Calendars are the best way to display and make your users aware of important events. There are many (both free and premium) WordPress calendar plugins that you can use on your site to help with organization and to help your users stay updated.

A simple, free plugin can display upcoming events, while a premium quality plugin can be used to provide more in-depth details of the event, sell tickets for the event, and more.

For this post, we have collected the best event calendar plugins for WordPress which you can place on your site in a sidebar widget, or any other section of the site with the shortcode. We've tried our best to compile only the highest quality options for you.

Top Quality WordPress Calendar Plugins

#1 - Stachethemes Event Calendar

If you want to create a modern event site with a minimal design, this is a great plugin for you. It offers an easy to use interface so that your users can easily submit their events onto your site. You also have the option to display special guests coming to your event, display a recurring events countdown timer for the event, easy location management, email reminders, and more.

You can integrate WooCommerce plugin with this event plugin so that you can manage easily manage it all. It also offers different event design options so that you can play around with how you wish to display the events.

You can display events on the single page, or in Google Maps.

Stachethemes Event Calendar

#2 - The Events Calendar

One of the best free event calendar plugins for WordPress. This plugin is backed by a strong team that provides excellent customer support. The free version of this plugin has already been downloaded more than 200,000 times, proving its loyal following!

If you need more features and options such as creating recurring events, ticket sales, publicly submitted events, new views, Facebook event integration, etc., then you will likely want to download their pro-add-ons.

The Events Calendar

#3 - EventOn

EventOn is a high-quality event calendar WordPress plugin that will help you manage events on your site quite easily. This is a fully-featured comprehensive event calendar plugin that comes with a responsive design to make your events look great on all devices.

EventOn plugin comes with strong shortcode generator feature. The powerful dashboard offered by the theme will help you to get started with the plugin easily, and create your own events and manage them. You can create a single day event, multiple-day events, and monthly recurring events easily with the plugin.

You can use the featured image option to make your events look beautiful in the front-end of the site. It also offers unlimited color options, and you can assign different colors to different events on the site.

You can also fully integrate Google Maps with the events, making it easy for users to find the location. You can also rearrange the event data anytime you want to, and feature any event to give it maximum exposure on your site.

There are a number of other features such as colored Google Maps, Schema SEO content support, custom CSS, and tons more.

Event calendar plugin EventOn

#4 - My Calendar

Another extremely popular event calendar plugin for WordPress. It has already been downloaded more than 30,000 times – it is a tried and tested the plugin, and widely used by event-related sites.

This plugin is highly customizable – you can show multiple calendars as per your need. You can list them by location, authors, or merely as a simple list of upcoming events. You can also set up recurring events easily with this plugin.

My Calendar

#5 - Wordpress Pro Event Calendar

A premium event calendar plugin with a fully responsive design, making it look extremely beautiful on all devices. This plugin offers everything that is required in a high-quality WordPress calendar plugin.

The best part of this event calendar is that it offers the option for users to submit their events, which will keep your site active with new content all of the time – thus working as a complete event management platform for your site.

This plugin also offers super flexible event settings, a shortcode generator, responsive design, Google Maps integration, elegant design and a lot more.

Wordpress Pro Event Calendar

#6 - Tiva Events Calendar For Wordpress

A complete event plugin that is available for all other CMS as well as PHP. This plugin helps you to show your events in a list and calendar style as well. You can make it compact or a  full layout version, according to your needs.

Tiva Events Calendar For Wordpress

#7 - WP Events Calendar Plugin

Another top-quality event calendar plugin for WordPress that will help you create a stunning event site. With this plugin, you can publish your events easily without any coding.

You can create events for a single day or multiple days. You can also create an unlimited number of events and an unlimited number of calendars. It additionally provides you the option to post videos and a photo gallery with the events, to make them look even more attractive and get more registration for the events.

As expected, you can integrate Google Maps with the events to show the location. You can lastly display the start and end times to offer super clear timing to your users.

Wp Event Calendar Plugin

#8 - Timetable

This plugin will give you a a stunning timetable view of your events, which will make it easy for your users to check the details of the events based on the dates. This plugin is very easy to use – even for a complete newbie!

It comes with an event manager and a powerful shortcode generator to help you manage the events quite easily. This plugin also offers you a fully customizable event widget, which you can place at any of the widgetized locations of your site.

Another amazing feature is the dummy data offered by the plugin – it will help you get started almost instantly. Needless to say, the plugin is completely responsive and it will make your events look great on all devices.

#9 - All-in-One Event Calendar

A high quality, fully customizable event calendar plugin. It provides you the opportunity to play around and make your event details look spectacular on your site.

This plugin offers an amazing Pinterest style grid layout to showcase your events. You can also create recurring events easily and list them per month, week, day, agenda, etc.

As far as the display is concerned, it offers great options. You can show the events with the featured image, and you can also set an image / color theme for each category, creating a super aesthetically appealing site. Each event can be customized for SEO purposes, helping with visibility.

With more than 100,000 downloads, this plugin stands tall among the event calendar plugins.

All-in-One Event Calendar

#10 - WP Simple Booking Calendar

A simple yet very powerful booking calendar plugin for WordPress sites, you can embed the calendar in any WordPress page or post. You can also show it in the widget area, if desired.

You can create an unlimited number of booking calendars. Also, the calendar data can be saved for future use.

WP Simple Booking Calendar

#11 - Events Manager

This is a fully-featured powerful event management WordPress plugin with an integrated event calendar. It comes with all of the features required in a quality event plugin: you can manage locations, event timing, booking systems and more.

You can integrate Google Maps with your events to make it easier for the users to find the event location. This plugin is fully compatible with BuddyPress, so that you can use this plugin with your community site.

Events Manager


These are some of the best event calendar plugins for WordPress. All of these WordPress plugins are widely used and have been tested by thousands for users. So, hopefully, you do not come across any difficulties!

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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 1:42:00 AM, updated January 28 2020