28 Best Directory WordPress Themes for 2023

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Whether you’re hoping to list your services or manage a site for other businesses, there are various WordPress themes available that can help you create a high-quality directory site (like Foursquare) for local business guides, job boards, or to advertise events and services.

using a directory theme to build a high quality wordpress listing site

Many directory themes come with high-end search functions and Google Maps integrations that make it easy for site visitors to quickly find what they need in their local area. These themes can often be monetized, so you can generate revenue and charge businesses to advertise on your site in exchange for your management capabilities.

WordPress is also unique from other hosting sites because of its plugin capabilities, which allow you to include extra features on your site, like WooCommerce integrations and social login options, that make pages interactive for both site visitors and businesses.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of 27 feature-rich WordPress themes that are plugin compatible and will help you build a high-quality directory site.

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1. ListingPro

This WordPress theme is jam-packed with a ton of features you can use to build an engaging directory site. It uses a drag-and-drop page builder and a custom lead form builder that gives you full control over which information you want to obtain for listings.

Once frontend submissions are approved, you can organize them categorically on your listing page using unique sets of criteria. You can order the listings based on title, publish date, highest rated, and more. Frontend users can search for a specific listing using the theme's advanced search features.

Some additional features for this theme include a built-in ads management tool and an events calendar. There's also a "free maps" feature as well as checkout and payment processing systems. Using all of these tools together, you can easily build a complete user experience for your directory site.

ListingPro Directory WordPress theme

2. Listable

Listable is a listing theme for creating a local guide or global directories, which is beneficial for a travel agency hoping to make their services available worldwide. The theme can feature multiple types of listings, including events, local advertisements, or simple business profiles. 

It’s compatible with Google Maps, helping your site visitors find new places regardless of their geographic location. Since you’ll be busy managing a global directory, the included style presets ensure that you don’t spend too much time customizing your site design. You can also make sure that you like your site’s look before it goes live with the live preview feature. 

listable sample directory homepage

3. Classima

Classima is an incredibly highly-rated WordPress theme for directory and classified ads websites. It comes with 8 clean and responsive multi-homepages that are extensively customizable with the Elementor page builder or with Gutenberg blocks. The theme is powered by the Classified Listing Pro, which is a highly-rated plugin on the WordPress marketplace for classified ads and directory websites.

Included in the theme are 8 clean and beautiful multi-homepages with endless customization options that are responsive in any layout. Create the best directory website with a variety of features and options, such as payment in PayPal and Stripe, integration with WooCommerce, Live Chat feature, multiple list view ads, and unlimited custom fields. 

best wordpress themes classima

4. Vantage

Vantage is a high-quality WordPress directory theme for businesses looking to run a location-specific directory site. All business listings are geo-coded, so site visitors searching through your listings are only shown search results based on proximity.  

You can monetize your site by charging businesses to claim their listings in your directory, which gives them access to a profile module where they can solicit customer reviews, respond to suggestions, and edit their information. 

The overall theme is mobile responsive, and you can make visual customizations to your liking and integrate with your favorite WordPress widgets.

location based wordpress directory theme example

5. DirectoryPRO

DirectoryPRO can be used to create a directory that suits your business needs, like local real estate listings or hotel guides. It’s compatible with Google Rich Snippets, which is beneficial for businesses looking to gain exposure for their directory site in local search results. 

The theme comes with an easy to use drag and drop page builder to customize your site and choose display options that best fit your needs, like a split-screen for listings on one side and a location map on the other. 

local listings directory theme demo

6. Javo Directory WordPress Theme

Javo Directory is a Buddypress compatible directory theme, helping you give businesses listing on your site the unique ability to interact with site visitors through reviews and suggestions, and customers can create profiles to rate businesses they visit. 

The theme also includes an advanced administrative panel that comes with 100+ pre-built templates that can be customized and previewed so you can see what your site would look like before it goes live. 

It also has the standard features of a directory listing theme, like Google Maps targeting for location-relevant results, and the option to charge businesses to claim their listings and edit business information. 

directory theme with buddypress integration example

7. Point Finder - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

PointFinder is a WP Bakery compatible theme, meaning that you can drag and drop the layout and page features that meet your individual needs. 

It has powerful front-end capabilities for businesses to submit and claim their listings on your site without needing access to your admin panel, and you can set up pricing packages to ensure that listings are legitimate. 

Lastly, PointFinder also has a social login feature so site visitors can connect their social media accounts to leave reviews and ratings for the businesses they visit, and its Google reCaptcha integration protects against spam. 

drag and drop page builder directory example

8. Business Finder: Directory Listing WordPress Theme

Business Finder is an impressive option for multipurpose business directories, as the taxonomy feature within its admin panel ensures that your site is organized and structured regardless of the number of listings. 

This theme is also unique in that it comes with multiple interactive features businesses can use to entice site visitors, like the 3D map that allows users to drag and drop their cursors to near-by businesses and explore with street view options. 

As for customizations, Business Finder comes with 15 different pin and color options to help distinguish between business types. It can also be integrated with popular WordPress plugins like MailChimp

multipurpose business directory theme example

9. MyCity - Geolocation directory and events guide

MyCity is a beginner-friendly directory theme that you can use to advertise local events. It can be integrated with Eventon WordPress event calendar, so businesses can submit their upcoming events and take bookings from interested customers with CheckFront. Local users can create accounts and elect to receive event notifications via SMS, which sets MyCity apart from others on the list. 

In terms of layout, you can choose from their pre-set color schemes or use WP Bakery Page Builder to drag and drop your preferred customizations. It also has the expected directory feature that allows you to charge businesses on a subscription basis to advertise events on your site, and you can collect payments securely through PayPal or Stripe

events guide directory wordpress theme example

10. Lister - Business Directory & Listing Theme

Lister is a feature-rich directory theme unique through its compatibility with WP Job Manager, a job listing plugin. You can use this compatibility to create a local job listings board where businesses can create an employer dashboard to post job openings and review submissions. 

This theme’s layout options bring a unique feature to its job listings: search results can be displayed in split-screen format with listings on one side and a map on the other, helping site visitors see their proximity to businesses looking to hire. You can also give businesses the option to include video in their listings to feature promotional ads in their listings. 

Like most themes on this list, Lister can be monetized.

wordpress directory theme for job listings board

11. Search & Go - Directory WordPress Theme

Search & Go is a directory theme that uses a masonry grid for a modern look. This grid format favors high-quality images, so businesses can use photos of their products or services in their profile cards to draw in site visitors. 

This theme also has impressive search functionality, so businesses that claim relevant categories and amenities, like being kid-friendly or offering wifi, surface in relevant keyword queries. 

modern masonry grid directory theme example

12. Cuisine Templates

Cuisine Template is a high-quality restaurant theme that comes with features available on well-known directory sites like Yelp. Businesses can create user profiles on your site and include relevant information that consumers look for when browsing for restaurants, like open hours, location, parking availability, and waiter service. 

The theme also allows businesses to upload a menu, making your site an all-in-one resource for those deciding where to go for their next meal. It’s also compatible with Google Maps so that visitors can browse restaurants based on their current location or plan for future travel plans. 

restaurant directory theme sample page

13. YellowPages

YellowPages, like its namesake, is a theme meant for building a multipurpose directory. The whole site is set centered around a stand-out yellow sidebar that followers users to every page they visit. You can list all categories on your site within the sidebar, which gives site visitors easy access to the content that interests them most. 

In terms of layout, the homepage can feature image carousels or Google Maps reviews, and the theme is compatible with Rich Snippet plugins to rank your site in search results, which is especially important for attracting local visitors. 

yellowpages directory theme search page demo

14. Eventum

Eventum is a unique directory theme as it can be used to create event guides for multiple cities at once. You can create a general events site or choose a more focused option, like sports, music, or conference events, where traveling businesses or shows create listings for their events throughout different cities. 

The theme is compatible with WooCommerce payment and booking plugins, so event sponsors can have site visitors purchase tickets without navigating to a third party website. 

Users can sort upcoming events by date, receive calendar invites after purchasing tickets, and get email newsletters for upcoming events in their respective cities. 

directory theme for booking events and taking payments

15. Expedition

Expedition is a directory theme for travel agencies or local city guides. Its responsive design makes it perfect for attracting on the go visitors browsing for nearby attractions on their mobile devices. 

The homepage can feature a slideshow of local businesses and their offers, and all site pages can feature a header so you can charge businesses to advertise on your site. It also comes with pre-set page templates for blog posts that can be used by local guides to give business reviews and recommend activities. It’s also compatible with Elementor Page Builder so that you can customize the site to your interests. 


16. Directorypress 

Directorypress’s star features are its 20+ templates and 100+ layout options for customizing your directory site; no coding experience or additional plugins required. The layout options include standard directory options like card templates, headers, footers, and image sliders to toggle through featured listings. 

It’s fully integrated with Google Maps to give site visitors recommendations based on their current location or search for specific interests based on relevant categories like banks and gyms, or sort by ratings. 

You can monetize your site and use the built-in subscription packages for stress-free payment collection. 

google maps directory search homepage

17. DirectoryEngine

DirectoryEngine is a mobile responsive theme, great for directory sites looking to surface their pages in local Google Maps search results. The theme comes with significant back-end capabilities for customizations, or you can use the basic drag and drop page builder. 

Its uniqueness comes from its interactive features that allow site visitors to save their favorite locations, leave reviews, and rate the businesses they visit. Users can also report inappropriate content, helping you ensure that reviews and recommendations are legitimate. 

Businesses can claim their listings, and you can charge them to advertise offers on banner modules throughout your site. 

example of full page business profile in directoryengine

18. EventBuilder - WordPress Events Directory Theme

EventBuilder is compatible with Events Calendar, so it’s great for those interested in creating an all-in-one directory for listing events and selling tickets. It can be used for personal use, like advertising your specific business or service’s cooking classes or community workouts, or you can create a directory site for multiple different local businesses. 

The simple front-end profile builder helps businesses create accounts on your site and list their events without additional back and forth conversation, and you can monetize your site and charge per event listing that they create. 

sample event detail and reservation page for eventbuilder directory theme

19. Directory Theme for WordPress

This is a multipurpose directory theme suitable for local and global listings. Businesses that want to claim listings on your site have a unique-self service option, where they can subscribe to an included payment tier and create full-page feature profiles with summaries, reviews, images, and links to outside social media pages. 

Directory Theme is also compatible with a series of different plugins that you can offer to these businesses, like All In One SEO for search optimization, Google XML Sitemaps for an organized taxonomy, and WPML to translate site pages for global users. 

demo of full business profile overview in directory theme

20. Business Directory

If your site visitors are eager to quickly find a business that has one they need, Business Directory’s advanced Google Maps integration comes with a mile range feature so users only see results within the distances they’re willing to travel. 

Like others on the list, this theme can be used to create a multipurpose directory theme that will meet the needs of different types of businesses. Restaurants can use booking widgets to take table reservations, NinjaForms allow service businesses to collect customer information and send quotes, and Ajax Login allows all businesses on your site to create personal accounts to claim and manage their listings. 

Also, the included visual composer helps you customize the site to your individual needs. 

busines directory sample homepage overview

21. SpotFinder

SpotFinder is another directory WordPress theme that boasts an easy-to-use front end profile builder that doesn’t require giving businesses access to the admin panel. Instead, they can create an account and make their customizations while you focus on back-end functions, like keeping the site up and running. 

It’s mobile-ready, which is great for users browsing on-the-go and the searchable map feature helps them browse in their local area. 

search results and business location split screen overview demo

22. Buzzler Business Directory Theme

Buzzler Business Directory theme is a shortcode site builder. It helps you build your directory website and assign relevant shortcodes to business pages based on what they hope to include in their profile. The admin panel also has advanced organizational features, where you can create a website taxonomy that is easy to understand. 

The theme also supports PDF file uploads so that restaurants can upload menus or service businesses can give in-depth summaries of their offers. Buzzler is also compatible with BuddyPress, so businesses can solicit reviews and respond to customer questions. 

buzler basic advanced search overview page demo

23. AdForest - Classified Ads WordPress Theme

AdForest is a high-quality directory theme built for advertisement listings. You can create a specific niche site or multitype listings and charge by ad category, like selling clothes or mobile devices. 

This theme’s standout feature is its compatibility with WhizzChat messaging plugin, so sellers and interested buyers can easily communicate to ensure that both parties are legitimate, negotiate on prices, and share documentation relevant to their advertisements. Sellers can also set up bidding, similar to popular listing site eBay. 

AdForest also comes with built-in safety features, ensuring that you’re protecting buyers and sellers from money loss through reCaptcha bot protection, hiding phone numbers before purchases have been made, and the ability to securely collect payments with WooCommerce payment plugins. 

ad search options overview for advertisement directory theme

24. ClassiAds Ads WordPress Theme

ClassiAds is a unique theme for building location-relevant classified listings, similar to Craigslist. It comes with 20+ niche interests templates to choose from, like used-car sales or pet adoption sites. However, its compatibility with WP Bakery and Elementor page builders can help you create a custom size that fits your individual needs. 

For scam protection, buyers and sellers can purchase and send money using PayPal or Stripe plugins, and the MailChimp plugin allows for correspondence to ensure that neither party is illegitimate. 

Most themes on this list allow you to monetize your site, but ClassiAds does it differently. Sellers can pay you to boost their ads to the top of relevant listing pages and create a sticky ad to demonstrate that they want to sell their product as fast as possible. 

pet adoption classiads homepage search overview

25. UrbanGo - Directory and Listing Theme

UrbanGo is a city focused directory theme that can feature listings from a variety of different location relevant businesses and services. 

Site visitors can browse via map view, and you can assign recognizable icons to different categories so they can distinguish between business types. If users want to browse for a specific type of business, the advanced search feature allows them to search by category. 

The WooCommerce integration makes it possible to drive revenue on your site and charge businesses to feature ads.

local business description and images overview

26. Service Finder - Provider and Business Listing WordPress Theme

This unique theme is for specialized service providers like electricians or professional cleaners. 

Service Finder comes with built-in account creation for providers and customers, where buyers can browse listings for services they need and leave reviews and ratings for services they’ve used. Service providers can outline their services, list frequently asked questions (FAQ), and upload photos to help transparency. Providers can also review customers based on their interactions.

The theme also includes a calendar module, where providers can list their availability and customers and book their services.

specialized services directory homepage demo

27. WorkReap Freelance Marketplace and Directory WordPress Theme

WorkReap is similar to Service Finder, but it caters to freelance services like graphic design work.

Freelancers can create their profiles and advertise their services to upload credentials, feature testimonials, and breakdown their pay scale. Interested customers can initiate private one-on-one chats to explain their needs, and freelancers can reply with project proposals and pricing quotes.

As the site owner, you can protect both parties from fraud by collecting payments from customers beforehand and only releasing funds to freelancers after jobs have been completed. You can gain a commission percentage from this so you can monetize your site.

WorkReap Directory WordPress theme

28. Listify - Directory WordPress Theme

With Listify, you can create a WordPress listing site to help businesses take user reservations through its compatibility with booking plugins like WooCommerce Bookings. Its geolocation features ensure that site visitors see close by businesses. Still, the bookmarks feature allows them to browse in different locations and save businesses they’d want to visit in the future. 

The theme also boasts a five-minute setup time through its pre-set style kits, and you can monetize your directory and charge businesses to claim their listings on your site. 

user reservation wordpress directory theme demo

Choose a Theme That Meets Your Unique Needs

Whether you’re hoping to list your business services or to host and manage a site for multiple different businesses, you should aim to choose a WordPress directory theme that best suits your needs and comes with features that allow you to customize your site and stand out from the crowd.

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