What's Price Got To Do With Sales?

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Melanie Lane
Melanie Lane




"We have a great discount to offer if you think this product works for you!"

Oh, heavens! How many times have you felt just assaulted with the preemptive, dreaded, discount Hail Mary? Maybe you should let me get my second foot in the door!

If a salesperson ever asked me how best to look weak, unprepared and needy, I would instruct them to lead with a discount.

Can we stop the madness?

You typically see this strategy from sellers who are unprepared to handle objections. More importantly, sellers who use this strategy are the ones who are unable to create value and a sense of urgency, only generate interest that doesn't translate into sales.

The truth is that if a prospect is determined to get what you are selling, they'll move heaven and earth to get it.

They will move money around, hold off on other priorities, finance this effort, wait on other projects -- are you with me?

And no discount creates that kind of desire.

Now, if your prospect's desire is already off the charts, a discount may deliver the knockout punch, but if you've done your job properly you you probably won't even need to offer it.

Your job is to create more than enough value to justify the price to your prospects.

And people love to buy! Notice that once they say "Yes!", they're thrilled! No more hemming and hawing about their cat needing surgery or their kitchen needing remodeling.

Now they're busy little bees happily telling you how they're going to use your product, where they're going to put it, how it's going to look to their friends, and who they're going to tell about it ... all while posting about it on their social and professional networks!

They've crossed the divide from looking around for excuses to blooming like an Irish rose before our eyes.

And did you notice?

That price-induced furrowed brow from five minutes ago is nowhere to be found.

Sellers, if a prospect is giving you a price objection, that is not a "No."

Let me translate: It means, "I don't see any congruency between your price and my perceived value."

If they haven't walked out or hung up, that means, "Try again."

And top producers will take that signal and back up, regroup and dig deeper.

If you didn't do a good discovery, back up and do it.

If you didn't connect what they want with what your product can offer, regroup and try again.

If their answers are too vague, drill down until you know exactly what it's going to take.

No discount will accomplish the above.

It's all up to you: You're the star of this show, so you better learn your part!

If all of this has you squinting and holding your head like Rodin's Thinker, call me. I'll translate for you.

Happy Selling!

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