Images can play a very important role in making a blog successful. Along with quality content, high-quality images can transform a normal blog into a premium quality blog.

Featured images are an unavoidable component of any blog these days because they attract the readers first, and then the quality of your content will keep them engaged.

Along with choosing the most appropriate images for your blog posts, how you place the images within the content flow defines the overall quality of the post.

Choosing the right image for your blog post can be difficult and time-consuming at times; the image you select has to make sense and go along with your content perfectly. The image should also be of good quality and free to use.

Luckily, there are a number of useful WordPress plugins to find images from your dashboard. These plugins will save a lot of time while creating your blog posts because you will be able to find images right from the dashboard without having to leave your site.

Find Images From The WordPress Dashboard

1. ImageInject

ImageInject, which used to be known as WP Inject, is a very useful WordPress plugin that will help you to find images from thousands of free common images for any keyword related to your blog post.

The process is extremely easy and you will be able to insert an image into your blog post in just three clicks. Any newbie WordPress user can use the plugin effectively because you don't have to do any setting for the plugin; you just have to install it and get started.

However, there are a number of options available for advanced users and you can control the plugin based on your level of expertise.

ImageInject Plugin

2. Pixabay Images

Pixabay is a great source to find high-quality images for blog posts, and the WordPress plugin makes it even easier to find and insert images into your articles.

Images from Pixabay are completely free to use and paying attribution or linking back to the source is not required. This plugin will add an option to find Pixabay's public domain pictures via the "Add Media" button inside the editor which you can use to select images for your blog posts.

Pixabay Images

3. Free Stock Photos Foter

This plugin will help you to find high-quality free images from more than 180 million images. It lets you search, manage and add creative commons photos to your blog posts in a very simple way.

This plugin will let you preview the images before you insert them into your post and re-size them to fit your post. It will also automatically add required attribution to the images wherever required, so you don't need to add it manually.

Free Stock Photos Foter

4. Flickr - Pick a Picture

This is a very simple, yet powerful plugin that will help you to find images from Flickr. It will maintain the attribution to the original Flickr author to keep peace with the CC Attribution License.

This plugin is fully compatible with the default WordPress image editor, and you can edit the images to meet your needs.

Flickr WordPress Plugin

5. Getty Images

Getty Images is one of the most popular online image sources, and there are over 50 million embeddable images for free editorial use on their site.

This WordPress plugin will let the user insert Getty Images by using the media manager in the WordPress dashboard.

Getty Images WordPress Plugins


Finding the right images for your blog posts can be a time-consuming task. If you use any of these plugins, the process will become much easier because you don't have to visit multiple sources to find the images; you can find the images right from the WordPress dashboard.


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Originally published Jan 1, 2020 1:27:00 PM, updated August 31 2020


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