Affiliate marketing is one of the main sources of income for many bloggers, and if you are a good affiliate marketer, you can make some really good income from affiliate products.

If you want to make money with affiliate products, you need to make sure that a few basic things are in place: promoting products related to your niche, writing quality, providing genuine reviews for products, cloaking the affiliate links properly to make it look good, etc.

What Does Affiliate Link Cloaking Mean?

Affiliate link cloaking is all about masking your links with your own domain name so that search engine bots can't discern those links as being affiliate links.

If you don't mask the number of promotional links in a post, search engines like Google will consider it as a low-quality post and will not rank it higher in the search results.

These are a few plugins to cloak affiliate links to make your promotional links look smooth and clean. This is also important because the short links are easier than long promotional links.

Wordpress Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins

1. Pretty Link Lite

The Pretty Link plugin helps you to create short links using your own domain name. It also helps you to track every hit on your URL and provides you a detailed report. It is one of the most widely used WordPress affiliate link cloaking plugins.

This plugin comes free as well as having pro and premium versions with a number of quality features such as masking links automatically to save time.

Pretty Link Lite

2. ThirstyAffiliates

This a custom service created to manage affiliate businesses. If you use affiliate marketing as your main source of income, you should definitely try this plugin.

It's an affiliate management service that provides an easy option to manage your links and mask them to look cleaner. They also offer add-ons to take your business to the next level.


3.  WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links

If you run an online store using the WooCommerce plugin, you can mask the affiliate links using this simple WordPress plugin. You can set redirect for the links to either 301, 302 or 307 depending on your needs.

WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links

4. Simple URLs

Simple URL is a very powerful plugin as far as outbound links are concerned, which may seem contradictory to the name of the plugin. It allows you to manage your outbound links quite effectively by using custom post types and 301 redirects.

This is a very easy to use WordPress plugin; it adds a new custom post type in your WordPress admin panel where you can manage the URLs quite easily.  It also stores click counts in the form of a custom field on that custom post type, so it scales well.


Though affiliate link cloaking looks like an unnecessary, additional time-consuming job, it's extremely important for your blog. If you ignore this step while promoting affiliate products on your blog, you may not get the exposure and position in the search engine your post deserves. Any of the above-mentioned plugins can help you work quickly and effectively.

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 10:56:00 AM, updated August 31 2020


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