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Swetha Amaresan
Swetha Amaresan



As a business professional, I can personally tell you that surveys are one of the most effective ways to obtain customer feedback — which is why it is so important for SMB owners to utilize free online survey tools. Still, creating and distributing them can be a challenge.

marketer creating a custom survey with free online survey software

Without the right software, your team can spend days, even weeks, trying to produce a perfect survey. Even then, the quality and formatting of your hand-made questionnaire may not be up to par with the standards of your industry.

Create surveys, contacts, and happy customers using HubSpot's free form  builder.

Instead, your team needs a survey creation tool that can help them set up an effective feedback loop. To help you with your search, I tried out 11 of the best free online survey makers and reviewed them below.

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What makes a good survey maker?

In my opinion, there’s no such thing as the perfect survey tool. It really comes down to personal preference, your goals, and how you want it to integrate with your workflows. So take a spin through this article, see which tools stand out to you, and play around to find out which you like.

5 Free Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

Easily measure customer satisfaction and begin to improve your customer experience.

  • Net Promoter Score
  • CSAT Score
  • Customer Effort Score
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    How I Chose the Best Free Survey Tools

    While I look at survey makers through my copywriter and messaging strategist lens, I considered the types of uses each is best suited for, along with these factors:

    Free Plan Features

    This is the most important factor to me. When I use a free survey tool, I want to know that it’s going to do what I need it to, without having to upgrade midway through my research or having to redo my work in a different tool.

    UX and Ease of Use

    The last thing I want to deal with is a glitchy interface that’s a pain to deal with. More importantly, I don’t want it to be a royal pain for clients or research participants to use. Getting the best data relies heavily on the easy button. With that in mind, I focused on questions like:

    • Is the free survey maker easy to use as a researcher? As a participant?
    • Does the free tool load quickly at first? Between questions (if applicable)?
    • Can most people access the link and use it easily without having to jump through hoops?

    Tool Design

    While aesthetics played a less critical role in evaluating these free survey makers, it’s always a factor—does the look and feel pleasant to use? Or is it the visual equivalent of nails on a chalkboard?

    Available Templates and AI Survey Creation

    Most free survey makers come with a variety of options. I also considered if they had premade templates I could use to speed up the survey creation process. Not all the platforms had AI survey creation tools built-in (or immediately obvious), but I tested those that did to see how it sped up the process.

    Types of Questions Available and Logic

    Free survey makers that allow a variety of questions make it easier to get the data you want. I especially love when free tools include logic, so you’re only asking the specific questions that apply to each person responding.

    1. HubSpot Free Online Form Builder

    free survey maker, hubspot

    • Best for: Conversions
    • Number of Survey/Form Questions: Unlimited
    • Number of Responses Allowed: Unlimited Responses (up to a million CRM contacts allowed)

    Features and Compatibilities

    HubSpot's Form Builder is available as part of its free CRM. With this tool, you can create surveys that automatically transfer customer data directly into your CRM.

    You can customize form questions using the drag-and-drop editor and choose from over a dozen question types. After the form is submitted, the survey can trigger notification emails that either follow up with customers or alert your team to new leads. You can either integrate the form into your site or snag a link to send to your audience.

    HubSpot’s free form builder also provides:

    • Analytics to help you learn more about how your audience is using your forms.
    • The ability to keep individual form data separate.
    • CTAs that are customizable.
    • Simple editor.
    • Direct integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot CRM tools.
    • Multiple template formats that you can quickly customize.

    HubSpot's Free Online Form Builder

    Generate leads from your website using a powerful online form builder.

    • Customer Surveys
    • Lead Capture
    • Event Registration
    • And More!

    What I Like

    I love the versatility of HubSpot’s form builder and the fact that you can use it for a variety of goals that include:

    • Newsletter sign-ups.
    • Event registrations.
    • Gated content downloads.
    • Contact us submissions.

    The other huge highlight for me is that you get access to a ton of robust features without having to upgrade to the paid plans. If you decide to use the marketing hub, you can get some additional personalization features and automation. However, the platform on its own is enough for most survey needs.


    Paid Plans

    Though HubSpot‘s Free Form Builder is already pretty powerful, more advanced versions that include additional customization options and automations are available through HubSpot’s paid Marketing Hub plans. Keep in mind that all paid Marketing Hub plans have the same advanced survey features.

    Price: Marketing Hub Starter costs $15 a month per seat; Marketing Hub Professional costs $800 a month; Marketing Hub Enterprise costs $3,600 a month.

    2. SurveyMonkey

    free survey maker, surveymonkey

    • Best for: Simple Surveys
    • Number of Survey/Form Questions: 10
    • Number of Responses Allowed: 25

    Features and Compatibilities

    With SurveyMonkey, creating a simple survey is easy, and you can immediately share it via a link or embed code. This is a good option for smaller businesses with fewer clients, as the free version only allows each survey to include 10 questions and collect 25 responses.

    It does, however, let your team create unlimited surveys, so you can send out as many 10-question forms as you would like. And, it has a sample questions bank, ready-made templates, and AI technology you can use to create a survey with a few words and the click of a button.

    I have used SurveyMonkey countless times over the last 10+ years and can personally attest to its easy-to-use interface. Plus, because SurveyMonkey has a lot of name recognition, using it can build trust with anyone who you don’t have as strong of a relationship with.

    What I Like

    Although I’ve used SurveyMonkey multiple times in the past, I hadn’t given their AI feature a test drive yet.

    SurveyMonkey has an AI survey builder you can use as a jumping off point.

    Image Source

    You can select between one of their templated prompts related to:

    • Customer Satisfaction.
    • Education.
    • Employee Experience.
    • Event Feedback.
    • Market Research.

    Or you can input a prompt of your own. I tested this prompt to see how it compares with the questions I typically use:

    I want to get customer feedback and a testimonial based on their experience with our company. We‘ll include some open-ended high level questions about the experience first, and then if they say "Yes" to a question about being willing to provide a review, we’ll provide a series of prompts they can use to write one and links where they can post the review. If they say no, we'll thank them for their time.

    I really liked the AI feature — even though it didn’t quite structure the logic the way I would have, it was easy to dive in and adjust it. (Since I’m still on a free trial, I had access to conditional logic. However, that’s a feature not typically included in the always free “Basic” plan.)

    Paid Plans

    In addition to its free basic plan, SurveyMonkey offers a variety of paid plans for both individuals and teams. Individual plans offer unlimited questions per survey, increased survey responses, data exports, customization, and more.

    Team plans offer similar features as the Individual plans. They also allow teams to easily share and control who can edit and view, add contributor seats, add or reassign accounts, integrate with collaboration apps, and more.

    Price: Individual Standard Monthly costs $99 a month; Individual Advantage costs $35 a month; Individual Premier costs $119 a month; Team Advantage costs $29 a user per month; Team Premier costs $79 a user per month; for Enterprise plans, contact for a quote.

    5 Free Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

    Easily measure customer satisfaction and begin to improve your customer experience.

    • Net Promoter Score
    • CSAT Score
    • Customer Effort Score
    • And more!
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      3. ProProfs Survey Maker

      free survey maker, proprofs

      • Best for: Small surveys
      • Number of Survey/Form Questions: Unspecified
      • Number of Responses Allowed: 50

      Features and Compatibilities

      ProProfs Survey Maker comes with a basic free plan that helps you create unlimited surveys. This tool has an advanced reporting feature, which allows you to analyze your survey results graphically.

      You can easily decode the survey details like who took the survey, the day or the month of survey completion, etc. Further, you can easily integrate it with third-party applications like MailChimp, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and so on.

      In addition to unlimited surveys and ready-to-use questions, ProProfs gives you features that include:

      • 100+ ready-to-use templates.
      • 20+ question types including ratings and buttons.
      • Sidebar forms.
      • Branching and skip logic.
      • Multiple share options.
      • Integrations.
      • Email notifications.
      • Reporting and analytics.

      What I Like

      I love that the free survey maker plan provides everything — no features are gated. The downside is that once you take it for a spin and decide you like it, you’re probably running low on responses, since you only get 50.

      If you only need it for a short or simple project, then it could be a good option. Same goes if you’re trialing a series of free survey maker tools to see which one you want to go “all in” on. However, if you’re looking for an always-free plan, there are several other options that give you more!

      Paid Plans

      To get more than 50 responses ever, you‘ll need to sign up for one of ProProfs’ paid plans, which also include respondent email notifications, customizable welcome and thank you pages, and more.

      Price: $19.99/month for 100 responses per month or $119.88/year for up to 1200 responses. You can get a custom plan with more responses if needed.

      4. Jotform Survey Maker

      free survey maker, jotform

      • Best for: Accessibility and Conditional Logic Functionality, Freelancer Payments, and Document Signings
      • Number of Forms: 5 total*
      • Number of Survey/Form Questions: 100 with free plan
      • Number of Responses Allowed: 100/month with free plan

      Features and Compatibilities

      While I haven’t used the back end of JotForm Survey Maker personally before writing this, I’ve certainly taken surveys created with JotForm, and the experience has been pleasant across the board.

      The free survey maker plan is reasonably robust and allows you to create, distribute, and analyze your surveys. You can drag and drop questions into your desired format, and the platform supports a wide range of question types, including multiple-choice, drop-down, slider, and open-ended.

      Jotform surveys can be customized with branding elements such as logos and colors, and include conditional logic as well as form calculations, meaning every single survey can be unique to the person taking it.

      It also provides robust data analysis tools that present results in real-time with graphs and dashboards. The integration and template libraries are extensive, and powerful automation features are available.

      What I Like

      When I took Jotform for a spin, I loved that right off the bat they show you some of the most popular types of templates and give you the ability to search for others or start from scratch.

      Jotform makes it easy to get started with your first form.

      Image Source

      My favorite two features of the free plan are perfect for freelancers and small businesses starting out who need a contracting and payment solution:

      1. You can accept up to 10 payment submissions using a variety of common payment processors like Stripe, Square, PayPal, and others.
      2. You can have up to 10 signed documents each month.

      Jotform’s form builder is a powerful free survey maker.

      However, I was blown away by how simple it was to get started with a form, customize the design and layout, and share it. When I next am on the market for a new free survey maker, this is going to be at the top of my list.

      Lastly, I liked that because JotForm is a subscription, you can upgrade or downgrade whenever. So if you need more forms or responses, you can increase your subscription to handle the surge and adjust it afterward.

      Paid Plans

      All features are offered with the free starter plan, excluding HIPAA-friendly surveys. Consider a paid plan if you need to collect more responses or send out more surveys. Jotform offers a 50% discount for educational organizations and nonprofits. Annual plans can also save you up to 20%.

      Price: Bronze plans cost $39 a month; Silver plans cost $49 a month; Gold plans cost $129 a month; for Enterprise plans, contact for a quote.

      5. Delighted

      free survey maker, delighted

      • Best for: Quick and simple customer survey solution
      • Number of Survey/Form Questions: Two, more with paid plans
      • Number of Responses Allowed: 25/month
      • Number of Surveys & Projects: One project with unlimited surveys

      Features and Compatibilities

      Delighted is fantastic at helping startups build simple customer survey programs like NPS, CSAT, Smileys, and 5-Star surveys. With 40+ integrations and a self-serve setup, you can get up and running in no time.

      The free plan includes everything you need to get responses and actionable insights including survey branding and question customization.

      You can use tons of ways to distribute your surveys such as email, web, links, or in-app via SDK. If you use other software, Delighted has free integrations with over 35 apps that include Slack, Intercom, Stripe, Google Sheets, and more.

      Delighted is a Qualtrics company, which means as your company grows, you'll be able to migrate seamlessly to a full-stack enterprise experience management solution.

      The free plan allows you to:

      • Use any templates.
      • Customize your branding.
      • Deliver the survey on a platform of your choice.
      • Remind your audience to take the survey.
      • Use conditional logic.
      • Get AI recommendations for questions – and more.

      What I Like

      I love that Delighted categorizes the types of survey templates they have so you can filter based on the type of outcome you’re after:

      • Product.
      • Marketing.
      • Sales.
      • HR.
      • Customer experience.
      • Education.
      • UX.

      Delighted color codes their survey templates.

      And because I’m such a visual person, I love that each category is color coded.

      Using their survey templates is easy, and I’d recommend it. However, I found the “build from scratch” tool to be much more difficult to navigate because it didn’t have sample questions or styles to choose from and I had to build questions from the ground up.

      Due to the heavy focus on customer experience, I think this would be a great fit for larger companies, or companies with multiple teams and a variety of marketing goals.

      Paid Plans

      Delighted‘s paid plans allow you to have unlimited surveys and get anywhere from 250 to over 1000 responses, depending on your plan. You’ll also get access to premium integrations that include HubSpot, so you can have all of your customer data in one place.

      Price: Basic plans cost $134/month; Premium plans cost $224 a month; Premium Plus plans cost $449 a month; for Enterprise plans, contact for a quote.

      6. Survicate

      free survey maker, survicate

      • Best for: Short-term surveys
      • Number of Survey/Form Questions: Unlimited
      • Number of Responses Allowed: 25/month in free plan; 250 max responses per survey
      • Number of Surveys Allowed: 1 active in free plan

      Features and Compatibilities

      Survicate offers professional survey and NPS capability. The free plan includes most of the same features as paid plans with a few limitations. Allows one active survey at a time and a max of 25 responses per month or 250 total per survey.

      It’s a fantastic option if you have ongoing needs, and I can see using it as a small business or boutique agency looking to capture client experience reviews, periodic brand perception, or brand voice surveys.

      With more than 125 templates to choose, building your surveys is relatively straightforward. More importantly, it has dozens of integrations, including HubSpot, Intercom, Salesforce and more.

      What I Like

      The best part, in my opinion, is that you can organize all your insights in one place with their Feedback Hub. But because I’m always looking to see how AI can simplify work by giving a starting point, I wanted to try Survicate’s AI.

      I took their prompt for “Overall Customer Satisfaction”:

      Generate a survey centered on assessing the general satisfaction levels of our customers, touching on product quality, customer service interactions, and overall brand perception.

      And then, I added the same text I asked another free survey maker with AI capabilities:

      I want to get customer feedback and a testimonial based on their experience with our company. We‘ll include some open-ended high level questions about the experience first, and then if they say "Yes" to a question about being willing to provide a review, we’ll provide a series of prompts they can use to write one and links where they can post the review. If they say no, we'll thank them for their time.

      I’m impressed with the user interface of Survicate’s free survey maker.

      I was pleased with the types of questions their AI came up with, and although I’d probably adjust some of the questions based on personal preferences, I love that you don’t have to come up with everything from scratch.

      And, I absolutely love the user interface and how easy it is to preview what your audience will see, as well as the experience for people taking surveys and using the forms.

      Paid Plans

      Though Survicate's free plan offers everything you need to get started, consider one of its paid plans if you are looking to publish multiple surveys at a time and need more advanced features, like custom design functionality and data exports.

      Price: Business plans start at $99 a month; Scale plans start at $299 a month.

      7. Sogolytics

      free survey maker, Sogolytics

      • Best for: in-depth surveys
      • Number of Survey/Form Questions: 500 in free plan
      • Number of Responses Allowed: 100/survey and 200 total in free plan
      • Number of Surveys Allowed: 15 in free plan

      Features and Compatibilities

      Sogolytics is one of the most comprehensive free survey platforms, competitive with paid plans across the market. Unlimited questions, dozens of question types, and survey template, question, and answer banks make it easy to build quickly and start collecting feedback right away.

      Multilingual options, visual customization, and many more options allow users to create attractive and engaging surveys — even just for one-time projects. This free basic plan is a great choice for individuals and SMBs just getting started.

      What I Like

      I love that their free trial mentions that it outperforms Google Forms — while I wouldn’t have thought to compare the two, it planted a seed, and as I went through the testing and preview, it really did feel like Google Forms’ more beautiful step-sister.

      The UX is similar to Google forms but with a more beautiful, less clunky design and layout.

      And the UX for the audience is incredible. While it appears to have a similar overall layout as of Google Forms, it’s more user-friendly and less clunky-looking and just feels more modern overall.

      Because I love testing the AI features, I dove right back into the AI assisted survey creation with Sogolytics. Note, the free plan limits usage to 10 AI prompts per day.

      I took their prompt for “Overall Customer Satisfaction”:

      Generate a survey to evaluate satisfaction with support services offered to small businesses, including financial advising, marketing support, and regulatory guidance.

      And then I added the same text I asked another free survey maker with AI capabilities:

      I want to get customer feedback and a testimonial based on their experience with our company. We‘ll include some open-ended high level questions about the experience first, and then if they say "Yes" to a question about being willing to provide a review, we’ll provide a series of prompts they can use to write one and links where they can post the review. If they say no, we'll thank them for their time.

      Sogolytics AI Assistant gave me the best potential logic functionality.

      While logic isn’t a feature in the free plan, Sogolytics AI created the structure that would best support my needs for the testimonial request feature, with three pages to support the conditional logic.

      Paid Plans

      Beyond the extensive feature set of the free plan, Sogolytics paid plans offer access to several cutting-edge features, including advanced logic and design flows, in-depth analytics and integrations, and even complete customer and employee experience management solutions.

      Price: Plus plans cost $25 per month; Pro plans cost $66 per month; Premium plans cost $99 per month; Enterprise plan pricing is available upon request.

      8. Typeform

      free survey maker, typeform

      • Best for: Personalized surveys
      • Number of Survey/Form Questions: 10
      • Number of Responses Allowed: 10/month
      • Number of Forms Allowed: Unlimited

      Features and Compatibilities

      I’ve been obsessed with Typeform for years because the interface for Typeform survey takers is so gorgeous and simple.

      So what is Typeform? It’s a free survey maker that lets you customize your survey’s design to take the aesthetic up a notch, leading to an incredible customer experience with custom surveys.

      Some of the free features you’ll obsess over include:

      • Flexible design with templates.
      • Logic that includes branching, calculations, scores, and variables.
      • Hidden fields.
      • Custom endings (which can be great for quizzes).
      • Follow-up messages and the ability to download results.
      • The ability to import surveys from Google Forms.

      And there are over 70 integrations, including Dropbox, Google Sheets, Square, Notion, Slack, and more. Some integrations are only available with a paid subscription — but you can check on this inside the free account by clicking “Connect” on any survey you create.

      Better yet, you can unlock the full potential of your surveys by streamlining your data collection and customer relationships with the Typeform and HubSpot integration.

      What I Like

      One of my favorite features is that you can embed responses into the text of your survey. So, if a respondent fills in their name in one question, you can refer to them by name in the following ones. This personalizes your surveys, creating a stronger relationship with your customers.

      So if I ask someone for their name, and they respond, “Erin,” future questions could read something like, “Nice to meet you, Erin. Now, tell me about XYZ.”

      I took their prompt for “Client Satisfaction Quiz”:

      Client Satisfaction Quiz: Measure satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement in B2B services provided

      When I went to add in the same text I’ve been using, I hit a character limit, so it edited my text to say:

      We‘ll also ask if they’re willing to write a testimonial, and if “Yes” ask them a series of writing prompts to help them create one.

      The questions they came up with were a bit more targeted, and adding logic in was easy.

      Typeform’s free survey maker makes it easy to visualize the logic in place.

      More importantly, Typeform’s free survey maker provides a visual workflow that makes it easy to see what branches each set of logic creates.

      Paid Plans

      In addition to everything that comes with the free plan, Typeform's paid plans also include increased monthly response allowances, unlimited questions per survey, access to dropoff rates, and more.

      Price: Basic plans cost $29 a month; Plus plans cost $59 a month; Business plans cost $99 a month; for Enterprise plans, contact for a quote.

      9. SurveyPlanet

      free survey maker, surveyplanet

      • Best for Large surveys or getting running quickly
      • Number of Survey/Form Questions: Unlimited
      • Number of Responses Allowed: Unlimited
      • Number of Surveys Allowed: Unlimited

      Features and Compatibilities

      SurveyPlanet's free version allows for unlimited surveys, questions, and responses. I find that the lack of restrictions makes it a perfect option for bigger businesses that are constantly looking to survey large audiences.

      Their all-encompassing list of features includes:

      • Welcome and success messages.
      • Two survey player types.
      • Anonymous surveys.
      • Single-click survey duplication.
      • Multiple share options.
      • Over 90 pre-written surveys.
      • Support for over 30 languages.

      What I Like

      It’s insanely easy to get started. In fact, in three clicks, I was able to identify ten potential questions without having to come up with them on my own:

      In 3 clicks, I used SurveyPlanet’s free survey maker to identify 10 questions.

      1. Click “+ New Survey.”
      2. Click “New Question from Template.”
      3. Choose a topic from Browse.

      The questions in that category populate on the right hand side of the screen, and you can choose which to include, and add them to your survey. From there you can edit or add logic (logic is only available in paid plans).

      free survey maker, surveyplanet

      Paid Plans

      One limitation of the free version of this tool is that it can be difficult to export data unless you upgrade to the Pro version. Other advantages of SurveyPlanet's paid plans include custom themes, results filtering, and more.

      Price: Pro plans cost $20 a month; Enterprise plans cost $350 a year.

      5 Free Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

      Easily measure customer satisfaction and begin to improve your customer experience.

      • Net Promoter Score
      • CSAT Score
      • Customer Effort Score
      • And more!
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        10. Google Forms

        free survey maker, google forms

        • Best for: Accessibility
        • Number of Survey/Form Questions: Unlimited
        • Number of Responses Allowed: Unlimited

        Features and Compatibilities

        Google Forms is another tool that offers unlimited surveys, questions, and responses. Since Google Forms doesn't have a paid version, all of its capabilities are available to users. This means access to a full range of custom design and data export options. Some of the highest paying online surveys use Google Forms as a reliable survey host.

        With Google Forms, it's easy to export data as it automatically syncs with Google Sheets.

        Google Forms provides graphic representations for every question.

        Image Source

        What’s more, you automatically get graphic representations of every question. With the ability to incorporate free skip logic, add photos and videos, and include collaborators, Google Forms is a sure pick for smaller businesses that want a complete range of features within a simple interface.

        What I Like

        Google Forms makes surveys and questionnaires easy. There are over a dozen pre-built templates you can use to get the ball rolling. Or you can use these free customer satisfaction survey templates to dive in.

        However, my absolute favorite Google Forms feature is smart questions.

        Google Forms free survey maker defaults to multiple choice questions.

        When you click the “+” to add a new question, it defaults to multiple choice.

        Google Forms free survey maker chooses the type of response you’re most likely to request.

        However, based on the type of question you ask, Google changes the type of response. Of course, you can manually adjust the response as well, but it really speeds up the process. It’s not foolproof but it can be helpful.

        On the other hand, even though you can add your logo and custom images, Google Forms always looks, well, like Google Forms. And while I never mind when people use them to collect data, they’re remarkably not sophisticated.

        So yes, while you can set up quizzes, and make sure the data drops right into your Google Drive integrations, logic is limited to a simpler “skip” logic, and it just doesn’t compete with the complex features available in other free survey making tools..

        If you want to have something a little “spicier,” I’d probably recommend aiming for Typeform, Hubspot, or Sogolytics.

        Paid Plans

        Okay—so Google Forms doesn’t have a paid plan, per se. However, while the entire Google ecosystem tends to be free for personal use (with an email address ending in, you do need to pay for business accounts, which start at $6 a user per month for Business Starter, $12 a user per month for Business Standard, and $18 a user per month for Business Plus.

        11. Zoho Survey

        free survey maker, zoho

        • Best for: Survey template options
        • Number of Survey/Form Questions: 10
        • Number of Responses Allowed: 100/survey
        • Number of Surveys Allowed: Unlimited, 3 of which can be active

        Features and Compatibilities

        The free version of Zoho Survey has the components you need to create an effective survey. With this option, you can create unlimited surveys, but each one is restricted to 10 questions and 100 responses.

        It also features over 250 survey templates and real-time responses. This is a good option for smaller businesses that need to create quick, short surveys without any extra pizzazz. Some of the other top features of the free survey maker include:

        • In-mail surveys.
        • Pop-up surveys.
        • Embeddable surveys.
        • Real-time responses.

        In addition to integrating with other Zoho platforms, Zoho Survey also integrates with Google Sheets, Salesforce, and Zapier so you can use it with your existing workflows and apps.

        What I Like

        Although I had a bit of a tough time finding a survey template I wanted because there are SO many to sort through, once I found one, it was easy to get started and edit the questions.

        Zoho Survey free survey maker provides a simple, but effective user interface.

        And once you have a survey you like (and a format), it’s easy to duplicate. From there, it’s simply a matter of publishing your survey and sharing the link.

        While it’s not the most intuitive or beautiful option, I do like the simplicity of this free survey maker.

        Paid Plans

        Paid versions of Zoho Survey offer a plethora of valuable features, including multilingual surveys, offline surveys, integrations, advanced reporting, and more.

        Price: Plus plans cost $25 a month; Pro plans cost $35 a month; Enterprise plans cost $75 per month.

        Best Survey Services

        If it’s within your budget, paying for someone to manage the surveys on your behalf can save lots of time. Survey services provided by market research companies offer brands the opportunity to gain useful consumer insights without having to do all of the work themselves.

        People who find these services useful include:

        Marketers: Coming from a marketing professional myself, marketers can use insights from these survey services to inform their marketing strategies — measuring how consumers interact with a brand’s products and the messaging around them.

        Researchers: Researchers may employ a survey service to gather information for a particular study or report. Additionally, they come in handy when researchers are working on projects for a client.

        These companies offer brands a variety of services including mail surveys, online surveys, research, interviewing survey participants, and analytics reporting. Let’s take a look at a few leading survey service companies.


        Best for: Midsize to enterprise-level businesses

        free survey maker, toluna

        Image Source

        Toluna is a market research company offering both an easy-to-use survey platform as well as focus groups and in-person interviewing services. The company boasts a global panel of over 43M participants across 70 countries ensuring you have a global audience ready to answer surveys and provide insights. Given its reach, it’s no surprise Toluna counts Sony, Amazon, and Kellogg’s as clients.

        Quest Mindshare

        Best for: Midsize to enterprise-level businesses

        free survey maker, quest mindset

        Image Source

        Similar to Toluna, Quest Mindshare also offers everything from online surveys to focus groups. They offer over 1M panelists from over 20 industries in over 30 countries. Given its reach, Quest Mindshare is an excellent option for those running a global brand and who need insights that reflect that. B2B research is their specialty, accounting for 65% of the company’s transaction volume. Notable clients include CBS, Chevron, and Comscore.


        Best for: Midsize to enterprise-level businesses

        free survey maker, askia

        Image Source

        Market Research group Askia has the edge of being run by a team of self-described “geeks, researchers, product testers, statisticians, fanatical client support specialists, usability experts, and quantitative research enthusiasts.”

        As a result of that, clients get to lean on Askia’s expertise and leverage its cutting-edge AI technology to automate gathering consumer insights. The app platform makes it easy to create a variety of questionnaires for the web, in-person, or by phone. These surveys can then be easily modified live, without any downtime on this mobile-first platform.

        Begin Using Free Online Survey Makers and Tools

        From personal experience, I have found that surveying customers is just one piece of building a feedback system that will inform your customer experience efforts. Now that you have a tool to collect responses, you can start gaining valuable insights. And what you do with them is up to you.

        Editor's note: This post was originally published in August 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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