50 Catchy Referral Slogans & How to Write Your Own

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One of the biggest challenges brands face when implementing a referral program is grabbing their audience‘s attention. Using a catchy referral slogan is a great way to capture readers’ interest and get them curious about your referral program.

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Listed below are 50 catchy referral slogans to give you an idea of how you can craft your own. This post will also discuss some helpful tips and insights to create referral slogans that will not only stand out but also encourage readers to take action.Free Download: 45 Customer Referral Templates

50 Catchy Referral Slogans

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Referral slogans can be the deciding factor in whether or not your customer decides to share your product or service with their friends and family. A good referral slogan is short, memorable, and conveys a clear message.

Here are 50 catchy referral slogans and what we like about each.

Incentive-Driven Slogans

1. “Earn [Benefit] For Every New [Customer] You Refer”

What we like: This slogan directly communicates the reward, encouraging users to bring in more customers.

example of catchy referral slogans, postable's referral marketing email

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2. “Treat Yourself With Rewards”

What we like: This slogan is short and easy to understand. It encourages customers to reward themselves using the referral process, which can be highly motivating and memorable.

3. “Earn Up To [Benefit] For Every Successful Referral”

What we like: The phrase “Earn up to” generates excitement by suggesting a high potential for a reward for the customer.

4. “Pass It On: Rewards Await”

What we like: This slogan is direct and encourages sharing with the promise of enticing rewards.

5. “Together Is Better: Refer And You Both Earn”

What we like: This slogan promotes community and provides mutual earning opportunities.

6. “Earn [$$] With Each Referral”

What we like: The direct mention of a financial incentive is likely to capture attention and motivate referrals.​

7. “Refer & Win X”

What we like: This slogan is short, to the point, and clearly communicates the benefit of making referrals.

referral slogans example, mailmodo's referral program webpage

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8. “Talk It Up - Refer One, Earn One.”

What we like: The rhythm and rhyme make this slogan catchy. It connects referring and earning, making the process sound simple and attractive.

9. “Pass It On, Cash It In”

What we like: This catchy phrase creatively conveys the referral program's financial incentive.

10. “Refer A Friend And Earn Up to [$$]”

What we like: This directly communicates the benefits of referring friends for a financial reward.

example of catchy referral slogan, referral marketing social media post by brook furniture rentals

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Slogans that Spotlight Free Gifts

11. “Giving Away [Gift] For Every Referral”

What we like: The phrase “Giving Away” immediately captures attention. The promise of a gift or a kickback makes the offer more appealing.

12. “Spread the Word and Unlock Exclusive [Benefits]”

What we like: This slogan combines sharing with the enticement of exclusivity, inspiring users to participate.

13. “Friends Tell Friends – Free Gifts Await!”

What we like: The repetition and rhythm create a compelling call to action, emphasizing the bond of friendship.

14. “Share Now & Get a Free Month On Your Subscription”

What we like: This offers a valuable incentive of extended “Subscription” while creating urgency with the phrase “Share Now.” It also can help generate social proof as new users are provided with a success story accompanied by a call to action to try out your product.

15. “Share X, Score [Perks]”

What we like: This slogan uses playful wording to connect sharing with receiving free perks.

example of catchy referral slogans, goby's referral marketing email

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16. “Refer and Receive [Free Gifts]”

What we like: This slogan is straightforward, enticing users to refer other customers so they can receive “Free Gifts”.

17. “Share the Secret, Score Free [Goodies]!”

What we like: The word “Secret” adds a touch of exclusivity to the brand, making users want to share it.

18. “Friends Never Let Friends Miss Out on Freebies!”

What we like: This slogan cleverly plays on the bond between friends and pushes people to share the “Freebies” with others. It’s almost like a guilt trip to talk about your business with close friends and family.

19. “Connect & Collect – Free Surprises for Both!”

What we like: The rhyming words “Connect & Collect” make the slogan catchy and appealing to the user.

20. “Share and Shine With Free [Bonuses]!”

What we like: This slogan encourages sharing to receive free bonuses, making it more enticing for the user.

Friend-Centric Slogans

21. “Sharing is winning. Bring a friend and win [$$].”

What we like: This slogan cleverly talks about how the user and their friends have the opportunity to win [$$].

22. “Get [$$] for Every Friend You Refer”

What we like: This slogan is direct and to the point, offering immediate clarity on the incentive.

23. “Give Your Friends X% Off”

What we like: This slogan is short and direct. It highlights the immediate value proposition, making it more compelling.

example of catchy referral slogans, referral marketing email by meundies

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24. “Sharing with friends is always a great idea.”

What we like: This slogan appeals to the universal sentiment of friendship, promoting the idea that sharing is both fun and profitable.

25. “Refer Your Friends and Start Earning”

What we like: This slogan is straightforward and highlights the mutual benefit for both the referrer and the referred.

referral slogans example, wise's referral program webpage

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26. “One More Perk of Friendship”

What we like: This slogan adds a personal touch, highlighting there can be more perks of friendship when they participate in the referral program.

27. “Refer Your Friends: They Get [Benefit], You Get [Benefit]!”

What we like: This slogan is engaging and clearly explains the rewards for both parties.

28. “Got Friends? Refer and get x% off!”

What we like: This is short, snappy, and encourages the audience to think about who they could refer to.​

referral slogans example, casper's referral program webpage

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29. “Because Friends Don't Let Friends Miss Out”

What we like: This slogan evokes emotion and plays on the familiar saying about friendship, making it relatable.

30. “Bring a Friend, Both of You Win!”

What we like: This slogan's straightforward promise of a mutual benefit is clear and enticing.

31. “Tell a Pal, Get a Deal!”

What we like: The rhyme and brevity of this slogan make it memorable and effective.

32. “It Pays To Have Friends”

What we like: This slogan is clever and highlights the financial benefit of having friends.

33. “Invite Your Friends & You Both Get $$ Off”

What we like: This slogan creates a win-win scenario, emphasizing mutual benefits for both parties.

referral slogans example, fiverr's referral program webpage

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34. “Share the Love, Share the Earnings”

What we like: By referring to the “Love” that users have towards the brand, this slogan combines a sense of community with a financial incentive, creating a warm, inviting message.

35. “Got Friends? Get Rewards!”

What we like: It's a playful and direct way to communicate the benefits of the referral program.

36. “Get [Benefit] By Inviting Your Friends To [Brand]!”

What we like: The direct call to action of inviting friends and a promise of a benefit make this slogan effective.​

Creative Referral slogans

37. “It pays to join [Brand]'s referral program.”

What we like: This slogan implies a financial gain for the user simply by joining this program, making participation seem straightforward.

referral slogans example, hubstaffs affiliate program webpage

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38. “Here's an Easy Way To Show You Care”

What we like: This slogan taps into emotions and makes the referral process feel meaningful beyond mere financial incentives.

39. “This is Just Our Way of Saying Thanks”

What we like: Framing the referral program as a token of gratitude humanizes the brand and enhances trustworthiness.

40. “Spread The Love”

What we like: By tapping into values like love, this resonates widely and encourages sharing in a heartfelt manner.

41. "They Win, You Win, We Win. It's A Win-Win-Win.”

What we like: The repetitive use of “win” makes the slogan catchy and emphasizes the shared success.

42. “Cash in on Connections”

What we like: This slogan cleverly plays on the dual meaning of “cash in,” suggesting both a financial gain and leveraging one's network.

referral slogans example, airtable's referral program webpage

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43. “The best compliment you can give us is a referral.”

What we like: This slogan highlights the value of appreciation and urges users to spread the word if they like the brand​.

44. “Together We Thrive–Refer and Grow”

What we like: This slogan emphasizes collective growth that could foster a stronger brand and customer bond.

45. “Share Love, Reap Rewards"

What we like: The rhyme in this slogan makes it catchy and compelling.

46. “You Share, We Care. Gift for Both!”

What we like: This slogan highlights mutual appreciation. Users share recommendations, while the brand reciprocates with gifts, fostering a sense of partnership and reward.

47. “Give [X], Get [Y]”

What we like: This is simple, catchy, and directly communicates the give-and-earn nature of the referral program.

example of catchy referral slogans, referral marketing email by doordash

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48. “Because Sharing is Rewarding”

What we like: This ties into the age-old saying that “sharing is caring,” giving it a modern twist.

49. “A Treat for You, A Treat for Them”

What we like: The repeated structure and the promise of a win-win make this slogan appealing.

50. “Give Some, Get Some”

What we like: This slogan has a rhyming tone and clearly conveys the reciprocal reward system of the program.

example of catchy referral slogans, referral marketing email by maude

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How to Write a Catchy Referral Slogan

Now that you have read through some catchy referral slogan examples, let’s break down how to write one.

Here's a step-by-step guide to crafting a slogan that will grab attention and inspire action.

1. Understand your audience.

Before crafting any slogan, you must understand who you're speaking to. Are they young professionals, parents, teenagers, or retirees? Tailor your message to resonate with them.

Pro Tip: Ask questions like, what are their likes, dislikes, challenges, or aspirations? This will help you understand your audience better and set the foundation to craft an effective slogan.

2. Highlight the program’s benefits.

People need a compelling reason to act. Therefore, your slogan must highlight the advantages ofreferring your brand to someone. Clearly state the benefit, whether it's a discount, a freebie, or monetary incentives.

Pro Tip: Based on the questions asked, try to provide a benefit your audience will likely act upon.

3. Keep it short and memorable.

Referral slogans should be concise. The shorter it is, the easier it will be for people to remember and share.

Pro Tip: Play around with rhymes, puns, or catchy jingles. They can make your slogan stick in the minds of your audience.

4. Use action words.

A compelling slogan should motivate action. You can inspire immediate steps by integrating powerful verbs such as “Share,” “Tell,” “Invite,” or “Join.”

Pro Tip: Think of this word as a call-to-action button. Use the word that your audience will most likely click.

5. Add a touch of emotion.

People connect with emotions, be it joy, excitement, nostalgia, or gratitude. Weave a touch of emotion into your slogan to create a deeper connection.

Whether it's the thrill of discovery, the warmth of sharing, or the joy of benefiting together, emotions can be a driving force to action.

Pro Tip: Consider the emotion your product or service evokes in your customers and incorporate that feeling into your slogan.

6. Test and refine your slogan.

Before finalizing your referral slogan, test it out. Gather feedback and see how people react to it. Based on the feedback, refine it until it's just right.

Pro Tip: Consider using social media polls or focus group discussions. These platforms provide real-time feedback and can help you tweak your slogan for maximum impact.

Empower Your Referral Program with Catchy Slogans

A compelling and catchy referral slogan can be a great tool that connects your brand with potential customers through the voices of existing ones.

Remember, a good slogan is not just a tagline. It is a powerful catalyst that can boost your referral program by making it highly shareable. The examples and insights provided in this blog can help you craft those irresistible slogans that will resonate with your customers, nudging them to spread the word.

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