professionals and entrepreneurs, their primary job duties get overshadowed by time-consuming administrative tasks. This rings especially true for sales professionals.

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On average, sales reps spend only 35% of their time selling, which means nearly two-thirds of their time is spent on non revenue-generating activities. So what activities are taking up so much of sales reps' time?

Email, administrative work, and CRM management are among the top time-consuming culprits.

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That's not to say these tasks are ineffective or don't need to be done, they get in the way of what reps do best. Sales reps are hired to sell, and having a myriad of non revenue-generating duties can lead to underperformance for some. How you get the administrative tasks done, while freeing up your or your salespeople's time to sell? Virtual assistants offer a viable solution.

Virtual assistants can be hired on a contract basis to complete a very specific set of tasks that are often administrative in nature. Here are some of the key services a virtual assistant can offer.

If you're ready to proceed with bringing a virtual assistant on board, there are two typical routes you can take to hire: you can hire an individual directly, or you can work with a virtual assistant company.

The beauty of working with a virtual assistant company is that they vet, recruit, and train a talented roster of virtual assistants. When you contact most virtual assistant companies, you can tell them more about your business and what you're looking for, and they'll source the right fit for you and your needs.

Top Virtual Assistant Companies

1. The Virtual Hub

  • Associate, $8/hour for 20/40 hours/week; Analyst, $10/hour for 20/40 hours/week; Specialist, $12/hour for 20/40 hours/week
  • The Virtual Hub offers outsourcing for entrepreneurs to reclaim their time and grow their business. They have assistants specializing in general administration, social media, content management, digital marketing, and systems.

2. Prialto

  • $1,200/month for 55 hours of support
  • Prialto is a U.S.-based virtual assistant facilitator for executives. You'll enjoy a team approach with a project manager, primary assistant, and backup assistant -- not to mention, an internal managerial cohort.

3. Wishup

  • Quarter Day Assistant $499/month for 2 hours per day; Mini Assistant $699/month for 3 hours per day; Half Day Assistant $899/month for 4 hours per day; Economy Assistant $1,299/month for 6 hours per day; Full-Day Assistant $1,599/month for 8 hours per day
  • All Wishup virtual assistant plans include support from trained professionals with years of experience, a dedicated account manager, and workweek availability from 9 AM to 6 PM ET.

4. Zirtual

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Zirtual offers you a dedicated, college-educated, U.S.-based assistant and no-hassle replacement, should you need it.

5. TaskMolly

  • Petite Plan, $425/month for 12 hours; Plus Plan, $825/month for 24 hours; Pro Plan $1,225/month for 36 hours; Premium Plan $1,625/month for 48 hours
  • If you can delegate it, TaskMolly can get it done. TaskMolly has a team of skilled virtual assistants who manage tasks including sales pipeline support, lead follow-up, prospect research, and more.

6. Upwork

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Upwork offers companies and individuals options for hiring virtual assistants. Use their free platform to source candidates for one-off or ongoing projects or choose from their pro or enterprise plans and let them do the heavy administrative lifting while you enjoy the benefits.

7. Belay

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Find virtual assistants, bookkeepers, and webmasters on Belay. All you have to do is fill out an online questionnaire and they'll pair you with an experienced assistant to meet your unique needs. From travel arrangements to data presentations and C-level support, Belay specializes in exactly what you do.

8. Fiverr

  • Individual freelancers from $5 and $40/hr
  • From data entry to graphic design, Fiverr is a platform where you can find, connect, and hire virtual assistants. Filter by price, vertical-specific experience, and more.

9. UAssist.Me

  • $299/month, 20-Hour Plan; $799/month, Shared Assistant; $1598/month, Full-Time Assistant
  • Choose a plan, fill out a job description, meet your assistant, and get started. Real estate assistance services, transcriptions, answering services, and billing are just a few of the administrative tasks their assistants will complete. And if you're looking for a more specialized service, they also offer experienced professionals in writing, graphic design, and programming.

10. Freelancer.com

  • Individual freelancers from $5 to $50/hr
  • Hire a freelancer from their expansive directory or post a job and have freelancers bid to give you their best price.

11. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

  • Offshore plans starting at $15/hour; U.S. plans starting at $359/month for 20 hours/month
  • When you need assistance at work and in your personal life, turn to 24/7 Virtual Assistant. Their college-educated assistants will take care of nearly anything, from bill paying and travel booking to online shopping and more.

12. Fancy Hands

  • $29.99/month for 5 requests; $74.99/month for 15 requests; $149.99/month for 30 requests
  • Fancy Hands is a service that measures tasks as "requests," which are defined as 20-minute blocks of time. You can place standard requests (answered in 24 hours), live requests (answered within one minutes via SMS or chat), or recurring requests that are completed on a repeating basis.

13. Premier Veba

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Premier Veba offers a suite of customized business services for executives, creatives, and technical experts. Whether you need someone to help with your operating system or an assistant to tackle blog writing -- these folks have someone for you.

14. TaskBullet

  • Starter Bucket, $11/hour for 20 hours; Light Bucket, $9/hour for 60 hours; Expert Bucket, $6.50/hour for 240 hours
  • When their VA's are clocked in, they're actively working on your tasks, so you're never billed for a moment of work that's not your own. Your hours are good for three months, so you never waste time and money during slow weeks or months. And TaskBullet's unique clock-in, clock-out technology ensures you don't pay for time spent on someone else's tasks.

15. Virtual Assistant USA

  • $570/month for 15 hours; $1,080/month for 30 hours; $1,750/month for 50 hours
  • Virtual Assistant USA offers skilled virtual assistants who specialize in tasks such as transcription, marketing, copywriting, social media, and search engine optimization. With their plans, you are not locked into a long-term contract, making it easy for you to modify your service package to suit your needs at any time.

16. Boldly

  • $790/month for 20 hours; $1,170/month for 30 hours; $1,560/month for 40 hours; $2,340/month for 60 hours
  • Boldly's subscription staffing model lets you "subscribe" to highly skilled remote support. As a client, you gain access to a dashboard where you can track your virtual assistant's time and tasks for visibility. Boldly assistants also train a backup assistant to provide support in the event your virtual assistant is unavailable.

17. MyTasker

  • $140/month for 10 hours; $250/month for 20 hours; $450/month for 40 hours; $600/month for 60 hours; $900/month for 100 hours; $1,200/month for full-time virtual employee (5 days per week for any business hours)
  • MyTasker supports small, medium, and large businesses as well as entrepreneurs who want to maximize their time. Depending on the type of support needed, MyTasker can assign you an account manager who can build a trained team of virtual assistants to provide specialized support if one assistant isn't enough.

18. OVA Virtual

  • Starter Plan $120/week for 20 hours; Professional Plan $180/week for 30 hours; Executive Plan $240/week for 40 hours
  • OVA offers virtual assistant services that can support nearly any aspect of your business to free up your precious time. With roles including executive assistants, general administrative assistants, sales and marketing, project management, and real estate assistants, they have an offering that can suit your needs.

19. Intelligent Office

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Looking to build an operational infrastructure for your company or team? Intelligent office can help with that. They help professionals hire local virtual assistants who can support the unique challenges of your business. In addition to sourcing assistants, they can also help source office space and meeting rooms.

20. VA Talks

  • Free Trial; $130/month for 10 hours; $240/month for 20 hours; $330/month for 30 hours; $490/month for 50 hours; $690/month for 80 hours
  • VA Talks aims to be your one-stop virtual shop. Their assistants specialize in the tech field supporting their clients with tasks such as web and app development, graphic design, and IT support services.

21. Optimum Source, Inc.

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Optimum provides high-end outsourcing services to free up your schedule. Sales teams can benefit from their B2B telesales and lead generation services, as well as their business operations support.

22. Bottleneck Virtual Assistants

  • Recurring Part-Time (paid weekly) $300/week for 20 hours; Recurring Part-Time (paid bi-weekly) $590/bi-weekly for 20 hours; Recurring Part-Time (paid monthly) $1,160/month for 20 hours; Recurring Full-Time $580/week (paid weekly) for 40 hours; Recurring Full-Time (paid bi-weekly) $1,140/bi-weekly for 40 hours; Recurring Full-Time (paid monthly) $2,240/month for 40 hours
  • The Bottleneck Integrated Virtual Assistant Services Program aims to eliminate all of the bottlenecks holding your team back from reaching their highest potential. Their key offerings that benefit sales teams include general admin, data entry, lead generation, and LinkedIn prospecting.

23. Wervas Virtual Assistant Services

  • $100/month for 10 hours; $225/month for 25 hours, $400/month for 50 hours, $525/month for 75 hours; $600/month for 100 hours; $799/month for full-time support; $12/hour for pay-as-you-go support
  • Wervas offers robust virtual assistant contracts on a month-to-month basis, offering you maximum flexibility to receive the support you need.


24. Virtual Staff Finder

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Virtual staff finder manages the entire assistant hiring process for you. They work with you to find the right candidate and help facilitate on-boarding and payroll to make the transition quick and easy.

25. Vasumo

  • Economy Plan $398/month for 25 hours; Business Plan $498/month for 40 hours; First Class Plan $598/month for 55 hours
  • Vasumo allows you to manage a virtual assistant within an easy-to-use dashboard where you can assign tasks, share files, and chat directly from your assistant. The dashboard is accessible via email, mobile, and desktop so you can manage your assistant from anywhere.

26. GetFriday

  • Plans available between $65/month and $1,120/month for five to 160 hours of support
  • GetFriday virtual assistants are equipped to handle a wide variety of tasks for busy professionals. When you register an account, you are assigned to a qualified assistant who will carry out the tasks assigned, or will delegate them to another expert team member to ensure they get done.

27. Vava Virtual

  • Pricing available upon request
  • Vava Virtual works with busy professionals and entrepreneurs to create custom packages only including the services you need support with most.

28. MyOutDesk

  • Plans starting at $873.49/bi-weekly for full-time support
  • MyOutDesk specializes in offering virtual assistant services for real estate professionals. Their trained assistants offer hands-on support for the tasks real estate agents need the most — CRM management, listing support, and reception.

29. Magic

  • $40/month plus 59 cents/minute for time spent working
  • Magic offers delegation in the palm of your hand. With Magic, simply send a text message stating what you need, and Magic will delegate your tasks to a qualified assistant. Their assistants are able to handle a variety of tasks including lead sourcing, CRM maintenance, prospecting, and scheduling sales calls.

30. HelloRache

  • $9/hour
  • HelloRache provides assistance to healthcare businesses. They employ registered nurses and medical professionals and maintain HIPAA compliance to help practices run smoothly.

31. Virtalent

  • 280/month for 10 hours; 540/month for 20 hours; $1040/month for 40 hours; $1500/month for 60 hours
  • Virtalent offers skilled virtual assistants specializing in event organization, research and reports, inbox management, meeting preparation, KPIs and targets, lifestyle management, and more. There is an opportunity to have a call to chat with your VA about your business, their experience, previous projects, and preferred working style. Each client that works with Virtalent is matched with an exceptional VA and partnered with a Client Success Manager.

A qualified virtual assistant can help expedite growth for your business and improve the overall performance of your sales team. Check out this post to learn how to hire the right virtual assistant to get the job done.


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