How to Create a Micro Job Site With Taskerr WordPress Theme

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The freelance job market is steadily growing every year. Research found that 73% of freelancers are using online marketplaces to find their clients. These micro job sites connect freelancers with people that need their services.


Micro job sites are also opportunities for platform owners to earn revenue from these freelancers and the people that employ them. In 2018, Fiverr reported more than $75 million in revenue from its gig platform that helps people buy and sell digital services. The time is ripe for other platforms to gain part of this market share.

You can build your own micro job site using your WordPress website. The Taskerr theme offers a responsive website design, customizable pricing pages, and detailed service listings for freelancers. Plus, you get a dedicated blog to inform visitors about the latest industry news.

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In this post, we’ll cover micro job sites and the key features of the Taskerr WordPress theme.

A micro job site is an online platform that connects people with freelancers who are hired to perform small tasks. Popular micro job sites include Upwork and Freelancer, where millions of freelancers can browse jobs ranging from data entry to video editing to bookkeeping.

Micro job sites offer the platform owner an opportunity to earn revenue. As the owner of the micro job site platform, you become an integral part of the work arrangement. Consequently, you can charge fees to both the service buyers and freelancers for using your platform.

What is the Taskerr WordPress theme?

Taskerr is a responsive WordPress theme for creating a micro job site. This theme makes it easy to build an online platform for freelancers to advertise their services and buyers to hire freelancers. Taskerr also comes with a modern design, a service listings page, and a dedicated blog to engage visitors.

A micro job site can drive revenue by charging freelancers a fee for listing their services on your site. You can also upsell by offering featured listings on high-traffic areas, like the sidebar of your homepage.

demo micro job site using taskerr wordpress theme

Source: AppThemes

Key Features of the Taskerr WordPress Theme

Micro job sites connect people who need jobs done with those willing to do them. With Taskerr, you can create your own micro jobs marketplace to connect freelancers and service buyers. Here are a few key features of the theme.

User-friendly Design

The Taskerr theme uses a responsive design framework, making it easily accessible from any browser or mobile device. This theme includes five built-in color schemes to match your desired brand style. You can also design the theme using the intuitive WordPress customizer. To add more functionality to Taskerr, you can add widgets or install external plugins.

Responsive design examples of micro job site with taskerr wordpress theme

Source: AppThemes

Pricing Page Builder

This theme allows you to set up pricing pages to sign up your customers. You have complete control over the type of plans, what’s included in the plans, and how much to charge for each plan.

Three pricing plans available when creating a micro job site with the taskerr wordpress theme

Source: AppThemes

Professional Email Templates

Your website is only the first step in communicating with potential users. Email is another opportunity to build a relationship with and reengage your visitors. With Taskerr, you can send freelancers and service buyers mobile-friendly emails using the theme’s 15 custom email templates.

Service Listing

Taskerr offers feature-rich listings for freelancers to showcase their services. Service listings encourage freelancers and service buyers to communicate. Freelancers can write a detailed description of their service on a dedicated page. Buyers can ask questions on the service listing and leave reviews about the service. If a buyer is just browsing through multiple services, they can add specific freelancers to their Favorites list.

A service listing for logo designs on a demo micro job site using taskerr wordpress theme

Source: AppThemes

Dedicated Blog

A blog is an effective marketing tool to capture the attention of your website visitors. You can discuss the latest industry trends, offer advice and tips, and answer frequently asked questions. Fortunately, you don’t have to build a separate blog for your micro job site because Taskerr has a native WordPress posts module. So, you can spend time creating quality content, instead of building a blog on a separate platform.

Two blog posts on demo micro job site built with taskerr wordpress theme

Source: AppThemes

The freelance job market is ever-growing and a micro job site is an opportunity to create revenue for your brand. With the Taskerr theme, you can build a micro job site to connect freelancers and service buyers. The theme includes built-in designs to match your brand, pricing page builder, and email templates to communicate with potential customers. Build your micro job platform to gain a piece of the market share.

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