BuddyPress is the best and easiest way to create a social community for your WordPress site. BuddyPress plugin brings in the community features to WordPress.

However, you will need to use a BuddyPress theme because all WordPress themes are not compatible with this community plugin. We have listed the best BuddyPress themes in that collection which are created for general as well as niche community sites – like educational communities, online shopping communities, etc.

I'm sure the BuddyPress themes and the plugins listed below will help you to create a stunning community site which will help you to create a popular brand, and ultimately make a handsome revenue.

Though BuddyPress comes with all the required community features, it is not enough to create a successful social networking site, and you will need the support of other plugins to enhance your community.

In this post, we have collected the best BuddyPress plugins which you will need to create a complete community site on WordPress using BuddyPress.

List of Top BuddyPress Plugins

#1 - Youzer

Youzer is the absolute best plugin for setting up user profiles on BuddyPress sites. This plugin gives you tons of options for your profile pages: there are 14 header styles, 16 color schemes, unlimited custom tabs, and unlimited custom fields. You'll be able to make your pages look and function exactly the way you want them to look and function.

Youzer WordPress Plugin

#2 - BuddyBoss Wall

BuddyBoss Wall adds a Facebook-like wall to a BuddyPress site. It allows users to add posts, like and comment on their friends’ posts. BuddyBoss Wall also adds a news feed of all that’s happening in a user’s friend list or groups across the full site. And just like Facebook, there are many privacy options as well.

So let the conversation begin with BuddyBoss Wall.

BuddyBoss Wall

#3 - BuddyPress User Blog

Give blogging abilities to your members and turn your community into a content producing the machine. Your members will love having the ability to blog and manage their blogs. You will enjoy keeping your blog alive thanks to your member contributions.

This plugin provides a great interface for writing posts. The interface is inspired by the very popular Medium.com interface. I recommend this plugin.

BuddyPress User Blog

#4 - Location Autocomplete

User location is a very important aspect of any user community site, and this plugin will help you to make the location update smooth and easier. This plugin brings in searchable, structured location data to make it easier for the users.

It offers you customize address format and location autocomplete feature.

Location Autocomplete for BuddyPress

#5 - UserPro

UserPro is one of the best premium social login plugins for WordPress which will make it simple for the users to log in to your community site with their social profiles and manage their details on your site.

This is very important and must-have features for any BuddyPress powered site or any other site where users need to log in for that matter. It makes the process simple and secure to get started with, and your users will not have to go through a long process of registration.

This plugin comes with a beautiful front-end registration and login system with unlimited custom fields. In fact, this plugin alone brings in some different community-based features which are extremely useful.

Other than the social login feature you can use this plugin to engage your users with many amazing features like following and follower system, front-end publishing option, badges, and achievements, this plugin can help to sync WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and bbPress.

Also, there are some add-ons to this plugin which is extremely useful for any community-based site, add-ons like private messaging, payment system, user rating system are some of the important add-ons available for this plugin.


#6 - BuddyPress Member Types

If you run a community site with multiple types of members, then this plugin is for you. An example would be a job site, in which you could have freelancers, employers, account managers and more.

This plugin allows you to manage your member types right from the wp-admin interface. It will also allow you to display different registration forms and profile fields, for each member type. In the member's index page, you can add tabs to separate the different types.

Also, if you already have member types created, this plugin will import them for you, making it a breeze to get set up.

BuddyPress Member Types

#7 - BuddyPress Featured Members

If some members are active on your site regularly, you can showcase the theme as featured members with the help of this plugin. As the admin of your community site, you will have the option to mark any member as a featured member on your site. You have the option to tag multiple users as featured members as per your requirement.

Once you mark the users, you have the option to showcase those featured members on your site in a widget or using the shortcode.

BuddyPress Featured Members

#8 - iFlyChat - WordPress Chat

A chat system is another very important element of any community site; this chat system gets integrated with your social networking site perfectly.

This chat plugin will show user avatars in the chat window as well as a link to the profile page. This plugin also gets integrated with the BuddyPress friend list.

iFlyChat for BuddyPress

#9 - BuddyForms Members

If you want to allow your users to write posts on your blog, this is the plugin that will help you to achieve that. It is not possible for everyone to update the blog on a regular basis, and creating a community blog where many users can post is a great idea.

This plugin is very effective in bringing BuddyPress site members on board. This plugin will integrate your BuddyForms Forms into your Members Profile. You need the BuddyForms plugin installed for the plugin to work.

BuddyPress Members

#10 - rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress

rtMedia is a complete media solution for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress websites. This plugin integrates with BuddyPress seamlessly, once you activate the plugin, it will insert a new media tab under Profiles & Groups.

rtMedia for BuddyPress

#11 - W3 Total Cache

It's a must-have a plugin for all social community sites as performance will matter the most and define the success of your social networking site, this plugin can speed up your WordPress site to a great extent.

W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.

W3 Total Cache

#12 - BuddyPress Quick Activity

This is a nice value-adding BuddyPress plugin; it enables users to post anything on their activity wall from anywhere on the site.

BuddyPress quick activity

#13 - BuddyPress Avatar From Web Cam

Yet another useful plugin to enhance your online community, the profile pics are very important parts of a social networking site, and users with no profile image look very unprofessional. This plugin helps users to take a pic using a webcam and use it as the profile pic.

BuddyPress Webcam Profile pic

#14 - BuddyPress Global Search

A very useful advanced search plugin for your online community site, this plugin help members to search through every BuddyPress component, along with pages and posts and custom post types of your choice.

BuddyPress Global Search

#15 - WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration

If you want to integrate your community site with WooCommerce online shop, this is the plugin you need. And the only shop with a community site sounds like a very interesting business model. This plugin will bring the whole cart and checkout process into your member profiles and have all data in one place.

WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration


It may take thousands of dollars to create a quality community site if you go for a customized design. BuddyPress is undoubtedly the best and quickest solution to creating a community site. It is also an open-source platform, which means you don't have to pay anything!

So, make sure that you use the best BuddyPress plugins to enhance the functionality of your social community site to make it complete with all community features.

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 12:26:00 AM, updated May 13 2020


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