6 Best Post Voting Plugins for WordPress

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A quality voting system for your WordPress posts can help you to engage your users effectively. You should always try to build a community around your blog so that you get repeated visitors whenever you publish a new post.

We have already listed out the best poll and survey plugins for WordPress which are equally engaging and effective in making your site a success.

The voting system is a proven method to gather public opinions about your product, service or blog posts. It will help you to understand the kind of content enjoyed by your audience so that you can produce similar content and grow your site and audience.

We have seen the success of sites like Digg,which is known for its up and down voting system for posts submitted by the users.

Reddit still uses the voting system for posts quite effectively and drives tons of traffic to thousands of websites on a daily basis.

Have a look at this list of voting plugins for WordPress that will help you create an engaging site and drive in tons of traffic.

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Top Post Voting Plugins for WordPress

1. WPeddit

WPeddit plugin will help you to create a Reddit-like voting site on your WordPress site.  This plugin will add an up-and-down rating system to your posts that will work with any WordPress theme.

This plugin comes with a comprehensive algorithm that will help to pick out the top posts on your site so that you can drive more traffic to those posts.

This is a great plugin to get your users' reactions to your posts and understand what they like and don't like so that you can offer them relevant and useful content in the future. This plugin is also instrumental in engaging your users and keeping your site active.

WPeddit plugin offers you a slick design that will fit into any theme perfectly, and you can have secure voting with IP address as well as member ID.

It also comes with the hottest post widget to help showcase the most popular posts in any widgetized area of the site.

WordPress Voting Plugin

2. Post Voting WordPress Plugin

As the name suggests, this plugin was created to help users vote on your content. It comes with easy-to-use options to allow users to change the specifications of the plugin to suit their needs.

Your styling for the plugin can define the look and feel to match your needs. You can change the button color, text in the voting button, alignment of the voting button, etc.

This simple WordPress voting plugin even comes with detailed documentation to guide users on how to use the plugin efficiently.

Post voting WordPress plugin

3. vote5

vote5 is another Wordpress plugin to add voting features to your WordPress site. It comes with detailed settings options to customize your voting system.

It offers a very easy-to-use voting option for your user. As the admin of the site, you will have full control over the entire voting system.

This plugin provides a detailed log of every vote with IP addresses and other details so that the admin can have of control of the votes.

vote5 WordPress voting plugin

4. Like Button Voting & Rating

As the name suggests, this is a free WordPress plugin that adds likes as well as votes to your WordPress site. This is free, but it enhances your site just as well as a paid plugin.

With this plugin, you can add the voting feature to your WordPress posts and pages, custom post types, WooCommerce products, BuddyPress activities, bbPress posts, and users.

It offers you a widget to showcase the most liked content of your site. This plugin is powered by over 50 parameters, 25 themes, 11 languages; it is a very powerful plugin.

WordPress voting plugin

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5. Yasr- Yet Another Stars Rating

Star rating voting systems are always popular among users because they easily attract attention and therefore increase user engagement.

This is a powerful star rating system for WordPress that will help your users to rate the content on your site. It is also one of the best Google rich snippet plugins, so your star votes will be indexed by a search engine like Google and show in the results page to increase the click-through rate.

If you have used the GD Star rating plugin in the past, this plugin provides you the option to import data from that plugin to this new one.

Yasr - Yet Another Stars Rating

6. WP ULike

The WP ULike plugin allows you to add beautiful like and unlike Ajax buttons so that users can vote your posts, comments, and other content on your site.

This plugin fully supports BuddyPress and bbPress as well, so if you want to add the voting system to your BuddyPress activities and forum posts, you can use the same WP ULike plugin.

Your users will not have to log onto the site to use the voting system, but as the admin of the site, you will have full statistics about the voters on your site.

This voting plugin is quick and light, so it will not add an extra load onto your server. It is powered by Ajax, and the system can update the data without reloading the entire page.

WP ULike Voting WordPress plugin

Final Word

These voting systems will bring a refreshing change to your WordPress site and add a lot of value by helping you understand your audience better.

With the voting plugins, you will come to know about the popular content on your site and in turn, you can produce similar content to further engage your users.

If you look at things from a revenue point of view, knowing your audience and the kind of products which tend to do well on your site will help you to increase the revenue of your site.

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