The WordPress admin dashboard is extremely popular. It is easy to use and newbie-friendly - you can set up your entire site with just a few clicks!

The best part of the dashboard is that you can make it look more beautiful by adding external WordPress admin dashboard plugins. If you are a blogger or you are using WordPress for your business site, I'm sure you spend a lot of time in the admin area.

Also, a huge number of developers use WordPress for their clients' sites, and now you can make the admin area even easier for them to handle.

The WordPress admin area is the most important section of the site where you can set up everything, from your post categories to permalink structure for the site, and hidden dashboard elements (if you are creating a site for your client).

The WordPress admin dashboard plugins listed in this post will help you to style your admin area, as well as manage the admin dashboard, quite effectively.

WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugins

#1 - White Label CMS

Some developers use WordPress as their preferred platform to create their clients' sites. This plugin will help the developer customize the admin area completely. It offers you 3 CMS profiles available as presets: Website, Blog or Custom to modify the menu system as per your needs.

You can replace the admin panel with your own, and you can also write a custom message for your client with instructions in the admin area.

It also gives you the option to add your logo in the admin header and footer section so that it is branded with your details.

I consider this one of the must-have admin dashboard plugins for WordPress if you are developing a website for a client.

White Label CMS

#2 - WordPress Hide Admin Menu Plugin

If you wish to customize your WordPress site admin menu and the admin bar, this is the plugin for you. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to customize the admin menu of your site according to the user role.

This plugin can be a great help if you are a freelancer, and are creating a website for your clients. You can simplify the admin menu for your clients according to their level. This plugin works perfectly with the multisite WordPress installation.

WordPress Hide Admin Menu Plugin

#3 - Ultra WordPress Admin Theme

A modern and feature-rich WordPress plugin to style the admin area of your site. This plugin comes with unlimited color options so that you can change the color scheme of the admin area and make it blend perfectly with the other sections of your site.

The Ultra WordPress Admin Theme Plugin comes with 34 great looking, ready to use themes for the WordPress admin. Also, if you don't want to use the readily available themes, you can create your theme with the available resources.

You can easily rename the menu items, and you can also change the icons assigned to the menus so that it looks completely customized. The plugin offers you an "advanced options" panel, which you can use to change things according to your needs.


#4 - User Role Editor

The user role editor is a very important admin plugin if you have multiple authors for your site. With this plugin, you can easily set the capabilities for your users.

Also, it is an extremely easy plugin to use - you just need to turn on "checkboxes" for the capabilities that you want to add for a user. For example, if you want to allow a contributor to add media files, you can easily do that by editing that user's capabilities.

You can additionally define the capabilities for an overall basis or per user basis. And, you can select admin menu items for a role, block widgets and much more!

User Role Editor

#5 - Remove Dashboard Access

As the name suggests, you can restrict dashboard access with this plugin. You can disable Dashboard access for users of a specific role or capability, and redirect them to a specific page as per your choice.

Another amazing feature of this plugin is that you can provide access to users' profile pages, and still restrict access to the other admin details.

Remove Dashboard Access

#6 - Client Dash

Client Dash is another powerful WordPress admin dashboard plugin that will help you to restructure your admin area.

This plugin will help you offer a great experience to your clients by creating a user-friendly dashboard, which will be easy to access and customized as per your clients' requirements.

Client Dash offers you a drag and drop interface to manage your menu, and rearrange it perfectly. You can completely customize the menu items by changing the link, label, and icons as per your need.

Client Dash

#7 - Adminimize

Adminimize is a really useful WordPress admin plugin for multi-author WordPress blogs, or if you use WordPress for a client's site. This plugin helps you hide unnecessary items from the WordPress dashboard so that your client doesn't get confused.

This plugin comes with a very powerful admin panel where you can customize the items you want to show in the dashboard and set up all other details as required.

Adminimize WordPress Plugin

#8 - Admin Columns

With this plugin, you can organize the WordPress admin section with beautiful columns to make it look organized and user-friendly.

If you are creating your client's site on WordPress, they will surely like what this plugin can do. It will help them get a clear insight into their website in an attractive interface.

Admin Columns

#9 - Admin Menu Editor

The menu in the WordPress admin area is the same for all websites. If you want to customize the design of your menu, rename the menu item, or add a custom menu item, this plugin will be handy for you.

This plugin also gives you a drag and drop interface to rearrange your menu items in the admin area. You can create a custom menu that will point to any admin area or any external URL.

Admin Menu Editor

#10 - Dashboard Notes

This plugin can be very handy for WordPress developers who create websites for their clients. This plugin will help you to leave small notes for your clients within the WordPress dashboard, making communication simple.

This plugin is also overall super easy to use - just drag the widget and write your message in text or HTML, and save it.

Dashboard Notes

Final Word

Though it is not always important to customize your admin dashboard - especially if you are running a single member blog - a customized dashboard brings a freshness to the entire website.

However, if you are using WordPress for your clients' site, I would recommend you to go for a customized dashboard so that you can include your logo, letting users know that you have created the website. I'm sure it will bring you more business in the future!

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 6:44:00 AM, updated January 28 2020