20 Entertainment Website Design Examples We Love

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Daniel Doan
Daniel Doan


If you work in entertainment, whether that be as a service or as a creator, you’ll need a way to promote yourself. But, not any old website will do. You’ll need to create an online experience that’s as wow-worthy and captivating as you are. Your website should be both a portfolio and an intro to your personality.

entertainment website example shown by a director

So, how can you strike the right balance? We’ve scoured the internet to bring you 20 entertainment website designs that we absolutely love. These sites are jumping-off points to inspire your online designs.

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Whether you’re an industry veteran or a newcomer building your first site, these examples will ignite your creativity. Let’s dive in.

1. Monkey Paw Productions

entertainment website examples, Monkey Paw Productions

When it comes to horror movies, Jordan Peele is one of today’s most iconic directors, running a production company that makes masterful additions to the genre. Monkey Paw Productions’ site reflects that the studio is on the cutting edge.

The site opens with a carousel of images in negative from the company’s movies, with a black monkey paw superimposed over each still. This creates an unsettling atmosphere reflective of the genre. Underneath is a list of upcoming releases. Upcoming productions without images appear between pictures from upcoming projects. The end result looks like a film reel.

What we love: This site uses dark colors and unsettling imagery to demonstrate the company’s mastery of the horror genre. Everything has a spooky atmosphere.

2. Blumhouse

entertainment website examples, blumhouse

Let’s stick to the horror genre and check out Blumhouse, a production company known for its scary movies. The site goes for a lighter approach. All of the images on the page are in full color, balanced with black text over a white background.

The website has sections dedicated to television, movies, and documentaries. This clean layout makes it easy to explore your specific interests. In each section, recent works are listed first. However, once you scroll down, all Blumhouse movies in that category appear with links to the productions’ websites.

What we like: The site’s hero section includes images from Blumhouse movies and where viewers can watch them. You don’t even need to click. You know exactly where to watch the film right now.

3. The Criterion Collection

entertainment website examples, criterion

If you love classic movies, you know you’re in for a treat once you see the Criterion Collection logo circle on your screen. This video company focuses on distributing important classic and contemporary films. However, nothing about the company’s website is antiquated.

Instead of a standard horizontal carousel, the Criterion Collection has full-width vertical images. It promotes two movies you can buy, a subscription to its streaming service, and promotions for shopping the collection. Each section has a clear call-to-action button — totally distraction-free.

What we like: When you click on a film, you can learn about its cinematic significance. You’ll also see information about how to buy the movie. This makes for an informative shopping experience that film buffs will love.

4. Unveil

entertainment website examples, Unveil

Unveil stands out as a community-driven curated art photography platform. The group’s mission is to empower artists and collectors alike. As soon as visitors arrive on the homepage, they’re greeted with a captivating hero section that conveys this essence and purpose.

You can then explore NFT offerings and a diverse range of photography. The images are vibrant, bringing a creative community to life before your eyes. Micro-interactions, like scrolling text, enhance user engagement, making every action feel responsive and alive.

What we like: Unveil has an uncluttered layout that users can navigate easily. The simple navigation allows the artwork to shine.


entertainment website examples, webtoon

Comics are no longer just in print. Today, anyone with access to the internet can read them. South Korean platform WEBTOON offers hundreds of comics to fans for free. However, what I love most about this site is its responsiveness.

The developers at WEBTOON know that readers will be using devices of all sizes. I may want to scroll through a comic on my phone while I ride a train. Or perhaps I’m lounging in bed with my tablet. The comics themselves have a simple design. There are large, vertical images surrounded by white space. This makes sure I can read my comic with ease on any device.

What we like: Don’t have enough time to read a full chapter? You can digitally bookmark your place in the comic, so you can pick up right where you left off.

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    6. Anirban Bhattacharya

    entertainment website examples, Anirban

    Entertainment websites aren’t just for studios and production companies. Creatives need them too, and Anirban Bhattacharya’s website offers a model to follow. Upon entering the site, visitors are immediately greeted with a clean design that makes use of ample whitespace. This allows content to breathe, making it easy to digest.

    The consistent color scheme, punctuated by strategic placements of orange tones, keeps the site consistent. The use of color ads a touch of vibrancy, evoking feelings of youth and energy.

    What we like: The site’s menu structure is intuitive and user-friendly. This, combined with the thoughtful use of whitespace, ensures that visitors can easily navigate the site.

    7. Rachel Collins

    entertainment website examples, Rachel Collins

    If you’re a creative, your website should make your story clear. From the heart of Sydney, Rachel Collis’s website immediately immerses you in her music and artistry. As soon as you reach the homepage, you’re greeted with a captivating visual that seamlessly transitions into two distinct bars as you scroll.

    The site’s design elements, from its color scheme to the fluid scrolling animations, amplify Rachel’s reputation as a “prodigy” and “sheer genius.” There are also reviews that act as social proof, reinforcing her stature in the music industry.

    What we like: The unconventional yet harmonious pairing of orange and green captures attention and resonates with Rachel’s unique musical style, reminiscent of iconic artists like Joni Mitchell and Carole King.

    8. Jay Pharoah

    entertainment website examples, Jay Pharoah

    If you work in entertainment, you likely have multiple talents. Perhaps you sing and act, or you may perform well in multiple genres. Coming from the comedy and entertainment industry, Jay Pharoah’s website reflects his range. However, he sums up his expertise in a memorable mission statement: “I make people laugh.”

    As visitors land on the homepage, they’re immediately introduced to the dynamic range of Pharoah’s celebrity impressions, from President Barack Obama to iconic figures like Will Smith and Denzel Washington. You can also learn about his work on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

    What we like: The use of 3D-like images adds depth and dimension, making the visuals pop and engaging the audience instantly.

    9. Sterling Entertainment

    entertainment website examples, Sterling Entertainment

    Stepping into the realm of Sterling Entertainment, visitors are immediately captivated by a digital landscape filled with vibrant visuals and seamless animations.

    The moment you land on the homepage, you’re greeted with a glowing menu box that stands out. This acts as your helpful guide through the site. The unique color combination and the strategic use of color overlays perfectly encapsulate the cool and refreshing vibe that Sterling Entertainment captures.

    What we like: Beyond aesthetics, the website does an impeccable job of detailing the event entertainment services they offer. The design elements promise potential clients an unforgettable experience, mirroring the essence of Sterling Entertainment’s mission.

    10. Capitol Theatre

    entertainment website examples, Capitol Theatre

    This one’s for the former theatre kids. Capitol Theatre’s website captures the venue's rich theatrical history and passion. As soon as you land on it, you’re greeted with a bold background image that captures the essence of live performances, setting the stage for an immersive experience.

    What we like: The design elements don’t stop there. As you scroll, you’ll encounter beautifully integrated objects that further enhance and remind you of the dynamic nature of live theater. These design choices, combined with mesmerizing opera images, showcase the theater's commitment to the performing arts. You’re invited into an enchanting world.

    11. The Greek Theater at UC Berkeley

    entertainment website examples, greek theater

    Music lovers are always on the prowl for tickets to their favorite musicians. The Greek Theater at UC Berkeley makes the process of going to the show much easier.

    Instead of listing every upcoming show on their homepage, the venue focuses on featured concerts. Here, popular shows get the spotlight. Website visitors know what shows are more likely to sell out. This creates urgency to buy tickets, so they don’t miss out.

    What we like: Instead of using a picture, the site opens with a thin, hand-drawn header image of the venue. This gives the site an artistic flair.

    12. Jennette McCurdy

    entertainment website examples, jenette mccurdy

    Image Source

    In today’s world, an entertainer’s personality is inseparable from their brand. Former actress Jennette McCurdy leans into this reality on her website. Each page of the site has a stylish picture of the author. Fresh images fade on and off screen. She looks into the camera unfazed in vibrant outfits, solidifying an identifiable brand.

    The projects section of McCurdy’s site doesn’t stick to one medium. Her books and the films she made appear in one place.

    What we like: The connect page on McCurdy’s site is my favorite. The background image is her at a computer. In the foreground, there are clickable buttons to her different social channels. Hovering over the icon triggers an animation where the button morphs and changes color.

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      13. Joshua Kissi

      entertainment website examples, Joshua Kissi

      Joshua Kissi, a Ghanaian-American creative entrepreneur from New York City, has carved a niche in photography and filmmaking. Visitors who explore his website are greeted with a blend of cinematic videos and animations. These images reflect his distinct artistic flair.

      The use of rich colors and clear and bold fonts adds depth to the visual narrative, capturing the essence of his creative journey.

      What we like: The website’s design is not just about aesthetics but also functionality. A unique sideways-scrolling feature offers an unconventional, yet intuitive, navigation experience. This design choice invites users to interact with the captivating world of Joshua Kissi’s artistry.

      14. Lemonada Media

      entertainment website examples, lemonada

      Even though podcasting is an auditory medium, it benefits from compelling visuals. You can see this on the podcasting company Lemonanda Media’s site. Each show has both a carefully designed show logo and editorial photo shoots of the hosts. The visuals capture visitors’ attention, encouraging them to learn more about the show.

      What we like: Lemonada Media’s stunning graphics carry over to its own logo. A yellow and blue lemon appears across the site and is even the site’s favicon.

      15. A24

      entertainment website examples, A24

      A24 takes the benefits of branding to the next level. This indie film production company has developed a cult following. Film lovers not only appreciate the company’s movies; they also want merch. That can be both for the movies A24 makes or the company itself.

      A24 acknowledges the hype surrounding the brand, offering an experience for both types of fans. Visitors can learn about recent releases. The hero image promotes current films and transitions between images from each. However, as soon as you scroll down, you can learn more about merch.

      What we like: Every movie has different branding, with different directors and varying styles. However, A24’s site maintains consistency through typography. Bold, black-and-white text in the same font connects projects together.

      16. Respawn Entertainment

      entertainment website examples, Respawn Entertainment

      As soon as you land on Respawn Entertainment’s homepage, the brand’s identity takes center stage. The name “Respawn Entertainment” is displayed with prominence, immediately establishing a bond with visitors.

      The design ethos is minimalist, characterized by white space and a streamlined layout. This intentional design choice ensures that users are drawn to the content, free from any distractions.

      What we like: The site features smooth transitions between text and images, further improving the viewing experience. This website stands out as a lighthouse for gamers, blending design and a user-centric approach.

      17. Crossroads Presents

      entertainment website examples, crossroads presents

      Music venue websites need to strike a delicate balance between promoting artists and creating an easy-to-use experience for fans. Crossroads Presents gets this idea right. On the home page, there’s a section for recently added shows. If you hover over an artist‘s image, the artist’s name, the date of the performance, and the Crossroads venue for the show appear.

      There is also a class calendar view underneath, listing shows that are happening soon. Here, users can see what venue the artist will play in and have the option to buy tickets.

      What we like: There’s a navigation option to view shows by venue. This can help you choose the right event if you have a loyalty to a certain space.

      18. Searchlight Pictures

      entertainment website examples, Searchlight Pictures

      Seen anything good lately? I ask that question a lot. Word of mouth is a great way to get me into the theaters, so I can see that new movie that’s generating buzz.

      The Searchlight Pictures homepage has a whole section dedicated to social media. Here, the production company aggregates its X posts about upcoming or recently released movies. It also showcases graphics that tout critical reviews of its movies.

      What we like: Searchlight Pictures also has a portion of the site that separates movies into three categories. You can see what’s coming soon, what’s in theaters now, and what’s available to stream.

      19. Kingship Recording

      entertainment website examples, Kingship Recording

      Located in the heart of the music industry, Kingship Recording presents itself as a boutique recording studio dedicated to partnering with musicians on their creative journey. The moment you access their website, you’re enveloped by a striking background image that sets the stage for the studio’s commitment to artistry.

      The color scheme, a harmonious blend of tones, complements the overall design, making the user feel both inspired and connected to the brand’s ethos.

      What we like: Delving deeper into the design nuances, the website showcases a unique style that seamlessly marries both timeless and modern elements.

      Every design choice, from the captivating visuals to the meticulous layout, reflects Kingship Recording’s dedication to providing unparalleled value to its audience. It’s not just a website — it’s a digital representation of a space where creativity thrives, inviting musicians to collaborate and craft their masterpieces.

      20. Wondery

      entertainment website examples, wondery

      When it comes to podcasts, I get decision fatigue. I know what type of shows I like, but there are so many options. Finding the right show to listen to can seem like a tough choice. Wondery has a keen understanding of this problem and makes exploring their vast library easy.

      On the podcasting company’s home page, there are several categories to explore. That includes “new and featured,” “most bingeable,” and “#1 shows.” There are also carousels of shows by genre. Even better, you can see how many episodes each show has already released. You’ll know how much you can binge or catch up on.

      What we like: Wondery’s looks like the platforms listeners already use to consume podcast content. There are similar sliders to Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify.

      Entertainment Web Design: Getting It Right

      Navigating the vast sea of entertainment design can be daunting. A standout website directly reflects your unique journey, style, and vision. The 20 websites we’ve spotlighted here aren’t just visually stunning — they’re representations of the passion and dedication of their creators.

      Remember, it’s not just about building a website — it’s about building a digital canvas that tells your story. With inspiration and a touch of your own, your website can become more than just a portfolio. You can create an ode to your craft.

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