WordPress notification bars are effective in directing traffic to your expected page. This process can increase the revenue of your site. Notification bars can show important announcements regarding your site, or you can use the bar to capture emails of your visitors to increase subscriptions. These bars are especially helpful in promoting sales so that users don't miss the opportunity to purchase your products and services at discounted prices, helping you to increase your revenue. Modern notification bars are not just functional; they are attractive, too. There are many amazing notification bar plugins for WordPress that come with beautiful design and several customization options to make a bar that is just right for your website. In this post, we have collected the best notification bar plugins to help you showcase custom messages with calls to action.

Top Notification Bar Plugins

1. HubSpot WordPress Plugin

With HubSpot's free WordPress plugin, you can design and implement forms and popups of various types across your website. These forms are easy to create using a drag and drop interface. Plus, you can customize the look and feel of each popup to match your brand.

One of the available display types for a popup form is a drop-down banner, also known as a notification bar. With this drop-down, you can push your visitors to a form, URL, meeting link, or a list subscription. Once a visitor interacts with the module, you can enact a follow-up message or present visitors with another action.

Another useful feature of HubSpot’s notification bar is the ability to target when the bar appears. You can display the bar on certain website URLs — and trigger its appearance based on scroll, timing, or other visitor behavior.

Notification Bar in WordPress

2. WP Notification Bar Pro

A high-quality, premium notification bar plugin from MyThemeShop, WP Notification Bar Pro provides you everything that you could want in a successful notification bar. This tool offers an email opt-in bar, a text-only notification bar, or a notification bar with a call to action button. You have tons of options regarding the look and functionality of the bar. The plugin features unlimited color schemes, fully responsive design, and different options to show or hide the bar. You can use this notification bar to show up to 18 social media platforms as well. WP Notification Bar Plugin

3. Superbar

Superbar is a modern notification bar for Wordpress. It comes with a huge list of customization possibilities that make this plugin one of the best options in this list.

You can create a beautiful login bar to allow your users to log in to your site quickly. Superbar can act as a search form, too. If your site deals with videos, events, or any kind of tutorials, you can give users a quick way to view important videos right in the bar.

Superbar can also show the recent posts on your site to engage users with more of your content.

Superbar Wordpress Notification Bar

4. Hello Bar

Hello Bar is one of the most popular and widely used notification bar plugins available for WordPress. You can install and use this plugin for free. Although it is a free plugin, you will find plentiful options and features to create an attractive notification bar for your site. In the back-end, you can define the call to action link, the message, and the color for your bar as well as the call to action button. You will get a real-time preview of the bar to see how it will look on your site. You can also use this plugin to capture user emails; it provides an appealing interface for email capture, and you can connect the notification bar to your email service. Hello Bar WordPress Notification Bar Plugin

5. Foobar - WordPress Notification Bars

Foobar is a very effective and popular premium notification plugin. You can implement different bars on different pages of your site, so you can promote the products on a particular page.

Foobar is completely customizable, with more than 30 options to make a bar that complements your website.

Foobar Notification bar

6. Royal Footer Bar

Royal Footer Bar is another high-quality WordPress notification bar plugin; it is a favorite of many people because it looks professional and provides tons of amazing features.

You can create a custom message to promote special offers, create an email opt-in bar, or showcase social links. You have the option for A/B/C split testing to see what kind of bar works the best and implement accordingly. It also provides you detailed statistics about the activity on the notification bar.

Royal Footer Bar WordPress Plugin

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Originally published Mar 20, 2020 5:19:33 PM, updated August 27 2020


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