The 12 Best Beaver Builder Templates and Themes for WordPress

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Doug Bonderud
Doug Bonderud


Beaver Builder is one of the most popular WordPress page builders available. With an easy-to-use interface backed by a host of great functions and features, Beaver Builder helps streamline the process of creating WordPress sites that engage visitors, encourage action, and ultimately increase sales.

web developer building a site using beaver builder theme

To make this job even easier, Beaver Builder includes a huge volume of WordPress themes and templates. But what if you want something that isn’t in the Builder library?

Thankfully, there are hundreds of compatible Beaver Builder templates and themes available — here’s a look at 12 standout options to help you find your best Beaver Builder fit.Get more from your theme. Add HubSpot's free WordPress plugin.

Beaver Builder Basics

Beaver Builder is used on more than 1 million WordPress sites worldwide. It’s regularly updated with new features, includes on-demand support, and comes with an engaged and active Builder community.

It’s also incredibly easy to use. By leveraging its drag-and-drop page building process, site owners and administrators can quickly create new pages, modify existing frameworks, or start from the ground up with an entirely new site theme.

Pricing for Beaver Builder starts at just $99 per year for the Standard plan — which includes unlimited site design — while the $199 Pro plan includes multisite support and the $399 Agency option offers complete white labeling to align with current branding.

Put simply? People trust Beaver Builder, and for good reason: It works.

Themes vs. Templates: What’s the Difference?

No matter how extensive the Beaver Builder library is, it’s impossible to cover all the bases. As a result, third-party offerings that are compatible with Beaver Builder help site owners find the ideal template or theme for their brand.

That said, this raises a good question: What’s the difference between a Beaver Builder theme and a template?

Think of it like this: Templates are layouts for specific WordPress pages such as Landing Pages, About Us Pages, Product Pages, and Service Pages. They can also be used to create single-page websites but will require additional plugins to deliver complete functionality.

Themes, meanwhile, include everything you need for your site — including web page design, layout adjustment, and feature implementation. Depending on your needs, you may use themes, templates, or combinations of both to create your ideal WordPress site.

Best Beaver Builder Themes

1. Astra

Astra WordPress theme

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Astra is a fast, lightweight, and highly customizable theme that helps expand your Beaver Builder impact. More than 1.6 million sites use Astra — including Google, NASA, and Stanford University — and the theme has over 5,000 5-star reviews.

Pricing: Astra Pro, $49; Essential Bundle $169; Growth Bundle, $249

What We Like: Astra includes both pre-built websites and makes it possible to customize your theme with no coding knowledge.


OceanWP wordpress theme

Ocean WP is compatible with Beaver Builder and is also Elementor and Gutenberg ready. The theme has more than 4.5 million downloads and is used by developers, designers, ecommerce store owners, and hobbyists alike.

Pricing: OceanWP Personal, $43/year; OceanWP Business, $87/year; OceanWP Agency, $143/year

What We Like:OceanWP is both beginner and developer-friendly, meaning no matter where you’re at in your site development journey, this Beaver Builder theme has something to offer.

3. Neve

Neve WordPress theme

Neve is a mobile-first Beaver Builder theme that includes compatibility with AMP and more than 100 ready-to-import starter sites to get your WordPress project off the ground ASAP. Robust community support and continual development make this a great choice for your site.

Pricing: Free, with paid plans available

What We Like: Neve is designed to be fast, lightweight, and flexible to help support both desktop and mobile development.

4. Customify

Customify WordPress Theme

Customify describes itself as “the most customizable WordPress theme on the market” and backs up this claim with a host of great features — including customizable headers and footers, ready-to-import sites, and the ability to work with any page builder.

Pricing: Free, with paid plans available

What We Like: This Beaver Builder theme is designed for fast performance and is SEO optimized to help maximize your website impact.

5. Page Builder Framework

Pagebuilder Framework WordPress theme

Page Builder Framework is a minimalist theme designed to help quickly get your WordPress site up and running while avoiding unnecessary clutter. Along with full Beaver Builder support, Page Builder is WooCommerce ready, 100% mobile responsive, and is publicly hosted on GitHub as open-source software.

Pricing: Premium Add-On, $58/year; Agency Bundle, $248/year

What We Like: The entire theme is less than 50kb on the front-end, making this one of the most lightweight themes available.

6. Generate Press

Generate Press WordPress theme

Generate Press offers a solid foundation for your WordPress website. It’s free, open-source, and is all about giving you exactly what you need to get your site up and running. It’s designed to work with any page builder — including Beaver Builder — and is built to help your site achieve the highest PageSpeed possible.

Pricing: $59/year or $249 for lifetime access

What We Like: Using Dynamic Block Elements, Generate Press makes it easy to move and customize your site without touching a line of code.

Best Beaver Builder Templates

1. Creative Agency

Creative small business template

The Creative Agency template is a great way to showcase what your company does with a simple and minimalist theme. Bold color use and easy-to-follow navigation make this theme a great fit for service-based companies that want to highlight the people and processes that make their company work.

What We Like: Streamlined is the watchword here, and it works incredibly well for this theme.

2. Small Business

Small BUsiness wordpress template

Small businesses account for the vast majority of companies in the United States — which means you need a way to stand out from the crowd.

This Beaver Builder template is a great way to do just that. By calling out your services and solutions in a way that’s eye-catching and engaging, you can capture customer interest from the moment they land on your site.

What We Like: This template has everything you need to get your small business page up and running.

3. Fullscreen

Fullscreen wordpress template

Fullscreen sites go big. But that’s not the only benefit — making best use of the entire screen can also improve website flow and simplify navigation. This Beaver Builder template is all about making simple stand out for your benefit.

What We Like: You can’t help but scroll down to see what’s next with these fullscreen sites.

4. Restaurant

Restaurant Wordpress template

Restaurants need a great web presence to capture new customers. And, they don’t just want to know about the food; they want to understand what sets your experience apart from the competition.

From atmosphere to ingredients to information about bookings and reservations, this theme gives the people what they want — so they’ll come to you.

What We Like: Class meets comfort with this template to help create a warm and welcoming WordPress page.

5. Coming Soon

Coming soon wordpress template

Maybe your site isn’t quite finished, or you’re working on a new addition to your product or service line. Rather than hoping customers will simply come back later if they click a link that doesn’t work, set up a simple coming soon page to let them know you’re making changes and offer to contact them when you’re done.

What We Like: This template is simple and to the point. Visitors can enter their email address for notifications or follow your business on social media for further updates.

6. General Business

General Business wordpress template

Keep it simple with the General Business Beaver Builder template. With easy-to-implement options for customer reviews, statistics, and contact forms, this template is a great place to start and offers a solid foundation for ongoing site improvement.

What We Like: There’s no confusion for customers here: Everything is easy to see, easy to access, and easy to navigate.

Building a Better Beaver

Beaver Builder is one of the best WordPress page builders available — and with good reason. Sites are easy to build, customize, and update as needed using Beaver Builder features, themes, and templates. And, Beaver Builder is continually updated to ensure an optimal experience.

Ready to take your Beaver building to the next level? Try one of our top Beaver Builder themes or templates today.

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