30 Great Customer Service Podcasts You Should Check Out

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Doug Bonderud
Doug Bonderud



Customer service isn’t easy. I know this firsthand from all of the time I've spent in customer service. You need to help customers find what they’re looking for and navigate challenges when things don’t go as planned.

customer service podcasts

Put simply? When it comes to customer service, perfection isn’t possible. Consistent improvement, however, is completely attainable — with the right resources. Here are 30 great customer service podcasts worth checking out.

Ready to find your next favorite podcast? Keep scrolling for our top 30 list. Got something specific in mind? Hit the jump links if you see one you like.

1. The Modern Customer Podcast

customer service podcast, the modern customer podcast

Blake Morgan’s podcast features interviews with leaders at brands that double down on technology and invest in their success teams. All of these elements set the brand apart in a crowded field of competitors.

Featuring interviews with folks from Wayfair, Allstate, and Zappos, Morgan’s podcast shares lots of helpful insights about building customer-centric companies. You'll also learn how to leverage technology for customers’ benefit.

2. Creating Disney Magic: Lessons in Leadership, Management, and Customer Service

customer service podcast, creating disney magic

Former Walt Disney World EVP Lee Cockerell shares his wisdom about building one of the best service brands. Disney is best known for creating a memorable experience for its customers — both at its resorts and parks around the world.

Each episode is fairly short, making it a quick listen. You'll get nuggets of practical advice for crafting great experiences and building a meaningful career.

3. Experience This!

customer service podcast, experience this

Hosted by Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss, Experience This! discusses companies and individuals who go the extra mile to create exceptional experiences. Each episode features a positive customer service story. The hosts then share actionable takeaways listeners can use to improve their services.

4. The Official SaaStr Podcast

customer service podcast, conversations with zendesk

SaaStr’s podcast isn’t specifically dedicated to customer service. However, the show covers a variety of topics that customer-facing professionals can benefit from. The podcast discusses the most important SaaS metrics to evaluate, CAC: LTV, and how to reduce customer churn.

5. Conversations with Zendesk

zendesk-4Zendesk’s podcast takes an in-depth look at a different company in every episode. The hosts discuss how these brands were able to disrupt their industries by providing superior customer service. Companies profiled include MoviePass, Slack, and Sephora. Most episodes are around 10 minutes in length, making them perfect for listening in between meetings.

6. The Better Together Podcast

customer service podcast, intuitive customer

SAP’s customer support podcast features interviews with everything from sports leagues to application developers to humanitarian relief agencies. The podcast is all about new corporate initiatives that both streamline business processes and help companies better connect with their customers.

7. Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken


Customer service expert Shep Hyken’s podcast conducts a different interview with customer experience leader in every episode. Guests cover how to create a consistent customer experience, fostering customer centricity. He’s even interviewed HubSpot’s own Michael Redbord in a fascinating discussion about how to turn happy customers into loyal advocates.

8. The Intuitive Customer Podcast


BeyondPhilosophy’s podcast is hosted by a customer experience thought leader and a consumer psychology professor. They spend each episode trying to break down an aspect of customer behavior — and how businesses need to adapt to best serve them.

They discuss emotional and psychological experiences that impact customer behavior in fascinating, thought-provoking discussions.

9. The SaaS Revolution Show

customer service podcast, saas revolution

This podcast is another that isn’t specifically geared towards customer service. However, the show features insights about the SaaS world that are helpful for customer service and success professionals. Topics include reducing customer churn rate, empowering Voice of the Customer, and user onboarding tips.

10. ChurnFM

customer service podcast, churnfm

ChurnFM is a podcast dedicated to understanding churn and how the fastest-growing companies retain customers. In an interview with our company’s General Manager of Service Hub Michael Redbord, they discuss how HubSpot turns customers into advocates by creating a delightful customer experience.

11. Service First

customer service podcast, service first

The Service First podcast hosted by Dr. Jason Price is exactly what you’d expect. It’s a show about improving performance to put customer service first. From advice, hints, and tips about improved customer interactions to guest interviews that offer real-world experience, Service First is a great place to start.

12. Navigating the Customer Experience

customer service podcast, navigating the customer experience

Hosted by Yanique Grant, Navigating the Customer Experience is all about finding your way through the customer journey. You'll learn tips to delight buyers and improve business performance. Along with expert guests, Grant tackles everything from empathetic marketing to hospitality in healthcare to tracking service KPIs.

13. Beyond the Queue: Inside Customer Support

customer service podcast, beyond the queue

What does customer support look like from the inside? Beyond the Queue dives into the intricacies of support with expertise from companies including Shopify, Patreao, Gong, Loom, and more. While the podcast wrapped up in April 2022, its lessons are timeless.

14. Running Restaurants

customer service podcast, running restaurants

This industry-specific podcast is — not surprisingly — all about running restaurants. Featuring interviews with restaurant entrepreneurs and executives from larger restaurant chains, Running Restaurants is a great resource to help manage the myriad challenges of running a food service business.

15. Practical AI: The Capacity for Good

customer service podcast, women in customer success

AI is everywhere. But what does it mean for customer service? Practical AI: The Capacity for Good examines the intersection of automation, service, and the customer experience. This is a great podcast for companies navigating the road to digital transformation, featuring real-life stories of AI impact.

16. The Customer Service Revolution Podcast


Best-selling author John DiJulius interviews industry leaders for their tips and secrets on customer service. The podcast starts with a simple premise: Customer service is your company’s biggest advantage — when it’s effectively used.

17. TheCX Cast

cx-castWith more than 330 episodes (and still counting), the CX Cast is a great resource. Featuring research-based guidance for companies, this Forrester podcast offers deep dives into the latest customer research. You'll learn how your business can apply these findings in practice.

18. Women in Customer Success Podcast


Hosted by Marjia Skobe-Pilley, the Women in Customer Success Podcast speaks to the unique experiences of women in the industry. Each episode features an interview with women who are experts in their field. You'll learn about leadership principles, soft skills, and developing resilient mindsets. This podcast has you covered.

19. Serious Soft Skills

customer service podcast, serious soft skills

Soft skills play a significant role in customer service success, but they’re often hard to train and improve. In the Serious Soft Skills podcast, Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham dive into soft skills. They cover topics like paying attention to details, the power of YES, and the importance of celebrating success. While the podcast concluded back in 2019, it’s well worth a listen.

20. The Real Work Stories Podcast

customer service podcast, real work

Sometimes, there are only two options in customer service: laugh or cry. The Real Work Stories Podcast leans into the former with hilarious stories of customer service nightmares. Not only are they good for a pick-me-up, but they offer a great insight into some of the most common customer pain points.

21. The Awful Service Podcast

customer service podcast, awful service

Also focusing on the funny side of customer service, The Awful Service Podcast features stories about terrible service experiences. Along with a great laugh, your business can benefit by learning what not to do when customers have an issue.

22. Press 1 For Nick

customer service podcast, press one

After more than 300 episodes, Press 1 For Nick is still going strong. In part, this is because Nick offers great insights about balancing workloads and mastering the customer experience. It’s also because he has no shortage of great guests. He chats with leaders of companies like Google and Disney, experts such as hostage negotiators, and TEDX speakers.

23. Customer Service Academy

customer service podcast, customer service academy

Customer Service Academy is hosted by award-winning speaker Tory Johnson. Combining a great guest list with his common sense approach to business success, Johnson offers a compelling look at how businesses can improve customer service and bolster their bottom line.

24. Talking Customer Success

customer service podcast, Talking Customer Success

Consistency is key to customer satisfaction. That’s the focus of Talking Customer Success, hosted by Thomas Connery. Along with reviews of customer service tools and solutions, Connery digs into the difference between growing companies and thriving companies. You'll see how customer success plays a key role.

25. CXChronicles Podcast

customer service podcast, be customer led

The CXChronicles Podcast offers weekly insights into all things customer service, from customer success to inside sales. Chock-full of ideas for growing your business and your team, it’s a podcast worth your time.

26. The CX Files

the cx files customer service podcast

Each week, CX industry analysts Mark Hillary and Peter Ryan chat with leading CX analysts and practitioners. With insight into emerging trends and what customers want from brands, the CX Files distills the truth into something you can use here and now.

27. Be Customer Led


Great CX is all about the customer. Be Customer Led embodies that approach with a look at how customer experience and employee experience (EX) combine to create lasting change. While the last episode aired in February 2023, it’s still worth a listen.

28. Customer Support Leaders

customer service podcast, customer service culture

Customer Support Leaders covers all the bases when it comes to the customer experience. From showcasing the value of providing superior support to ensuring your staff have what they need to deliver great service, this podcast won’t lead you astray.

29. Behind the Review


One of the easiest ways to know if your customer service is up to snuff? Read your reviews. Customers aren’t shy about posting negative experiences. While these reviews can be hard to read, they’re also a great way to pinpoint where to improve.

Behind the Review offers insight into how brands can build customer experiences that drive better reviews.

30. Customer Service Culture

customer-service-cultureCultural change can drive long-term success. In Customer Service Culture, Paolo Fabrizio explores what it really means to adopt a culture-focused mindset and how it can impact the customer experience.

Want even more great customer service content? Check out our list of customer service blogs worth the read.

Editor's note: This article was originally published October 2018 and has since been updated for comprehensiveness.


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