How to Add Google Forms to WordPress (2024 Guide)

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Shayla Price
Shayla Price


If you work in business, you’ve heard this saying a thousand times: Know your customer. What are they looking to learn from you? What do they need, and how does your offering solve for that? Pondering with a whiteboard just won’t cut it these days. You’ll need to survey your audience directly.

woman embeds a google form to a wordpress page

When it comes to building a survey, Google Forms is one of the easiest options available online. You can build surveys, registration forms, and quizzes, all for free with a Google account. From there, all you have to do is embed your survey on your WordPress site.

In this guide, I’ll share how you can add your Google Forms content to your WordPress website. We’ll also discuss how you can include a video tutorial to connect with your audience.

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Why use Google Forms with WordPress?

Google Forms lets you select ready-made form templates or customize brand-new forms. You can create questions with a variety of responses, including multiple-choice, paragraph text, and file uploads.

With its theme style options, you can change the header image, theme color, and font style to match your brand. You also can control who can access your forms. By inviting specific users, you can steer clear of security issues.

By integrating Google Forms and WordPress, you can avoid slowing down your page load speed because you’re not adding another plugin to your site. Also, the responses are readily accessible in the form tool. Or you can take advantage of Google’s storage space and automatically send the responses to a Google sheet for you to analyze later.

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    How to Manually Add a Google Form in WordPress

    You can manually add a Google form to your WordPress website. It’s fairly simple to do; just follow the steps below.

    1. Create and design your form.

    2. In the right-hand corner of the screen, click Send.

    embed google form in Wordpress, feedback form

    3. Next to Send via, click the symbol <>.

    embed google form in Wordpress, get embed code

    4. Now, you need to copy the HTML code. Click COPY.

    5. Log into your WordPress dashboard.

    6. Go to the specific page or post where you want to add the form.

    7. Click on the Text tab and then paste in the HTML code. If you're using a page builder plugin like Elementor, you can also insert this code using a custom HTML widget.

    embed google form in Wordpress, put text in

    8. Preview or publish your post or page. It should look something like this:

    embed google form in Wordpress, form

    Reviewing Your Google Form Submissions

    As your survey responses start rolling in, you’ll want to start reviewing them. In your Google Forms dashboard, you can access all the responses.

    Click Responses at the top of the specific form. You’ll see the number of form submissions, and you can select either a summary or an individual view.

    embed google form in Wordpress, responses

    You also can opt to get all the responses through Google Sheets. That way, you can create filtered views of all your responses and make the analysis process easier.

    To do this, go to the Responses tab, click the three vertical dots, and click Select response destination. Then, click Create to go to the sheet.

    embed google form in Wordpress, responses

    Forms are an essential part of your business. Google Forms is a versatile (and free) tool for crafting all types of forms, including feedback forms and registration surveys. When you add Google Forms to WordPress, your website visitors can easily access your forms.

    How to Add a Video Tutorial to a Google Form

    Adding a video tutorial to a Google Form can be a great way to provide additional instructions or context to respondents. Here's a simple guide on how to do it:

    1. Create your video tutorial.

    Sometimes, you want to provide extra context for why you're conducting a survey. Or perhaps you’re just looking to offer a personal touch to your outreach. If you’re adding a tutorial, upload your video on a platform like YouTube, Google Drive, or another video hosting service. You’ll want your content to be public or unlisted.

    Here’s a video I’ll be embedding in my survey.

    embed google form in Wordpress, video tutorial

    2. Get the video's shareable link.

    Obtain the shareable link to your video. For YouTube, click on the “Share” button below the video and copy the link. For Google Drive, right-click on the video file, choose “Get link,” and make sure the link-sharing setting is set to “Anyone with the link.”

    embed google form in Wordpress, video tutorial

    3. Create or edit your Google Form.

    Log into your Google account and access Google Forms. Create a new form or open an existing one that you want to add the video tutorial to.

    embed google form in Wordpress, video tutorial

    4. Add a new section with a video.

    Since you want to include the video tutorial along with your questions, you'll likely want to add a new section to your form. To do this, go to the menu on the right-hand side of your form. From there, you can select the play button icon.

    embed google form in Wordpress, video tutorial

    In the new section you created, you can add a description. This is where you'll include some text that introduces the video tutorial and explains its purpose. You can then link to your video.

    embed google form in Wordpress, video tutorial

    From there, you can follow the steps in section one of this article to embed your survey onto your WordPress site.

    Google Forms in Wordpress

    Integrating Google Forms with WordPress offers a seamless way to interact with your website visitors and gather valuable data. Whether you're conducting surveys, collecting feedback, or handling registrations, Google Forms provides a versatile and user-friendly solution.

    By following this step-by-step guide, you can effortlessly add Google Forms to your WordPress website and enhance your online engagement capabilities.

    Editor's note: This post was originally published in October 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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