20 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins to Make More Money in 2024

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Jamie Juviler


An Amazon affiliate plugin can help you generate more passive income through your website.

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Amazon’s affiliate program, Amazon Associates, lets you place in-text and display ads on your pages and earn a commission when a visitor purchases an Amazon product through your unique affiliate link. But without a dedicated WordPress plugin, you can miss critical analytics that can help you improve your affiliate program.

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In this post, we’ll cover all the reasons why you need an Amazon affiliate plugin if you’re a WordPress user and an Amazon associate. Then, we’ll review the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress websites.

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Why use an Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin?

There are many reasons why Amazon Associates is the most popular affiliate marketing program around: Amazon is trusted and ubiquitous in the ecommerce space, checkout is almost instant for current account holders, and Amazon’s product quantity and variety are unmatched.

Overall, it’s an excellent way to earn passive income and maximize the revenue potential of your WordPress website or blog.

Though Amazon offers robust support options in its affiliate program, the program isn’t entirely frictionless by itself. As you place more affiliate links on your site, you’ll find it harder to manage the number of links you’ve added and the revenue each one generates.

As an experienced Amazon associate, you’ll need:

  • A more convenient way to insert links into your pages within the WordPress admin interface.
  • A way to organize and review all the affiliate links on your site.
  • Customizable product displays.
  • Shorter, cleaner affiliate URLs without the lengthy string of tracking code.
  • A reporting tool to check in on click counts and money earned from each link.

If you’re running into any of these challenges, do yourself a favor and install an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin for your website. This type of WordPress plugin will let you see how much money each link is earning for you and save you time you would otherwise have to spend reviewing and inserting every individual link.

Read on to find out the best plugins you can use for the task. With one or more of these tools installed, you’ll save time and energy while boosting your passive income.


Best for: Displaying products with affiliate links in multiple formats.

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin AAWP

If you’re in the market for a premium plugin to manage your Amazon affiliate links, try AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin). It’s a leader in the space and provides an all-in-one solution for inserting and tracking affiliate links across your WordPress site.

With AAWP, you can place affiliate links in a few different ways, such as hypertext links within your content, boxes, which you can customize in terms of product description and price display, and comparison tables for two or more products.

All display elements are customizable in appearance, mobile-responsive (including compatibility with Google Accelerated Mobile Pages), and updated automatically when the product listing on Amazon.com changes. With shortcodes, you can quickly insert your affiliate link modules in any location.


  • Can display affiliate links as text, product boxes, best seller lists, new releases lists, and more
  • Can use pre-made templates or create your own
  • Automatic updates when Amazon product listing changes


  • Steeper learning curve for beginners
  • Click tracking only available when using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or Piwik
  • No integration with WooCommerce


  • €49 a year (~$60 a year, 1 site)
  • €129 a year (~$155 a year, 3 sites)
  • €249 a year (~$300 a year, 10 sites)
  • €399 a year (~$480 a year, 10 sites)

2. ThirstyAffiliates

Best for: Cloaking Amazon affiliate links

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is a freemium WordPress plugin packed with tools for affiliate link management — even the free version brings a lot of value.

For no cost, you can cloak your Amazon affiliate URLs with your domain name and custom slug, shaving off the query string from the end of your links and appearing more trustworthy to visitors. ThirstyAffiliates automatically un-cloaks some links to comply with Amazon Associate’s terms.

The free version also enables quick and convenient manual linking. When you want to insert a link, ThirstyAffiliates lets you search the Amazon catalog from within your WordPress dashboard, find your product of choice, and link to it. You can then track the effectiveness of these affiliate links in the reporting dashboard, which summarizes some basic performance metrics.

A premium subscription adds more comprehensive stats reporting, Google Analytics integration, and, perhaps best of all, auto-linking: ThirstyAffiliates will scan your content for keywords and place relevant links automatically. A 14-day refund is offered if you’re hesitant about the steeper price point.


  • Can search and link to Amazon catalog directly in WordPress dashboard
  • Can track basic performance metrics in reporting dashboard
  • Premium version comes with advanced features like automatic keyword linking


  • No automatic updates when Amazon product page changes
  • No integration with WooCommerce


  • Free
  • $49 a year (1 site)
  • $99 (5 sites)
  • $149 (10 sites)

3. WZone

Best for: Seamlessly displaying Amazon affiliate products on a WooCommerce site

woozone fox character

WordPress ecommerce store owners should consider the WZone plugin (also referred to as WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates) for their sites. This plugin is a dedicated solution for incorporating Amazon Affiliate links into WooCommerce-powered websites.

Basically, WZone lets you select products from Amazon.com and display them like WooCommerce products. Visitors on your site can view these products as they would on a typical WooCommerce site, but they are sent to Amazon when ready to purchase (through your affiliate link, of course).

WZone incorporates Amazon’s API to keep WooCommerce listings up to date for you and can place products in your store automatically by keywords you pick.

A regular WZone license retails for a one-time payment of $49. There’s also a free version, though this is much more limited in features and doesn’t include updates to the plugin.

dashboard for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin WZone


  • Designed for WooCommerce
  • Automatically updates WooCommerce listings based on changes or keywords you select
  • Can import Amazon images, ratings, coupons, and more to your WooCommerce pages


  • Steeper learning curve for beginners
  • Free version is limited


  • Free
  • $49 a site
  • $405 a site

4. Easy Affiliate Links

Best for: Cloaking and managing affiliate links on a budget

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Easy Affiliate Links

While Easy Affiliate Links may be less popular than other options we’ve mentioned thus far, it’s a viable option for handling affiliate links, including those through Amazon Associates.

With this plugin, you can cloak your affiliate links, edit them with a visual editor, categorize them for easy indexing and searching, and import affiliate links from an XML file.

It also lets you check all the clicks on your site on a monthly or lifetime basis, so you'll be able to measure the effectiveness of your affiliate link strategy. Easy Affiliate Links tracks monthly clicks for each link.

This plugin is free but has a premium extension for $29 that adds a built-out reporting dashboard and more stats related to link clicks, as well as link targeting capabilities and an auto-checker for broken links.


  • Can manage all affiliate links from WordPress dashboard
  • Can track clicks monthly or view all clicks


  • Need premium version for a reporting dashboard and other features that come free with some other plugins
  • No integration with WooCommerce


  • Free
  • $29 (1 site)
  • $119 (20 sites)

5. Lasso

Best for: Earning affiliate income on a blog

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Lasso

Lasso is designed for bloggers to easily manage their affiliate links, create product displays, and increase their affiliate income.

What sets Lasso apart from other affiliate link plugins is that it’s designed to help you find new affiliate link opportunities. Lasso automatically finds every time a keyword appears across your site. Then, in your dashboard, you can decide which instances to add a link to by toggling a button.

Lasso will also automatically alert you when an important link is broken or out of stock. In Lasso’s link index, you can easily view and manage links to products across your entire site. For example, if you want to switch a product's link from Amazon to Walmart across your site, you only have to make that change once.


  • Designed for bloggers
  • Can control which keywords to turn into affiliate links
  • Auto-alerts for affiliate links that are broken or out-of-stock


  • Limited customization options
  • Higher price point
  • No integration with WooCommerce


  • $29 a month
  • $289 a year

6. AzonPress

Best for: Customizing layouts of products and affiliate links

logo for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Azon Press

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin AzonPress

Like AAWP, AzonPress provides a means for WordPress users to easily place Amazon affiliate links on their web pages in the form of text links, customizable box displays, and comparison tables. It also adds a reporting dashboard where you can evaluate link performance and earnings over time.

However, starting at $39 per year for one domain, AzonPress is cheaper than AAWP. Alternatively, you can also purchase a lifetime license for $149. Consider taking advantage of the 14-day money-back guarantee to compare these options for yourself.


  • Customizable layouts
  • Automatic product updates
  • Reporting dashboard


  • Limited layout options compared to other plugins
  • No integration with WooCommerce


  • $39 a year (Single Site)
  • $79 a year (Agency)
  • $159 a year (Unlimited)

7. Pretty Links

Best for: Cloaking and redirecting affiliate links

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Pretty Links

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a freemium plugin for cloaking and tracking all links on your site, including affiliate links. Pretty Links replaces affiliate links with those including your domain name and redirects them temporarily (via a 302 or 307 redirect) or permanently (via a 301 redirect).

For any link, Pretty Links can generate randomized shortened slugs, or you can set your own custom slug to make your link appear cleaner and more trustworthy.

Like other options here, Pretty Links records hits on your links and reports them to you through your WordPress admin dashboard. You can filter link tracking by the number of clicks per link or by the number of unique clicks per link.

dashboard for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Pretty Links

Pretty Links offers all of the above features for free. If you upgrade to a premium subscription starting at $49 per year, you get access to more redirect types, integration with Google Analytics, automatic affiliate link building, and link categorization for easier management.


  • Cloaks affiliate links
  • Can track clicks in WordPress dashboard
  • Keyword feature replacement works on new and existing posts


  • No affiliate link displays
  • No integration with WooCommerce


  • Free
  • $49 a year (Beginner)
  • $99 a year (Marketer)
  • $149 a year (Super Affiliate)

8. Auto Amazon Links

Best for: Auto-inserting Amazon affiliate links

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Auto Amazon Links

One of the best free Amazon affiliate tools available, Amazon Auto Links is a must-try for site owners on a tighter budget. This tool automatically inserts Amazon affiliate links and product feeds on your site.

The products themselves are based on one or more product categories chosen by you, and the displays regularly update product listings and update when product information or pricing changes. You can also filter out unwanted products from your links by description, title, or ID number.

All of these options make Amazon Auto Links ideal for those who don’t want to spend much time curating affiliate links themselves, although it is possible to insert affiliate links manually with this plugin as well.

sample page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Auto Amazon Links


  • Designed for affiliate marketers with limited time and resources
  • Can pick one or multiple categories for affiliate product displays


  • Limited control over what Amazon products display on your site
  • No integration with WooCommerce


  • Free

9. Amazon Link Engine

Best for: Displaying affiliate links on sites with international audience

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Amazon Link Engine

The free Amazon Link Engine plugin automatically converts all Amazon affiliate in-text links and displays on your site into localized links. It’s well-suited for WordPress sites with a healthy amount of international traffic.

When an international user loads your web page, Amazon Link Engine detects their region and changes the link to direct them to the optimal Amazon product page for them. This works to increase purchases and improve user experience. Link restructuring applies to existing Amazon affiliate links and any new Amazon affiliate links you add.

While some other Amazon affiliate plugins offer similar geolocation technology, Amazon Link Engine is powered by a specialized localization engine called Geniuslink that avoids common pitfalls like sending users to blank pages or out-of-stock items.


  • Automatically localizes links for different audiences
  • Can localize links in existing and new content


  • Need a Geniuslink account
  • No integration with WooCommerce


  • Free

10. AdRotate

Best for: Managing ads and affiliate links in one place

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin AdRotate

With the AdRotate plugin, you can easily manage all your ads and affiliate campaigns from Amazon Associate to Yahoo! ads and many more — all in one dashboard.

You can place these links and campaigns anywhere on your site. You can also track clicks and calculate click-through rates.


  • Works with WooCommerce
  • Can manage all ads and affiliate campaigns in one dashboard
  • Can track clicks


  • Designed for ads first


  • Free
  • €39 (1 site)
  • €49 (2 sites)
  • €99 (5 sites)
  • €199 (100 sites)

11. Easy Azon

Best for: Creating multiple types of affiliate links within WordPress post editor

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Easy Azon

EasyAzon is designed to automate the tedious process of manually creating links from within Amazon.com. With this plugin, you can create affiliate links to any product available for sale on Amazon.com from within your WordPress post editor.

These text affiliate links can be set to open in a new window and/or have a “nofollow” attribute simply by toggling a button. You can configure these settings globally in the plugin settings page or set them for each individual link.

In addition to text affiliate links, you can also create the following:

  • Image affiliate links. These are Amazon product images that can be turned into clickable affiliate links.
  • Product information blocks. These display the product title, image thumbnail, price info, and purchase button.
  • Calls-to-action. These are Amazon.com buy buttons.


  • Can search and link to Amazon catalog directly in WordPress dashboard
  • Can create multiple affiliate link types including image affiliate links and CTAs


  • Compatibility issues with some PHP versions
  • No integration with WooCommerce


  • Free

12. AffiliateX

Best for: Creating high-converting product pages with affiliate links

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Affiliate LInks

AffiliateX comes with 18 blocks for creating a lightning-fast and high-converting affiliate marketing website. Some of the blocks available with the free version of the plugin allow you to promote individual products with CTAs, display pros and cons on product pages, compare products in a table, display product specifications, and more.

The blocks available with the premium version of the plugin offer even more advanced functionality. You can display recommended products, create coupon grids, compare two products, and display a product image along with different purchase links, among other actions.


  • Each block is highly customizable
  • Designed to be lighter and faster than other Amazon affiliate plugins
  • Can create robust product pages with affiliate links, pros and cons, CTAs, scores, and more


  • Many blocks require premium plan
  • No integration with WooCommerce


  • Free
  • $49 a year (1 site)
  • $99 a year (5 sites)
  • $149 a year (25 sites)
  • $199 a year (100 sites)

13. Amazomatic

Best for: Automating the creation of affiliate links

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Amazomatic

Amazomatic is a top-rated referral affiliate autoblogging plugin that uses the Amazon Market API to monetize your WordPress website.

What sets Amazomatic apart from other Amazon Associate WordPress plugins is its automation capabilities. With this plugin, you can automatically generate a blog post with referral links based on a set of predefined rules, including market searches and importing items based on ASIN.

You can also automatically generate post categories or tags from marketplace items. You can even use its keyword replacer tool to automatically substitute an affiliate link for a keyword anywhere it appears on your site.


  • Robust automation capabilities
  • Can automatically replace keywords with affiliate links
  • Works with WooCommerce


  • No tracking or reporting functionality


  • $49 one-time fee

14. WooCommerce Affiliate Automatic Amazon WordPress Plugin

Best for: Importing Amazon products to WooCommerce sites without API

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin WooCommerce Affiliate Automatic Amazon

WooCommerce Affiliate Automatic Amazon WordPress Plugin enables you to search and import products from the Amazon store and earn commissions without using the Amazon API. Instead, you can import products by URLs, keyword search, or ASIN number search.

You can import the full product data, including the:

  • Product title.
  • Product description.
  • Product SKU.
  • Product regular price.
  • Product sale price.
  • Product stock status.

You can then edit any of these fields as well as the product image and currency.


  • Designed for WooCommerce
  • Can import Amazon products with or without API
  • Reporting dashboard


  • Steeper learning curve for beginners
  • No layout templates


  • $39 one-time fee

15. Amazon Associates Link Builder

Best for: Allows you to easily search and create Amazon affiliate links directly from your WordPress dashboard.

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin Amazon Associates Link Builder

Amazon Associates Link Builder is an official plugin provided by Amazon that allows WordPress website owners to easily create and manage Amazon affiliate links. It streamlines the process of finding and adding affiliate links to your content directly from your WordPress dashboard.

With this plugin, you can search for products, generate affiliate links, and customize the appearance of the links to match your website's design.

One of the main advantages of using Amazon Associates Link Builder is its official status and reliable support. Being an official Amazon plugin, you can expect regular updates and compatibility with Amazon's affiliate program.

The plugin also simplifies the link creation process, saving you time and effort. You can search for products by keywords, ASIN, or URLs, and then generate the affiliate link with just a few clicks.

While Amazon Associates Link Builder offers convenience and integration with the Amazon affiliate program, it does have some limitations. Compared to third-party plugins, it may lack some advanced features and customization options.

The user interface could be more intuitive and user-friendly, especially for beginners who are not familiar with the intricacies of affiliate marketing. However, if you're looking for a straightforward solution to create and manage Amazon affiliate links within your WordPress site, this official plugin can be a reliable choice.

Overall, Amazon Associates Link Builder is a valuable tool for WordPress website owners who participate in the Amazon affiliate program. It simplifies the process of generating affiliate links, allowing you to monetize your content and earn commissions from Amazon product referrals.

While it may not have all the advanced features of other plugins, its official status, compatibility, and ease of use make it a popular choice for many affiliate marketers.


  • Official Amazon plugin with reliable support
  • Easy search and link creation from the WordPress dashboard
  • Multiple customization options available
  • Limited features compared to some third-party plugins
  • User interface could be improved
  • Free
  • $59 a year (Basic)
  • $179 a year (Pro)
  • $499/year (Lifetime)



16. AdSanity

Best for: Creating, managing, and tracking ads and affiliate links

product page for the amazon affiliate wordpress plugin AdSanity

AdSanity is a WordPress plugin designed to simplify ad management for WordPress websites. With AdSanity, you can not only create and manage ads and track their performance — you can also do the same for affiliate links.

Built by developers for developers, AdSanity is lightweight and extensible. It offers a set of core features that you can extend with premium add-ons if needed. For example, there are add-ons for setting up an integration with Google Analytics for more robust tracking and reporting and for setting ads or affiliate links to expire after a set number of views (instead of a set date).


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Extensible with add-ons


  • Designed for ads first
  • Can be expensive with add-ons
  • No integration with WooCommerce


17. Product Puller

Best for: Gathering product data from Amazon.

amazon affiliate wordpress plugin, product puller

Your visitors want to know about the products that you’re recommending. That includes what categories they fall in, the features that they offer, and any customization opportunities. Product Puller can help you get this information for your audience.

Product Puller allows you to get item information from Amazon without an Affiliate API. With this tool, you can also add your associate ID to links and create custom comparisons for products.


  • You can translate the plugin into your language
  • You can send product information from Amazon to WooCommerce.


  • If you already have the affiliate API, you don’t need to use this plugin


  • Free

18. Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

Best for: Adding formatted Amazon items to a page or post

amazon affiliate wordpress plugin, amalinks pro

The Amazon Product in a Post Plugin lets you add formatted products from the ecommerce site into any of your pages and posts. You just need to have the product’s ASIN. From there, you can add your own reviews and descriptions to the offering.

With this plugin, ease is the name of the game. You can add products to the top or bottom of your post content. You can also include Amazon products as a part of your post layout. Plus, you can do this for as many products as you’d like, all for free.


  • This is an easy way to add Amazon product information to your articles without bloating your site
  • You can add product grid layouts or single-product layouts
  • There are custom styling options that you can add with CSS


  • Some products are not available with the Amazon Product Advertising API that this plugin uses. In these instances, the product will not display
  • Amazon Ads may cause issues; this means that the product won’t display on your site
  • The more products you add, the more work it is for the API to process request; this can make the process slow


  • Free

19. AmaLinks Pro

Best for: Adding links and CTAs to your posts.

Affiliate links create a pathway from your user to the ecommerce community, with a nice little kick-back for you. With AmaLinks Pro, you can add these helpful links to your post with ease.

You can add text and image links to your posts, showing off the products that you think your audience will love. Plus, you don’t ever have to leave WordPress.

You can also create Amazon-Compliant CTA buttons. This will catch your reader's eye and encourage them to learn more (and purchase) the product.


  • You can create product grids that feature the item’s information, relevant images, ratings, and reviews
  • The “buy” buttons and CTAs look great out of the box
  • Makes adding products to your website quick and easy


  • While this plugin will likely prove helpful, you will have to spend to access these features


  • $11 per month (plus plan)
  • $49 per month (deluxe plan)
  • $847 per year (multi-site, premium)
  • $1197 per year (unlimited, premium)

20. Affiliate Super Assistent

Best for: Integrating Amazon products into your WordPress Page

amazon affiliate wordpress plugin, Affiliate Super Assistent

With Affiliate Super Assistent (ASA1), you can integrate Amazon products onto your WordPress site with ease. You can create your own custom templates to display products. This means that showcasing items will match the branding of your site.

You can create featured collections. This lets you gather products that are the same and show them easily on one page. Beyond that, you can get everything done all with simple shortcodes.


  • You can choose from templates to display products
  • You can add bestseller lists to your site
  • Servers generate links from the visitor’s local Amazon store; this is great if you have an international audience


  • Issues with the Amazon API mean some products are not compatible with this plugin
  • With so many features available on this product, some users report slow load times


  • Free

Managing Your Affiliate Links

How exactly you implement your affiliate links will depend on your site’s layout and purpose. Your site might benefit from more text-based affiliate links, or you might decide that display boxes and/or comparison tables are the better choice.

You might even set up a “store” section on your site and populate it with affiliate links.

However you decide to place links, the right WordPress plugin will significantly improve your site’s monetization efforts and seamlessly place relevant products in front of your visitors. It’s called passive income for a reason — you shouldn’t need to work too hard!

Editor's note: This post was originally published in October 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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