15 Essential Product Management Boot Camps You Should Join in 2023

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Mandy Bray
Mandy Bray


For a product to succeed, you need someone to set a vision and a strategy for its success. Someone to create a roadmap at the intersection of user experience, business needs, and market fit. This vital role is a product manager.

woman taking product management bootcamp

Product management is an in-demand tech job that pays $128,211 on average in the U.S. 43% of companies are hiring product managers, but there’s a required set of skills needed to fill this position.

Product managers come from a variety of backgrounds: UX, engineering, and roles outside of tech. To break into product management, it helps to get a crash course in the fundamentals. That’s where a product management boot camp comes in, and we’re here to uncover the best ones.

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What is a product management boot camp?

The purpose of a product management boot camp is to equip people with the top skills they need to break into product management in an accelerated format.

Unlike coding boot camps, product management boot camps don’t have a heavy focus on technical skills. Product managers need a basic understanding of how UX and product development work, but the rest are soft skills like managing stakeholders, tracking metrics, and prioritizing product development areas.

In a boot camp, students complete a curriculum with live, recorded, or blended interactive coursework. Students collaborate with peers to complete hands-on projects and produce an interview-worthy portfolio by the end.

Many boot camps offer career services such as resume reviews, career webinars, or alumni networking to help students find a product manager job.

The Benefits of Product Management Boot Camps

Why are boot camps the best way to break into product management? With dozens of online course options out there, here are three benefits of the boot camp model.

1. Immersive Structure

When you enroll in an on-demand course, there’s no real incentive to move through the coursework. You think, “I’ll work on that this weekend…” and then next week turns into next month, and so on. The boot camp structure with defined start and end dates gives you accountability to move through the coursework and build your skills.

An immersive structure also forces you to limit distractions that might otherwise keep you from reaching your goal. Some quit their day job or trim back working hours and responsibilities to give their learning the attention it deserves.

Immersive learning also has a cumulative effect since you’ll be building your knowledge every day.

2. Mentorship and Peer Support

Switching careers can be a lonely journey. Going through a program with a cohort of job-seekers in similar positions will give you camaraderie and accountability.

The boot camp model facilitates collaboration and communication as you learn and work together in a group, just as you would in the workplace.

Learning from expert faculty is another bonus. With office hours, you can ask for 1:1 project feedback and career advice.

3. Career Support and Connections

Most boot camps offer career services similar to a college career office. Boot camp career services may offer resume and portfolio reviews, interview prep, and employer panels. Some also have job boards, networking events, or direct connections to recruiters at partner companies.

The Best Product Management Boot Camps

Product management isn’t just for those with MBAs. In fact, 28% of product managers don’t have a bachelor’s degree, according to Zippia. Product management boot camps level the playing field by giving young professionals or career changers the confidence and skills needed to break in.

Look for a boot camp with strong alumni reviews, an immersive format, and career services. Most product management boot camps don’t have any prerequisites besides a high school diploma (though there are a few advanced ones to help entry-level PMs advance to senior).

Here are the 15 best product management boot camps to consider with program highlights, ratings, price, format, and time commitment.

1. Product Gym

product management boot camp, product gym

Product Gym focuses on helping career changers transition into product management from varied backgrounds, including engineering, marketing, underwriting, and operations. Product Gym alumni praise it for its community and coaching, which results in landing more interviews and job offers.

Two tracks comprise the program skills development and career acceleration, which you can complete concurrently or one after the other.

Skills development teaches technical and business fundamentals needed for product management. Career development offers tailored resume help, interview and negotiation coaching, and access to a community of 1,500 members.

What we like: There are flexible start times and asynchronous coaching for ultimate flexibility. You also get lifetime access to Product Gym’s extensive library of recordings and community resources, plus career support you can use as many times as needed.

CourseReport rating: 4.97

Cost: $6,000

Format options: Part-time/flexible online over three months

Time commitment: 7+ hours per week

Best for: Career changers

2. Product Faculty

product management boot camp, product faculty

Product Faculty is focused on one discipline: product management. The 50-hour curriculum covers advanced product management and is for people already working in product management, not beginners. Modeled like an executive MBA program, the bootcamp is fully live with cohorts meeting every Saturday for a full day of instruction.

What we like: There’s unlimited 1:1 coaching with executives over Zoom. It’s also a budget-friendly option.

CourseReport rating: 4.95

Cost: $2,988

Format options: Part-time online or in-person (San Francisco) over seven weeks

Time commitment: 6+ hours/week

Best for: Upskillers, existing product managers, in-person learners

3. allWomen

product management boot camp, allwomen

Created to launch more women into tech careers, allWomen aims to mentor, equip, and train women to be product managers. Based in Barcelona, allWomen’s product management boot camp packs 100 hours of course development into 12 weeks.

The coursework is 70% practical, 30% theory, and covers core topics such as product strategy, framing problems, product development, prioritization, pitching, and product launch.

allWomen’s on-demand option creates a much more affordable alternative while keeping the cohort element and one live mentoring session. Several times a year, allWomen offers Hiring Fairs and Demo Days, where students can practice pitching their projects.

What we like: This course is budget-friendly. There's preparation for the unique challenges women can face in tech. Participants have access to female mentors and allies around the world.

CourseReport rating: 4.92

Cost: 449€ - 2.950€ / approx. $485 - $3,195

Format options: Online part-time (12 weeks), self-paced module

Time commitment: 8+ hours/week

Best for: Women, moms returning to work after a career pause, upskillers, career changers, entrepreneurs

4. RevoU

product management boot camp, revou

Based in Indonesia, RevoU is one of Asia’s leading online learning companies. The three-month RevoU course preps students in OKR and product metrics, product management research, prioritization, product ideation and development, technical product management, stakeholder management, product experimentation, and product marketing.

RevoU Next adds career transformation to skill development via career development and product development classes with a personalized mentor. RevoU boasts a strong community of 6,000 alumni that you can connect with via member-only meetups and Slack forums.

What we like: RevoU is budget-friendly. There‘s tuition deferment for up to 18 months. You’ll also get lifetime access to on-demand classes. Participants also have access to dedicated in-house counselors available for more than just coursework.

CourseReport rating: 4.99

Cost: Rp13.000.000 - Rp16.000.000 / approx. $865 - $1,060 USD

Format options: Part-time online over 3 or 6 months

Best for: Career changers, upskillers

5. Product Hall

product management boot camp, product hall

Product Hall describes itself as “everything you need to ship digital products that you have full control over.” Over 10 weeks, you’ll learn a blend of technical and soft skills, including strategic thinking, Agile methodologies, and the fundamentals of software development and product design. Product Hall prides itself on engaging, “not dull” live lessons.

What we like: There's lifetime 1:1 mentorship for participants.

CourseReport rating: 4.88

Cost: $2,997

Format options: Part-time over 10 weeks

Time commitment: 3+ hours/week

Best for: Career changers, upskillers, existing product managers

6. Product School

product management boot camp, product school

This program is one of the first online product management boot camps, founded in 2014. Students can take the Product Manager Certification course in a flexible two-month format or in a one-week intensive. Classes have a small class size capped at 14. The curriculum is hands-on, covering a product manager’s role, user research, user experience, strategic alignment, and go-to-market.

Product School also offers two advanced courses, a Senior Product Manager Certification, and a Product Leader Certification, as well as micro-certifications in product-led growth and product analytics.

What we like: Participants have access to course materials for two years. There are cohorts optimized for all time zones. The course has a blended approach, where students can watch recorded lectures and then engage in live Q&As with students.

CourseReport rating: 4.82

Cost: $4,199

Time commitment: 5+ hours/week for part-time

Format options: Part-time online over eight weeks, full-time online over one week

Best for: Career changers, upskillers, existing product managers

7. Fullstack Academy

product management boot camp, full stack academy

The Product Management boot camp at Fullstack Academy prepares students for product manager roles through expert-authored curriculum and career coaching. It’s an extensive program with more than 500 hours of content.

The boot camp structure consists of two to three class meetings a week where you’ll complete modules, attend a live lecture, and collaborate in a hands-on lab. The curriculum covers foundations, UX/UI, product design, product marketing, and software development and metrics.

What we like: You'll get hands-on experience with PM tools, such as Jira, Balsamiq, Figma, Google Analytics, and Adobe.

CourseReport rating: 4.82

Cost: $13,495

Format options: Part-time online over 25 weeks

Time commitment: 10+ hours/week

Best for: Career changers, upskillers

8. UNC-Chapel Hill | edX

product management boot camp, unc chapel hill

The Product Management Boot Camp at UNC-Chapel Hill is one of five programs the edX offers in partnership with universities. In this flexible format, students attend four hours of live instruction a week and spend additional time creating projects and learning tools like ProductPlan, Miro, Jira, Confluence, and Google Analytics.

Offered four times a year, the 13 class modules cover in-demand product management skills like roadmap development, rapid prototyping, data visualization, and market analysis.

What we like: There's a career engagement network with 250+ employers from a university with name recognition.

CourseReport rating: 4.83

Cost: $10,245

Format options: Part-time online over 18 weeks

Time commitment: 24+ hours/week

Best for: Career changers, upskillers

9. UT-Austin | edX

product management boot camp, ut austin

edX’s product management boot camp at UT is housed in the McCombs School of Business, a top 20 business school in an emerging tech hub. Over 18 weeks, students learn from live interactive instruction and collaborate on hands-on projects in a flexible format.

What we like: You’ll have access to a career engagement network with 250+ employers from a university with name recognition.

CourseReport rating: 4.83

Cost: $9,995

Format options: Part-time online over 18 weeks

Time commitment: 24+ hours/week

Best for: Career changers, upskillers

10. Udacity

product management boot camp, udacity

Edtech giant, Udacity, offers what it calls “nanodegrees” — intensive courses that can build the skills you need to land and succeed in a tech role. The Product Manager program covers everything from product strategy to design sprints to project management frameworks.

In the boot camp, you’ll build four real-world projects with feedback from the Udacity reviewer network and technical mentor support. The schedule is self-paced and asynchronous, making it perfect for those who need flexibility.

What we like: There are different cohort tracks, including product manager, data product manager, growth product manager, and AI product manager.

CourseReport rating: 4.71

Cost: $1,356 or $399/month

Format options: Part-time/flexible online over four months

Time commitment: 10+ hours/week

Best for: Upskillers, existing product managers

11. BrainStation

product management boot camp, brain station

In BrainStation’s product management boot camp, you’ll learn every aspect of product management from research to prototyping to bringing your MVP (minimum viable product) to market. Other course areas covered include product strategy, lean product development, wireframing, and Agile methodology.

Product leaders write and teach the BrainStation product management course. Each graduate leaves the program with a product management certificate and a presentation-ready portfolio project.

What we like: There are interactive small-group learning and dedicated Slack channels to share ideas and build community. Budget-friendly financing options include monthly installments and scholarships.

CourseReport rating: 4.68

Cost: $3,250

Time commitment: 3+ hours/week

Format options: Part-time online or in-person over 5-10 weeks. In-person locations include Toronto, New York, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, and Dallas.

Best for: In-person learners, upskillers, career changers

12. CareerFoundry

product management boot camp, careerfoundry

CareerFoundry designs its courses to be flexibly paced within six months, so those who put in more hours can finish in less time as their schedule allows. Expert mentoring, a project-based curriculum, and career services shape students up to be job-ready.

If you’re still trying to figure out what product management is all about, you can start with the affordable Intro to Product Management course and produce your first project in as little as two weeks to earn a basic credential and see if you’d like to do a deep dive.

What we like: A dual mentorship model assigns you both a mentor and a tutor to give double the career advice and assignment feedback. CareerFoundry offers a job guarantee: you’ll get your tuition back if you don’t land a job within six months. Scholarships are available for women.

CourseReport rating: 4.67

Cost: $690 - $6,900

Format options: Self-paced online product management program, Intro to Product Management short course

Time commitment: 15-20+ hours/week

Best for: Career changers, upskillers

13. General Assembly

product management boot camp, general assembly

During General Assembly’s product management course, you’ll complete 40 hours of coursework from instructors who are experts in product management. The boot camp focuses on the end-to-end product life cycle with a focus on Agile best practices, data management, and stakeholder management.

Students will finish the course with a certificate, a product management portfolio, and access to career counseling.

What we like: There are direct links to employers through corporate partners. You can also access an alumni network of 94,000, with networking events and career workshops.

CourseReport rating: 4.3

Cost: $4,500

Format options: Part-time online over 10 weeks or in-person intensive over one week

Best for: Career changers, In-person learners

14. Nuclio Digital School

product management boot camp, nuclio

Nuclio offers boot camps in person in Madrid and Barcelona as well as online. The Digital Product Management Program (offered both in English and Spanish) keeps a small class size of 16 and applies a 100% hands-on methodology.

The boot camp curriculum covers digital product idea and design, metrics and company alignment, digital product development, and go-to-market.

There’s a job-seeking track and an entrepreneurship track to give you the advice and training you need for your next career step. The program emphasizes soft skills with practical applications, like how to give an elevator pitch.

You can also apply your credits to complete a degree in Digital Product Management at the Universitat de Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya if you choose.

What we like: After 16 weeks of intensive work online, students are invited to student week in Barcelona. Here, they can meet their cohort, explore the city, attend lectures, and network with employers.

CourseReport rating: 4.5

Cost: 7.900€ (approximately $8,560)

Format options: Part-time online/hybrid over 20 weeks

Best for: Upskillers, career changers, in-person learners, future entrepreneurs

15. University of Minnesota/Simplilearn

product management boot camp, university of minnesota

Taught through a partnership with the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, Simplilearn’s product management boot camp is taught with live lectures from UMN instructors.

In this course, students complete hands-on projects with industry-relevant capstone projects on leading companies. You’ll learn tools like Jira, Balsamiq, mixpanel, and Visual Studio Code.

After completion, students will earn a certificate, career services through Simplilearn, and access to UNM’s alumni association.

What we like: There are live networking sessions with product leaders from Amazon. Plus, you get, lifetime access to core e-learning content and UMN masterclasses.

CourseReport rating: 4.49

Cost: $8,000

Format options: Part-time/flexible online over six months

Time commitment: 7+ hours/week

Best for: Career changers, upskillers

Start Your Product Management Career

You don’t need high-level coding skills or an extensive tech background to break into product management.

Product manager and YouTuber Alisa Works describes product management like this: “You can really have any background. As long as you have customer empathy, you’re strategic, and you can execute on a plan, you’ve got the raw materials to become a product manager.”

We hope that this guide has de-mystified product management and how you can break into this industry. With basic skills development and experts to offer a helping hand, you can add “product manager” to your next career title.

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