A Deep Dive Into the 50 Best Business Website Templates

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Daniel Doan
Daniel Doan


In today's digital landscape, a well-designed website is an essential component of a successful business. Choosing the right website template can be daunting with so many options available. That's why we've done the work for you, gathering the 50 best business website templates.

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Whether you're starting a new business or revamping an existing one, these templates offer a wide range of features and designs to suit your specific needs and help take your brand to the next level.

So, let's dive in and discover the best free business website templates for your website.

Choosing the Right Business Website Templates

Now that we've set the stage, let's look at the best business website templates available today. These templates have been carefully selected for their versatility, functionality, and eye-catching design. 

Whether you're looking for a simple template or something more complex and feature-rich, you're sure to find something that meets your needs on this list.

1. Action

free business website templates, actionAction is one of the best business website templates, built on HTML and CSS code so that every user can create a stunning webpage. 

Its flexible layouts allow you to customize the theme to fit your unique project ideas. At the same time, high-quality images and detailed tutorials make it a breeze to create the perfect website for businesses, small or large. 

For those needing additional help, Action also provides friendly customer support to help with any issues.

What we like: With Action, users can divide pages into multiple columns (something that usually involves CSS). You can also include contact forms and ecommerce options. 

2. Blameless

business website templates, blamelessBlameless offers a bright, light theme to showcase your business' offering. You can feature both the services you offer and who works for your team on the home page. 

This template works especially well for businesses in the cosmetic and beauty space. This theme comes with an appointment manager, so you can schedule with your clients without having to pick up the phone. 

What we like: Blameless has CSS animations built in. You don’t need a coding background to make images move or create a carousel to show off pictures of your work.

3. BizGroup

business website templates, BizGroupBizGroup is a leading provider of business website templates. Their modern and professional designs come equipped with powerful features that make it easy to create an effective website quickly.

BizGroup's business website templates are so popular because of their seamless integration with different platforms. Plus, these templates come loaded with SEO optimization features that help ensure a site ranks high in search engine results pages.

What we like: When you hover over blocks listing services, they flip over and allow you to click a “learn more” button. Hovering over elements reveals more information. A little motion can make your site feel premium. With BizGroups designs, you can build a sleek site without being an expert developer. 

4. BizLand

 business website templates, BizLandBizLand is among the best business website templates available today. It offers a wide range of design options, including custom designs and drag-and-drop templates, to build your website quickly and easily. 

BizLand stands out with its modern design features and fast loading times. We especially appreciate the lightweight coding, which translates into a smooth web browsing experience for visitors on all devices. 

The customer service offerings are also top-notch. You can quickly get answers always ready to any template-related queries.

Best for: Small business owners who don’t want to worry about coding. All you have to do is drag and drop. 

5. Bizz

business website templates, BizzBizz stands out among business website templates for its responsive design, intuitive controls, and elegant styling. With various functional customizations, you can easily create a professional website guaranteed to capture potential customers' attention.

Moreover, Bizz's templates are built on flexible and modern coding platforms, ensuring your website looks great on any device. With basic HTML knowledge, you can set up a site in an hour or less. 

What we like: While some website templates only include the home page, you can modify 40+ HTML files with Bizz. Any page you could need, you’ll be able to build it. 

6. Bodega

business website templates, Bodega Bodega is a professional business website template designed for agencies, brands, and companies. It has an intuitive interface that helps users easily create their own websites with a few clicks.

Bodega stands out thanks to its clean and modern design, which is the perfect backdrop for any business website. Also, the fast loading speeds ensure that visitors won’t have to wait too long before they can view your content.

What we like: Bodega has 30 demo sites that you can use as the base for your design. You can choose an initial template specifically crafted for your industry. That includes shops, barbers, bakeries, ecommerce businesses, and more. 

7. Business Oriented

 business website templates, business orientedThe Business Oriented website template provides the perfect foundation for creating an authoritative and professional online presence, ideal for any business or organization. 

With their intuitive drag-and-drop page builders and easy-to-use customization tools, it’s easy to create any website imaginable — from a single page to complex sites with multiple pages. 

Plus, the range of themes allows users to set the tone and style of their websites by incorporating modern typography, beautiful graphics, videos, animations, and much more.

What we like: Business Oriented features a prominent hero image. This is a great spot to showcase your offering if your brand identity is tied to a specific city, product, or service. 

8. CheerUp

 business website templates, CheerUpCheerUp is one of the best business website templates, offering an efficient and user-friendly design. It includes various page options that make it easy to customize and add content to your website. 

CheerUp offers powerful design capabilities, allowing you to create stunning visuals for your business website. The template also comes with advanced SEO capabilities, keeping your website's visibility high online.

What we like: The minimalist interface makes creating and managing large pages in a neat package easier. 

9. Cohost

business website templates, Cohost If you’re a B2B or consulting business, Cohost may be a great fit for you. This template features all the hallmarks of SaaS websites. That includes simple, drawn art, a clean white background, and pricing modules on the home page. 

Cohost also includes built-in modules to feature social proof. You can feature quotes from users to show your value. Additionally, a counter can display how many people use your services.

What we like: Different content fades in and loads as you scroll down the home page. This animation makes the site feel cutting-edge and futuristic. 

10. Furnish

business website templates, furnishFurnish is a theme designed to showcase a wide range of products. If your brand has visual flair, this template will help you make a statement. 

Furnish makes the most of lightbox images. When you click on an offering, the image pops out, giving you a larger view. Additionally, this template does not shy away from color. You can feature multiple pastel modules to explain the different products you offer.  

What we like: Furnish comes complete with a blog. So, if you want to write about your industry, this template has you covered. 

11. Context

business website templates, ContextContext offers a variety of website templates designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and businesses. Their simple designs are intuitive and modern, giving businesses an online presence that stands out from the competition. 

Without any coding knowledge required, users can quickly access and customize Context's business-ready themes with just a few clicks. Whether you're starting a new business or updating your current website, Context's user-friendly design will make the process easy.

What we like: Businesses can easily make their websites look more professional and appealing using Context's powerful editing tools. Their templates also provide mobile-friendly options, meaning websites will work responsively on any device. 

12. Dewi

BUSINESS WEBSITE TEMPLATES DEWI HOMEPAGE The Dewi website templates feature an intuitive user interface and are aesthetically pleasing. It stands out for its natural, minimalistic feel, and the results are modern and professional complexity. Users can easily customize their designs with a drag-and-drop builder.

What we like: Dewi offers a wide selection of design options, making it easy to create a website tailored to any company’s branding needs. Its responsive designs guarantee beautiful results regardless of the device.

13. Go Crepe

business website templates, Go CrepeGo Crepe offers one of the best business website templates with its comprehensive design set, including pre-built and custom pages. Go Crepe allows customers to easily create beautiful, modern designs that will make a strong impact. 

Additionally, they offer an extensive range of layouts and a fantastic catalog of graphics and images that provide the perfect way to upgrade any website's look instantly. These aspects have allowed Go Crepe's templates to become among the highest quality available today.

What we like: One of Go Crepe's most impressive features is its spectacular user interface, making it incredibly easy to customize your site without any coding experience. 

14. HeroBiz

 business website templates, HeroBizHeroBiz is one of the best business website templates available on the market. Its simple design allows users to create a professional-looking website quickly. As a bonus, HeroBiz has drag-and-drop page-building capabilities, making it easy for users to customize their site.

What we like: All the mobile responsive designs look great on any device. Plus, the ease of customization allows for changes to be made quickly without extensive technical skills or coding knowledge.

15. Lumia

business website templates, Lumia

Lumia is one of the most popular business website templates out there. It has a modern and sleek design with great customizability options that allow you to match your company's branding and style perfectly. 

Furthermore, it has all the necessary features integrated into the template, so you don't have to worry about including additional ones. This makes setting up a professional website quick and easy.

What we like: The all-in-one features give site owners complete control over their websites without having to search for external plugins or components. And, of course, beautiful design ensures that any site created using it looks great and will leave an impression on visitors.

16. MagPlus

business website templates, MagPlusMagPlus is a popular business website template that can help your business thrive. Equipped with customizable web design, advanced analytics, and lead capture forms, MagPlus has the versatility and flexibility to help create the perfect website for any business. 

With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and photo library, you can quickly and easily create an eye-catching website that immerses visitors in content.

What we like: At MagPlus, we love that it offers high levels of customization, allowing businesses to make their websites unique and stand out from competitors. Despite being packed with features, the templates are straightforward to use.

17. Modus Versus

business website templates, Modus VersusModus Versus is one of the best business website templates out there. Its stylish fonts, vibrant color palettes, and modern layouts make it the perfect choice for any corporate or e-commerce site. 

Websites built with Modus Versus are incredibly easy to navigate, enabling users to quickly find what they need without wading through unnecessary clutter.

What we like: Modus Versus stands out, particularly for its attention to detail. Pages created with this template look perfectly polished and professional, with thoughtful design choices that make it look customized rather than just another run-of-the-mill website template. 

18. Nova

business website templates, NovaNova is designed to be the ultimate business website template, offering the perfect combination of features and customizability. Its interface allows users to easily modify content to their needs, giving them great flexibility regarding their website design. 

Additionally, editing content is hassle-free with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and comprehensive tools. Whether you're a novice or an expert web designer, Nova ensures that creating a sleek business website becomes effortless.

What we like: Nova has a wide range of templates for different kinds of businesses. From small and local businesses to tech start-ups and large companies, all can benefit from this top-notch design language. 

19. Presento

business website templates, Presento

Presento is a powerful business website template that delivers a modern look for any business. With dozens of pre-built sections and components, endless customization possibilities, and no coding required, Presento offers the perfect starting point to create your dream website. 

Presento also offers a wide range of features that make building a professional website even easier. The integrated drag-and-drop page editor lets you quickly create complex layouts with all the desired elements, including texts, images, videos, slideshows, maps, buttons, and more. 

Furthermore, it includes an easy step-by-step setup process and can be managed entirely from the intuitive admin dashboard for maximum control over the content.

What we like: Presento’s powerful SEO components ensure your site ranks higher in search engines.

20. Primex

business website templates, PrimexPrimex is one of the best business website templates available today. Its intuitive user interface ensures visitors can easily navigate your site. Primex also stands apart for its robust feature set and flexibility, allowing you to create the exact web experience you want for your business.

Primex offers a great balance of style and substance. The template also includes helpful optimization tips to help give your website the best chance of ranking highly in search engine results, as well as detailed documentation for those who are more technically minded. 

What we like: With a wide range of customization options available, Primex gives businesses plenty of creative control over how their website looks and functions.

21. Skokov

 business website templates, SkokovSkokov is one of the best business website templates on the market, offering easy-to-use customization and intuitive drag-and-drop tools. 

Its modern design will draw attention to all content and highlight key features. With a variety of ready-made layouts, Skokov ensures users have everything they need to create an impressive web presence.

What we like: Skokov offers unlimited color options and free customer support. This makes creating a stunning website fast and simple, enabling users to focus their time on growing their business rather than worrying about technical details. 

22. Softy Pinko

business website templates, Softy PinkoSofty Pinko is a highly versatile business website template. With more than six page layouts and 20 blocks ready to be implemented, you can easily create a unique web presence. 

Best of all, this template offers beautiful animations, clean transitions, and stylish design touches that will make your website stand out from the competition. Even its UI elements are fully responsive, making your website perfectly optimized for every device.

What we like: Softy Pinko's standout feature has to be its editable color picker. From background images to text colors, this feature allows you to quickly customize the look and feel of your website with a few simple clicks. 

23. Talkie

business website templates, TalkieTalkie is a great choice for businesses looking for modern, stylish website templates. It offers a range of design options to fit any industry and allows for easy customization with its drag-and-drop editor. 

This template boasts attractive fonts, vivid color palettes, and clean code that will help you create a beautiful and professional website in no time.

What we like: With its powerful editor, businesses can craft their own unique tone of voice that reflects their brand identity and helps attract the right customers to their site. 

24. Ubusina

 business website templates, UbusinaUbusina is a great business website template with everything you need to get started. Its modern, responsive design and included layouts are tailored to deliver maximum impact for any type of business. 

Ubusina ensures a hassle-free website creation experience with predefined CMS pages and custom blocks.

What we like: The powerful Admin Panel gives developers access to customization options, such as undo/redo history, multi-language support, and custom plugins. 

25. Ucorpora

business website templates, UcorporaUcorpora is a leading website template provider perfect for businesses. From law firms to restaurants, they have dozens of unique designs tailor-made for a wide range of industries. 

What sets Ucorpora apart from other brands is their attention to detail and the quality level of their templates. They guarantee you'll get an easy-to-use website with unlimited potential.

What we like: With access to customizable layouts, powerful plugins, SEO optimization tools, and marketing features, you can quickly set up an effective website that helps grow your business's reach and sales. 

26. ValstrikeZ

business website templates, ValstrikeZValstrikeZ is one of the leading business website templates available on the market, offering a comprehensive suite of powerful features and customizable design options for modern businesses. 

ValstrikeZ has a user-friendly interface and intuitive design. Every feature within the template is fully customizable, allowing you to become a webmaster and create your own unique website without hassle. 

What we like: ValstrikeZ comes with an impressive stock image library — no need to worry about finding the perfect image for your page.

27. CTEL

business website templates, CTELCTEL is one of the best business website templates on the market. Offering powerful customization tools, as well as unique widgets and content blocks, CTEL is an ideal choice for small businesses looking to create a great online presence.

What we like: CTEL's business website templates are simple and flexible. The interface is intuitive and straightforward, so it's easy to build a site quickly without sacrificing quality or customizability. 

28. Biz Glories

 business website templates, Biz GloriesBiz Glories is an impressive business website template that helps you create professional-looking sites without coding. This template offers several desirable features, including high-quality graphics, stylish animations, full customization, and more. 

Additionally, the modular design enables you to easily add or remove sections according to your site's needs. All in all, this business website template provides an excellent foundation for crafting professionally designed web pages.

Best of all, it's mobile-friendly and works well with popular content management systems like WordPress and Joomla.

What we like: Biz Glories emphasizes user experience. Its intuitive navigation bar and bold typography help keep visitors engaged with your content. Their selection of free stock photos is extensive, too, making creating polished websites easy. 

29. Uncode

business website templates, uncodeUncode is an easy-to-use, flat design option for creating clean and stylish business websites. 

This theme puts product photos front and center. These images glide on screen as you scroll. Additionally, its grid-style presentation gives businesses an eye-catching layout.

What we like: We like the versatility and simple navigability of Uncode. The template is quick to install and allows you to start customizing your site immediately, meaning you can get up and running quickly. 

30. Mai Creative Pro Theme

business website templates, maiMai Creative Pro is built with Genesis, one of the best frameworks for business websites available. It offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to craft their own unique websites quickly and easily. 

Genesis was designed with the user in mind. Its clean layout and simple navigation help create one of the most intuitive website experiences around. Even its heavy reliance on HTML5 ensures lightning-fast loading times for a fast and engaging browsing experience.

Best for: Lifestyle businesses. Blogging is built into this theme, allowing you to discuss your products and sell your offerings online. 

31. Appy

business website templates, appyIf your business centers on a mobile app, this template has everything you need to get started. 

When visitors land on your Appy site, they’re greeted with a hero image that features your app’s interface. Next to this image, you can describe your app before getting to a prominent download CTA. 

As you scroll, different bullet points load, pointing out your app's core features. This template has all the modules you need to build an informative experience. 

Best for: Application-based businesses and mobile offerings. 

32. Gardening 

business website templates, gardeningIf you work in gardening and landscaping, web development may fall outside your wheelhouse. Luckily, the Gardening theme is designed to make the process easy. The home page already has all the modules you need. 

You can prominently feature a hero image of a recent project. Then, you can list your services in clickable boxes. If your visitors want fencing, planting, or landscaping pricing, they can easily find more information. 

What we love: This template already has a form so potential customers can request quotes for your services. 

33. Ogani

business website templates, OganiOgani is designed with produce shopping in mind, but you can easily adapt this template for any ecommerce site. 

The home page features a grid with photos of each offering. Customers can also sort by category so they can narrow their search. Plus, a built-in search bar makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. 

What we love: Shoppers want an omnichannel experience. This site is both mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible, meaning users can purchase your offerings anywhere. 

34. Dealers

business website templates, dealersDealers offers a minimalist alternative for ecommerce businesses. A simple white background allows your products themselves to shine. You can display your offerings on a grid, in a carousel, or as full-column images.  

You can also set up product categories and allow visitors to sort by price. 

What we love: Dealers has a multi-level drop-down menu to help users find products quickly.

35. Crosby

business website templates, crosbyPerhaps you already have a Squarespace site, and you’re looking for a refresh. Crosby offers a modern, sleek option.  

You can feature images of your product directly on the home page — both as static photographs and gifs. From there, the site is minimalist, making it intuitive for users. CTAs stand out, so customers know exactly what to do next. 

Best for: Those in search of a minimalist design. 

36. Nolan

business website templates, nolanNolan doesn’t rely on photographs and instead puts text front and center. This direct approach works well for agencies, consulting practices, and service providers.

Bold, beautiful typography ensures that your message pops. The home page currently only features one image, making it the perfect spot for a team photo. 

What we love: Nolan already has a module featuring logos. You can proudly display this social proof if you’ve worked with prominent brands. 

37. Vance

business website templates, vanceVance offers prominent navigation options, ensuring visitors can always find what they need. 

A traditional navigation bar sits at the top of the page. The same navigation is overlaid on top of the site’s hero image. This repetition makes finding information a breeze. 

What we love: Vance features modern typography. This makes the template feel cutting-edge automatically. 

38. Maru

business website templates, maruPerhaps you have a wide range of products but struggle with displaying them online. Maru has the infrastructure to help. 

When visitors land on the home page, they can click on images that lead to different product categories. In the example, visitors can explore mud cloths and bowls. From there, every available item of that type is displayed. 

The demo site creates a cohesive theme by displaying products with the same color scheme on the home page. Imitate this tactic to create a visually appealing ecommerce site.

What we love: Maru has an email signup form built in. If your business offers a newsletter, this feature can help you grow your subscriber base. 

39. Hales

business website templates, halesHales’ home page has information-packed modules that load as you scroll. You just need to add your own product images and copy to sell your brand. 

Start with a captivating hero image of your most ambitious project. Then, you can describe your mission in an all-text, full-column block. After, add linked images that take visitors to the product categories you offer. 

What we like: Hales has already used best practices to create a logical flow for its modules. Instead of worrying about layout and design, you can highlight your work.

40. Mariana

business website templates, marianaIf you sell a luxury product, you’ll need a sleek, modern website to match. Enter Mariana, a Squarespace theme on the cutting edge. 

As the page loads, text slides and wipes into view. These animations look like the work of a web designer and come with the template. The site also has a grid layout where you can feature your products. Insert your editorial-style photographs, and you can emulate luxury magazines. 

Pro tip: Keep your color scheme in mind. If you have cohesive images with a throughline color from a photoshoot, these are best for your home page.

41. Kingo

business website templates, kingoWhen building your business, social proof can convince potential customers to choose you. Kingo knows this and has social proof baked into the front page. Impressive statistics appear on the page as animated tickers. You can also feature quotes from happy clients. 

What we love: There are several demos for different types of businesses. If you are a service provider, many of these demos include easy-to-use booking calendars. 

42. Stony

business website templates, stonyWhether you’re building a single-page site for your business or a comprehensive hub with a mega menu, Stony can help you get there.

The home page has modules where you can describe your core services and describe the process of booking time with you. You can also include key metrics and stats that animate onto the screen. 

From there, you can choose from over 30 section templates to showcase your work. That could include a portfolio, image gallery, blog, and more. 

Best for: Service providers. Demos are designed for industries based on service — from lawyers to health consultants to lawyers. Each includes a booking feature. 

43. IT Solo

business website templates, IT soloSometimes, the bells and whistles of a page make the ordinary extraordinary. IT Solo comes packed with details that can elevate your brand.  

When you hover over blocks, more information slides up. CTAs change color when visitors hover over them. You can even create a coupon on your site with animations that begin when visitors interact. 

What we love: This theme is well documented. If you’re new to design or just want extra help, you’ll have the guidance to bring your vision to reality. 

44. Vailance 

business website templates, VailanceVailance uses a classic black-and-white color scheme that’s great for any elegant brand. The theme includes carousels, grids, and full-width images that can showcase your offerings. You can also feature videos throughout your site. 

While most websites rely on square and rectangle blocks, Vailance features other shapes to avoid monotony. Your cursor is a dot that dances across the street. Your menu includes triangular drop-down menus. Certain demos also include circular CTAs. 

Best for: Sites with a neutral or grayscale color theme. You won’t have to shift colors to get started. 

45. Yuyu

business website templates, yuyuYuyu comes with all the modules to sell your B2B business. When visitors enter your site, they’re greeted by a hero image with text describing your business and a CTA. As they scroll, they’ll see more information about your wide range of services. 

You can also include information on pricing and links to your blog directly from the home page. 

Best for: SaaS companies and consultancies. This theme already uses common imagery and sections found on these websites. 

46. Lemon

business website templates, lemonMaybe you don’t have the best design eye. You might be worried about clashing colors, cluttered images, or missing the mark on SEO. Lemon makes the process easy, so you can get back to running your business. 

You can choose between a wide range of pre-selected color schemes and photo layouts. From there, you just drop in your own text and assets. The template also comes with an easy-to-use blogging feature. 

Pro tip: If you’re worried about your use of colors, feature black-and-white images. Gray scale will match any color scheme you use on your site. 

47. Mood

 business website templates, moodMood is designed for ecommerce business owners. You can feature your products on home page sliders and include your latest offerings in their own dedicated module. 

Mood also includes a dedicated FAQ page. You can answer commonly asked questions in style. 

What we love: Mood includes a quick preview feature. When shoppers click on an image, they can learn about the product featured. That includes how much it costs, multiple images of the offering from different angles, and the ability to add the product to your cart. 

48. HandiUI

business website templates, handiuiIf you're looking for a flexible template with lots of options, consider HandiUI. The site comes with five landing page options, as well as 24+ inner pages that you can choose from. You can also create popups that make collecting leads a breeze.

HandiUI also includes a content management system, so you can build a blog to accompany your business. 

What we love: HandiUI is a multipurpose template, so you can adapt the demos for any type of business. 

49. Lectio

business website templates, LectioLectio has a unique, modern design that ensures your site stands out. You can choose from vibrant color schemes that pair with the theme’s sleek text. 

Images zoom in and out on scroll. You can create videos with an interactive play button. You can even create a carousel of customer quotes for social proof. No matter what you build, Lectio makes sure it looks good. 

What we love: Lectio comes with built-in animations that energize your website. 

50. Bridge

business website templates: bridge homepage sample Last but certainly not least is Bridge, a premium business website template. This template is ideal if you’re looking for something minimalist and sleek. It isn’t overly complicated, so the focus is on your content.

What we love: Bridge is fully responsive so it functions effortlessly on any size screen. 

Getting Started 

From law firms to restaurants, there’s a business website template for everyone. Whether you want something modern and stylish or an all-in-one web package with unlimited customization options, these 50 best business website templates have it all. 

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