How to Build a Strong Voice of the Customer Program [Infographic]

Sophia Bernazzani Barron
Sophia Bernazzani Barron



We've written before about the importance of Voice of the Customer (VoC) and how valuable it is to regularly listen to customers to get their feedback on ways you can improve.


But there's another key step that comes after asking for customer feedback -- it's using that feedback to make decisions and implement changes that best serve your customers.

And as it turns out, sometimes it's harder to walk the walk than to talk the talk. It doesn't matter if you're paying lip service to the benefits of soliciting customer feedback if you're not doing anything with it once you receive it.

That's why Temkin Group has shared these recommendations for building a strong VoC program -- so that companies not only understand the value of asking for feedback, but also understand the value of using it.

To learn more, read our advice about what to do when you first receive customer feedback next.


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