11 Best Facebook Plugins for WordPress to Cross-Promote Content

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Basha Coleman
Basha Coleman


Do you use your WordPress website and Facebook business page as digital billboards for your company? While that’s a great use for both platforms, they can work far better together.

Web developer looking at his Facebook profile after using a Facebook Plugin for WordPress to promote his business's web content

Facebook is the most popular social media platform to date with more than 200 million small businesses using the network to engage customers. WordPress holds the top spot for content management systems, too, as more than 400 million people visit a WordPress site every single month.

Both of these platforms serve specific purposes for a business’s online presence — Facebook is a goldmine for generating new leads, demonstrating a product or service, and connecting directly with customers. WordPress is the home base for your business — it’s where visitors go to learn exactly what you do, what you sell, how they can purchase it, and perhaps even pick up some knowledge along the way if you have a blog site.

The opportunities to engage your users on your website and Facebook page are virtually limitless. But how can the two very different platforms work seamlessly together? The answer: WordPress Plugins for Facebook. In this article, I’ll share with you the most intuitive plugins that will send your web presence to new heights.

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Why use a Facebook plugin for your WordPress site?

If these two platforms are separated right now, your business could be leaving new customers and revenue on the table. Connecting your Facebook business page and your WordPress website can be beneficial in a few ways. You can:

  • Allow users to quickly make an account on your website using their Facebook profile.
  • Build your Facebook following organically through your website.
  • Invite website visitors to Facebook groups where exclusive content can be shared.
  • Show Facebook content on your website to engage visitors.

There are hundreds of social media plugins that integrate with or are made specifically for Facebook and WordPress to help scale your business.

Best WordPress Facebook Plugins

1. Smash Balloon Social Post

Facebook Plugin for WordPress - Smash Balloon

The Smash Balloon Social Post plugin makes it easy for you to display a Facebook feed on your WordPress site. It offers many customization options to match the look and feel of your site. Also, the Facebook feed is crawlable by search engines, adding SEO value to your site.

You can use this plugin to show Facebook feeds from different pages and groups. Plus, you can customize your plugin and use the shortcode provided to install it in just a few clicks.

2. WP Social Ninjawpsocialninja

WP Social Ninja is the most feature-rich and easy-to-go social media plugin for promoting your brand through Facebook. You can boost your brand loyalty and user engagement by adding a Facebook feed, and Facebook reviews, and providing customer support with their Facebook messenger chat widget.

You will get advanced setting options to customize and adjust the style settings of your templates to give them a vibrant and professional look. Plus, it has a Facebook album feed, Facebook event feed features, and more to explore. Moreover, to create a better digital footprint, WP Social Ninja lets you connect with 29+ other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Google Business Profile, WooCommerce, and more.

3. Social SEO Facebook Responsive Timeline Feed

Facebook Plugin for WordPress - Social SEO Facebook Responsive Timeline Feed

This plugin will display your Facebook feed onto your WordPress site, allowing users to share your posts on their own social networks. You can set the color scheme of the plugin to match your website so the content fits naturally.

As your visitors scroll through the Facebook content, they can click on a post that draws their attention and share, like, or comment.

4. Widget for Social Page Feeds

Facebook Plugin for WordPress - Widget for Social Page Feeds

Social proof is one of the top factors consumers look for when making a decision to do business with a company. What better way to show off your thriving customer base than to display Facebook page likes on your WordPress site?

Busy business owners who prefer to spend time connecting with customers on Facebook will love this plugin because it takes the hassle out of cross-promoting content. This lightweight plugin gives you the functionality you need to lend credibility to your business. After adding the simple shortcode to a page, post, or widget, this plugin is ready to go.

5. Nextend Social Login

Facebook Plugin for WordPress - Nextend Social Login Register

If your customers need a dashboard or profile to keep track of their activity, you’ll want to have a simple and intuitive way for them to create an account on your website. Nextend social login helps them do just that.

This plugin requires just one click from a user to set up an account. From there, they’ll have access to their own portal that you customize for them on your WordPress website. On the backend, you can control the permissions for each user. Whether you’re looking to add moderators to your site or you’re inviting customers to create a profile, Nextend Social Login is a convenient plugin to add to your WordPress toolbox.

6. Shared Counts

Facebook Plugin for WordPress - Shared Counts

Perhaps you’re an artist, freelancer, or photographer who wants to expand the presence of her portfolio online. Shared Counts can make it happen — it adds simple social sharing buttons to your page while displaying share counts.

Expanding your reach online takes the help of a strong community and if you have that on your WordPress website, you can leverage your followers to bring more fans to Facebook. With a simple share button embedded on your site, your visitors have the opportunity to click it and quickly post your content to their own Facebook pages for their friends to see.

7. Social Warfare

Facebook Plugin for WordPress - Social Warfare

Every marketer and web developer knows that calls-to-action are the keys to gaining new followers and new business. The Social Warfare plugin puts CTAs first with floating share buttons that follow your reader throughout your site. A single click prompts them to share your Facebook post to their own newsfeed.

The best part is, this plugin shows the number of times your content was shared, using the social network API to pull the most accurate share counts every time. And if you’re worried about privacy, the Frame Buster tool is available to protect you against false advertising associated with your content.

8. AccessPress

Facebook Plugin for WordPress - Access Press

For businesses that post a lot of content to Facebook and their website, you can spend hours or more uploading it to each platform. Lighten your workload by posting content from your website to your Facebook account in three simple steps using this plugin. First, you’ll configure the plugin to your site, then define what content you want to be posted and when, then let the plugin post all the content to each social platform for you. If you own multiple Facebook accounts, AccessPress can be configured to work with each of them.

9. Blog2Social

Facebook Plugin for WordPress - Blog2Social

Scheduling posts in advance can be a hassle, but Blog2Social makes it easy to cross-promote blog content to Facebook. You can automatically post the blog content to Facebook the moment it goes live, or you can schedule it for later to reach your audience at the optimal time.

As content on your blog site gets older, you can even update and republish it onto Facebook with this plugin. A built-in, detailed social media calendar ensures you stay consistent with your cross-promotion so you can work toward your website and social media goals.

10. Nelio Content

Facebook Plugin for WordPress - Nelio ContentOnce you’ve posted the content, analyze its performance with Nelio Content’s Google Analytics integration so you can optimize your posts. And best of all, you can work with a team to make use of all these great features thanks to the multi-user capability within this plugin.

11. Social Auto Poster

Facebook Plugin for WordPress - Social Auto Poster

Manage, schedule, and share updates from your WordPress website to Facebook with Social Auto Poster. If you manage client accounts or different businesses, this plugin can make cross-promoting content fairly simple.

Marketing agencies and social media marketers benefit from this type of plugin because it makes content promotion across several different accounts less time-consuming than doing so manually. Whether you want to cross-promote to a Facebook page or group, Social Auto Poster can do the job.

Plugins to Connect Facebook and WordPress

Facebook has the potential to be a robust source of traffic for WordPress websites when the two platforms are linked. In addition to the benefits you’ll see as the owner of the site, your users will love being able to create an account on your site using their Facebook profiles and discovering more content on your social media page.

Increasing website traffic, Facebook followers, and content engagement are just a few of the many advantages of using a Facebook plugin for your WordPress site. Try one of these plugins to experience the benefits of linking two of your most powerful marketing tools together.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in October 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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