Admania: An Excellent WordPress Theme to Increase Ad Revenue

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Shayla Price
Shayla Price


Google AdSense offers an opportunity for website owners to earn money from their sites. AdSense matches ads to your website based on your content and visitors. Then, advertisers pay you to place specific product ads on your website. 


Your AdSense earnings will depend on several factors. Because advertisers pay for clicks on their ads, your website’s click-through rate plays an important role in how much money you earn. Getting more visitors to click on an ad can lead to more revenue for your business. 

The good news is you can optimize your website’s design to increase your click-through rate. With the Admania theme, you can use ad-optimized layouts to insert ads in high-conversion areas, run optimization tests to increase page speed, and place relevant ads in your WooCommerce store.

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In this post, we’ll learn more about the key features of the Admania theme. 

example of Admania theme increase ads revenue

Source: Envato Market

Key Features of Admania 

Ad placement is an integral part of encouraging visitors to click on advertisements. The Admania theme optimizes ad placement to help you effectively monetize your website. Below are a few key features of the theme.

Widget Builder

WordPress widgets allow non-coders to add functionality to a website. Admania comes with its own widget builder for you to design a customized homepage by simply dragging and dropping your desired widgets on your site. You can also widgetize your sidebar, footer, pages, and posts within the theme.

Ad Placement Options

Admania includes 20 ad-optimized layouts for you to insert ads in high-conversion areas. With the Front-End Ad Live Editor, you can modify ads directly in the theme without logging into your WordPress dashboard. Plus, you can display sticky ads on the posts and sidebars of your site to increase click-throughs. 

sticky ad in Admania theme increase ads revenue

Source: Envato Market

Speed Optimization

Speed optimization ensures that your visitors receive an optimal website experience. You don’t want your visitors to wait for your pages to load — missing an opportunity to click an ad. 

The Admania theme uses multiple tools to increase your page speed. For instance, Gtmetrix tests your pages in seven different global locations to make sure the pages load fast for all your visitors worldwide. Google’s PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of your web pages and then generates suggestions to make your pages load faster.

Subscription Boxes

This feature allows you to capture your visitors’ email addresses to continue the visitor relationship through email marketing. You can place a subscription box on your website’s sidebars, sliders, and posts, so visitors can opt-in to your newsletter. That way, you can send subscribers emails with links to your website, allowing them to reengage with your AdSense ads.

subscription box in Admania theme increase ads revenueSource: Envato Market

WooCommerce Support

Admania comes with the support of the WooCommerce plugin for you to create an e-commerce website. You can add a store for site visitors to purchase your products and services through multiple payment gateway options. So, even if customers don’t directly purchase from your store, they can click on relevant ads that will earn you money. 

WooCommerce store in Admania theme increase ads revenue

Source: Envato Market

Google AdSense lets you earn money by placing ads on your website. By increasing your click-through rates, you can earn more money from advertisers. With the Admania theme, you can optimize your website for advertising through layouts with multiple ad placements, optimization tests to boost page speed, and a WooCommece integration to build an e-commerce store. Start increasing your ad revenue today.

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