7 Best Auto Blogging Plugins for WordPress

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WordPress auto blogging plugins can help you get new content for your site on complete autopilot; every blogger needs to have fresh content, as users will expect something new every time they visit your site.

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However, it is not easy to create new content regularly because it needs time, research, and a lot of effort. Also, many bloggers maintain more than one blog to increase their earnings, so it is nearly impossible to publish fresh content daily.

If you hire a freelancer to create content for your site, that will involve an added cost, which is not feasible for every blogger. Another approach is to create content on autopilot.

Auto blogging is not a new idea; some popular sites work on autopilot and earn a handsome revenue regularly.

WordPress provides an easy option to create an auto blogging site with the help of some plugins.

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These plugins will help you keep your site updated with new content and your users engaged by offering them something different every time they visit your site.

Top Auto Blog Plugins for WordPress

1. WP Robot Autoblog Plugin

WP Robot is an outstanding auto blog plugin for WordPress that will help you to add high-quality, curated content to your site within a couple of minutes.

You can use this plugin with any WordPress theme, so you can define the look and feel of your site.

This plugin offers you a lot of flexibility regarding how the plugin finds content, and you can select content depending on your niche or a keyword.

This plugin can also automatically insert your affiliate links from eBay, Amazon, and other affiliate sources into your posts. With this plugin, you will be able to make money on autopilot.

2. WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator is the most popular, effective, easy-to-use and comprehensive RSS feed aggregator plugin for WordPress.

With this plugin, you can display posts from multiple feed sources to keep your site fresh with new content all the time. It's a great way to create a niche news platform, where a user can find articles from multiple sites in one place.

This plugin offers you several customization options to arrange the feeds according to your needs. You can set the feed import time interval, and you can choose whether or not you want to display the feed source and date. You can also set the links to open in a new window to reduce the bounce rate.

Autoblogging Plugin

3. Youtubomatic

If you are a video blogger, this plugin will be very useful. With this plugin, you can import posts from YouTube to WordPress and WordPress to YouTube automatically with ease. This plugin uses the native API of YouTube to post videos on your WordPress blog.

Youtubomatic is a comprehensive plugin that comes with a lot of features. You will be able to easily search for videos using different parameters.

With this plugin, you can import the comments directly from YouTube to ensure your site looks engaging. If you are planning to create a viral video site, this plugin will be very helpful.

4. WPeMatico

WPeMatico is a very easy-to-use auto blogging plugin that will help you automatically create posts from the RSS/Atom feeds of your choice.

This plugin offers you a clean interface to manage all of the feeds you import. You can import feeds from multiple sources and arrange categories to make it user-friendly.

5. RSSImport

This is a great WordPress plugin for anyone who wants to display the feeds on their blog using a PHP, shortcode, or widget. To avoid using any external libraries, this plugin makes use of standard WordPress functionality only.

The plugin is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and works wonders across browsers. It also offers great flexibility in customizing the feed content.

RSSImport can be localized to various languages, too. This plugin is available free of cost, and you can download it directly from the WordPress directory.


6. Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription

Another free WordPress plugin that you might want to check out is the Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription. If you want to display a category-specific RSS feed, then this is the plugin you should be using. It is a great option for websites that publish posts from various niches.

7. CyberSyn

This is yet another brilliant content curation plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, you can automatically generate your posts from your RSS feed. It also allows you to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, IGN, Ustream.tv, and DailyMotion RSS feeds.


Auto blogging can be a great tool to drive traffic to your main site and generate revenue on autopilot. With this tactic, you can create multiple sites and use a theme to drive traffic to your main online business.

Websites created with these plugins need very little effort; once you set up a site and the sources from where you want to import feeds, the system will do the hard work for you.

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