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Traditionally, the best way to market a business was through word of mouth. However, times have changed, and all it takes now is a Google search. With this system, the one thing that really counts is your customer reviews.

Research shows that customers are willing to spend 31% more money on businesses with positive reviews. And that's not all good reviews can do for your business; getting stars in your google review listing can boost your traffic by at least 30% to 60%.

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All these numbers look good, but how do you really get the ball rolling? By getting a google review link and sending it to your customers.

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What is a Google Review Link?

A Google review link is a direct link your customers can use to write a review on your Google My Business page. With a direct link, customers will only need a minute to write a review. But without one, they'll need to follow a six-step process. That's a major turn-off to many customers.

Why is a Google Review Link Important?

Here are the main reasons why getting a google review link is important.

  • Favorable ranking in the search engines - The number one priority of Google is to provide the best experience to searchers. It focuses on the relevance and quality of products to its searchers. This means having many positive reviews can improve your ranking.
  • Increased visibility - If you want to be more visible on Google, you need better reviews. The only way to do that is to receive more of them.
  • Google is likely the first contact with your prospective customers - Therefore, having positive reviews helps establish trust with your customers even at the first interaction stages.

How to Get Google Review Link

Now that we are on the same page about what and why a google review link is important to your business, it's time to learn how to generate one. Here are a few effective tips on how to get a Google review link in a few clicks.

How to Generate a Review Link From Your Google My Business Account

Here are the simple steps to follow:

1. Go to your Google My Business account.

Once you sign up on your business listing account, open the listing you'd like to create a review for.

2. Scroll to the "Get more reviews" box.

Go to your homepage on the listing you're generating a review link for. You'll notice a "Get more reviews" box. Click the box and copy the generated link.

Google review link Get more reviews box

Image source

How to Get a Google Review Link Directly From Google

If you want the easiest answer on how to get a Google review link, here's how to go about it:

1. Search your business name on Google

Google review link: business name search

Image source

2. Click on the review box to access the write review button.

Google review link: Review box

Image source

3. Copy the URL (that's your link).

Google review link: URL

Image source

How to Send a Google Review Link

Having your Google review link won't yield any results unless you learn how to share it and convince your customers to write reviews. Here are a few ideas on how to send a Google review link to your buyers to get the desired results.

1. Create a post-purchase campaign.

One way to send a link without being pushy is to send a post-purchase email campaign to your customers after they purchase. If your business is new, you might have to come up with an incentive to motivate your customers to write reviews.

2. Include your Google review link in your email signature.

This is a long shot, but it's still worth trying. Create a signature with a call to action (CTA) like, "Share your feedback on Google" or "Review us on Google."

Pro tip: You can create email signatures using HubSpot's free email signature generator.

3. Send your customers an SMS.

This may come as a surprise, but SMS marketing is still very much alive. Statistics show that 90% of messages are read in three minutes.

Take advantage of these numbers and send your customers a message with your Google review link requesting them to review your business.

Start sharing a Google review link for more reviews.

Google reviews are critical to your business. What your customers say about their experience with your business determines whether or not your new prospects trust you.

One way to make this happen is learn how to generate a Google review link and share the link with your customers. This eliminates the six steps that customers have to go through to leave you a review.

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