10 Brochure Website Examples to Inspire You in 2022 [+ How to Make One]

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A brochure website can help you reach new customers or advertise new products and services to existing customers.

Small business owner looking at brochure website examples

Inspired by the printed brochure — a pamphlet or flyer handed out in person or mailed — a brochure website is designed to fulfill the same purpose of promoting a business while being easier to distribute to reach a wider audience.

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In this post, we’ll cover the following:

Quicker and easier to build and maintain than a fully functional business or ecommerce site, a brochure website is ideal for small businesses with limited budgets. Real estate companies, spas, and dentists are just a few examples of businesses that would benefit from this type of website.

For more information on what a brochure website is and its benefits, check out this video:

To help get a better idea of what a brochure website is, let’s look at some examples below.

1. Unless Agency

brochure website example: Unless Agency with three-column layout that looks like trifold brochure

What we like: Unless Agency is a simple brochure website that explains the company’s mission and history, services, team, and contact information. Many of its pages have a two- or three-column layout with divider lines that look like folds of a printed brochure.

2. Super Soco

brochure website example: Super Soco features image slider to showcase as many products as possible

What we like: Super Soco is a clean and modern brochure website. Designed to showcase the UK’s most popular provider of electric motorcycles, this site uses multiple image sliders, animations, and minimal text.

3. Hagedorn

brochure website example: Hagedorn

What we like: The Hagedorn Group is a full-service provider in the construction industry. It is the only company to unite all services in the process chain, from demolition, site remediation, disposal and recycling to civil engineering and revitalization. Created to reflect the company’s vision and unique services, the brochure website provides information about its process chain, academy, and innovation as well as its contact information.

4. Yomira

brochure website example: Yomira featuring high-quality image banner

What we like: Yomira is an elegant brochure website for the luxury yacht charter business. It uses high-quality images, clear messaging, and simple user journeys to enable visitors to learn more about the company and get in touch.

5. Moorlands School

brochure website example: Moorlands School leading visitors to learn more about school culture

What we like: Moorlands School is a brochure site for an independent school in the United Kingdom. Each page is structured like a brochure, with lots of images and white space and little text, but uses scrolling animations to make the experience more engaging than flipping a page.

6. Deakin Dental

brochure website example: Deakin Dental homepage featuring CTA to book visit

What we like: Deakin Dental is a dental clinic in Australia that uses the latest dental technology and techniques to provide high-quality dentistry. The homepage of the brochure website features a hero image and then a unique two-column layout with scrolling animations. Reminiscent of a bi-fold brochure, this section lets prospective patients know more about the team that will be taking care of them and invites users to submit their contact information to book a visit.

7. Ep Bitumen

brochure website example: Ep Bitumen homepage inviting visitors to explore their services

What we like: Ep Bitumen is a brochure website for a road construction company. The vertical scrolling animation not only evokes the idea of flipping through a printed brochure — it also breaks down what the company does and what its products are into more digestible, bite-sized chunks of information.

8. Clarity Benefit Solutions

brochure website example:Clarity Benefit Solutions inviting visitors to stay connected

What we like: Clarity Benefit Solutions is a brochure website for a national benefits solutions provider. This site details its full suite of programs and industry-leading technology and dedicated customer service. Through strategically-placed CTAs and forms, visitors are invited to log in, schedule a demo, sign up for their newsletter, and stay connected in other ways.

9. The Neat Space

brochure website example: The Neat Space featuring CTA to contact

What we like: The Neat Space is a professional organizing service for clients with cluttered homes in San Diego, California. Its brochure website clearly explains its services and invites visitors to schedule a demo or contact them. Visitors can view case studies, read customer reviews, and follow The Neat Space on Instagram to learn more before getting in touch.

10. Spazioequilibrio7

brochure website example: Spazioequilibrio7 features vertical navigation menu

What we like: Spazioequilibrio7 is a fitness studio in Italy that offers classes and treatments in yoga, shiatsu, pilates, and more. By visiting the brochure website, you can get a broad overview of each type of class and treatment. If you need more information, you can submit a form on almost every page.

How to Create a Brochure Website

Because a brochure website is designed to be simple and concise, creating one is typically faster and more cost-effective than building other types of websites, like an ecommerce site. We’ll walk through the steps below.

1. Identify your target audience.

The first step in creating a brochure website is the same as any website: identify your target audience. A target audience is a specific group of consumers that will want your product or services. This audience will be determined by a range of factors, including age, gender, income, location, and interests. Once determined, your target audience should inform every design and content decision.

2. Select an appropriate theme.

You don’t have to be a designer or developer to build a website nowadays. Selecting a pre-built template or theme can help you create and customize quickly. While you won’t find many options explicitly designed for brochure websites, look for landing page templates or themes. These will have layouts with lots of images, CTAs, and contact forms that are ideal for brochure websites.

landing page templates that could be used to create a brochure website

Image Source

3. Decide what information to include.

The exact information included in a brochure website will depend on the business and their target audience, but most brochure websites will include:

  • Company logo
  • Mission statement
  • Detailed description of services or products
  • High-quality images
  • Contact information
  • Contact forms

When deciding what information to include on your brochure website, remember that the goal of the site is to provide visitors with a broad overview of your business and a clear path for what to do next if they want to learn more (ie. schedule a demo, call, submit a contact form, and so on).

4. Lay out the content.

Once you’ve decided what information to include, you’ll need to decide how to organize it. You want to ensure the layout is clean and uncluttered so use bold headings, images, and white space to break up text. Here’s a great example:

brochure website example of coffee shop with five clean pages

Image Source

Creating Your Brochure Website

Creating a brochure website for your business can be a great way to promote your products and services, attract new customers, and engage existing customers. Since it’s designed to mimic a printed brochure, it’s typically easier to design and maintain than other business sites and may be the perfect solution for your small business.

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