26 Weebly Website Design Examples We Love [+ How to Make Your Own]

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The Weebly website builder is a popular choice for brands looking to make an impact. With thousands of templates to choose from and easy no-code editors, the platform’s appeal is no mystery.

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With both free and for-pay options, Weebly’s intuitive approach to website building is a great way to get started or improve your website’s impact.

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Of course, great site ideas don’t always appear on demand. You’ll need inspiration and guidance to build the best site for your business. That’s why we gathered 26 Weebly website examples we love. Let’s go.

1. Argyle

Weebly website example, Argyle

This yarn shop opted for a simple Weebly design that shows off what it’s known for: great yarn. The argyle patterns next to the logo are a nice touch and speak to Weebly’s customization options.

What we like: New to knitting? You can learn at Argyle. The classes section of the website features a calendar with different workshops, so customers know exactly what’s coming in the future.

2. Merchant Method

Weebly website example, Merchant Method

Chris Guillot, founder of Merchant Method, created a clean Weebly site that feels professional and trustworthy. The site features photos of business workshops and happy clients, proving the consultancy’s prowess. Guillot also features news articles about Merchant Method and reviews as further social proof.

What we like: When visitors land on the homepage, they first see a quiz to help them find their “retail success style.” This gets users to engage with the site from the get-go.

3. Fan Ho Photography

Weebly website example, Fan Ho Photography

Fan Ho Photography uses negative space to make an impact — and it works. This site is presented purely in black-and-white, making for a striking first impression.

Further, the site has a grid of the artists’ photography to give visitors a taste of his work. When you click an image, it opens full screen, and you have the opportunity to pin the photo on Pinterest.

What we like: This site presents information in two languages, appealing to a global audience.

4. Backwoods Soap and Body Products

Weebly website example, Backwoods Soap and Body Products

Weebly has a wide range of capabilities — from running a blog to offering an online store. Backwoods Soap and Body showcases the platform’s ecommerce capabilities. This business has its products categorized by type. Each category showcases a grid of photos that you can click on and shop.

What we like: This site offers a separate login for wholesalers who expect to purchase products in bulk. This ensures that those special deals are only available to a certain audience.

5. Listen First

Weebly website example, Listen First

Listen First is a social media analytics platform. Its Weebly site isn’t flashy but gets the point across — the company offers data, insights, and expert knowledge.

This site also excels at showcasing social proof. The site opens with a quote from a social media manager. You can find more specific quotes in a slider section toward the bottom of the page. There’s also another dedicated case studies section so potential buyers can see the product at work.

What we like: Listen First includes its accolades on the home page. The company includes a badge from G2 touting that the product was named a high performer in the social media analytics category.


Weebly website example, ENTERLOGIX

Another straightforward Weebly site, ENTERLOGIX has a custom contact form on its homepage that offers free CRM consultation. Rather than buying this form behind multiple links, ENTERLOGIX puts it front and center.

What we love: This site features a navigation bar that sticks to the top of your screen as you scroll. You won’t miss any important information, no matter what page you're on.

7. Curbside Compost

Weebly website example, Curbside Compost

Curbside Compost leads with its impact: The company recovers 7,000 pounds of food scraps each day, helping reduce carbon emissions. Curbside also offers compost delivery in Connecticut and New York to get soil back into the growing game.

What we like: Curbside Compost reinforces its mission through visuals. The hero image shows rich, fertile soil, and many images of plants are on the homepage. The site also features a video of the team’s trucks picking up and transporting buckets of food scraps.

8. Ancillary K9

Weebly website example, Ancillary K9

When it comes to dog training, owners want results. Ancillary K9 backs up its work with a video background that shows trainers working with dogs to walk on leashes, sit patiently, and even do tricks.

Ancillary K9 also bolsters its site with stats. Its trainers have helped 650 clients, and the business has over 190 five-star reviews.

What we like: Ancillary K9 knows the power of a deal. The site features a complimentary consultation and temperament test for your dog — a $199 value.

9. PCOM Property

Weebly website example, PCOM Property

Your site doesn’t need to be flashy to attract business. PCOM Property has built a simple, but informative, website with a clear statement of purpose. The company opens with a strong mission statement over the image of an apartment complex that reads, “We help expats acquire profitable and secure investments in high-demand locations.”

The site then jumps to images of properties, where you can see the location of a property, how many rooms it has, and its cost.

What we like: PCOM Property prominently features its newsletter subscription. The page outlines the value proposition: The site can’t feature all properties, so newsletter subscribers get insider information. This clear communication can help drive leads.

10. Coin Top Secret

Weebly website example, Coin Top Secret

Weebly offers many templates that blogs and news sites can leverage. Let’s take a look at what’s possible by examining Coin Top Secret. This site merges a scrolling cryptocurrency tracker with the latest NFT and crypto news to provide a host of data from the first moment users land on the site.

This site categorizes its posts into multiple categories. Visitors can use the menu to find articles all about one topic, like stablecoin and blockchain. The site also features ebooks that users can download to learn more about these topics.

What we like: Coin Top Secret features ad slots throughout the site, showcasing Weebly sites’ ability to show off their partner brands.

11. Box Bros

Weebly website example, Box Bros

The Box Bros make bespoke wooden boxes as gifts. Rather than go for flashy, these box builders have opted for images of woodworking and their beautiful end results.

If you’re a small business selling a craft product, you don’t need to overwhelm your site with flashy imagery and gimmicks. Just put your work front and center, with captivating images of what you make. Buyers will be persuaded from there.

What we love: This site includes an FAQ page with information like order fulfillment timelines, customization options, and shipping limitations. With these details, buyers can make an informed choice.

12. Tommy Trenchard

Weebly website example, Tommy Trenchard

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if you’re building a photography website. Tommy Trenchard’s portfolio has a simple homepage. There is a gallery of his images that visitors can scroll through. To find more, visitors can use the navigation menu to see where his work and writing have appeared.

What we love: On Trenchard’s about page, he lists his awards and accolades. Visitors can see his experience's depth just from the list.

13. Nick Fusedale

Weebly website example, Nick Fusedale

Nick Fusedale is a professional brand photographer whose website reflects some of the best work he’s done for brands. There’s virtually no text except the brand names in small font on the right-hand side, leaving plenty of room for the photos to shine.

What we like: Fusedale reinvents the idea of website navigation. With one, comprehensive list of projects on the left of the screen, seeing Fusedale’s work is easy.

14. We Talk Money

Weebly website example, We Talk Money

We Talk Money is an Australian company that helps people retire sooner and with more money. The image of a couple relaxing on the beach sets the tone, while the ad for a free guide to stress-free retirement helps bring in the target audience.

What we like: Elements on the site load on scroll, sliding into view. You don’t need a coding background to make these animations with Weebly.

15. Dot’s Pantry

Weebly website example, Dot’s Pantry

Dot’s Pantry is about family recipes passed down from the site owner’s great-grandmother and speaks to the current consumer trend around authentic, honest food products. You can tell from the moment that you enter the site. An about us section with a family photo is the first thing you see.

What we like: Dot’s Pantry has a calendar feature with events accompanied by a map, so you know where to shop to find their products.

16. Steam Sauna Experts

Weebly website example, Steam Sauna Experts

The Stream Sauna Experts wants customers to know that they’re very good at what they do — and it is clear from the first look at their page that they offer free second-day delivery on items. This site also uses warm browns and oranges throughout the site. These hues match their wood saunas, so their products pop.

What we like: Layout is a powerful tool for websites. The Stream Sauna Experts switches frequently between full-width and one-column layouts, making information easy to read.

17. Haruka

Weebly website example, Haruka

This Vietnamese company makes an alcoholic beverage using Japanese plums. The slideshow on their Weebly homepage focuses on their product's fresh and verdant nature, with a mountain backdrop to give a sense of serenity.

What we like: This site integrates a Facebook Messenger chatbot where users can ask questions about the product. This offers a fast, familiar channel for customer support.

18. Kimberly Devlin

Kimberly Devlin

Kimberly Devlin wants to change the way people work, and her webpage makes that abundantly clear. By opting for a minimalist theme and simple text, this Weebly website grabs user attention.

Further, the site places a clear value proposition right on the home page. Visitors are greeted by a moving video of a clean, organized working space. Then, she tells people that she can help them find fun in productivity. To seal the deal, she has a grid with icons representing the services she offers.

What we like: Devlin’s book page includes both large images of her writing and buttons that make purchasing her work easy.

19. Yonatan Hart

Weebly website example, Yonatan Hart

Here’s another simple, but stunning, design. Writer Yonatan Hart makes it clear that when it comes to great ideas, he’s got plenty. It’s quick, it’s clever, and it’s a great use of space.

What we like: Hart’s testimonial section shows the power of great design. Here, he features different customer quotes in white speech bubbles over a blue background. This naturally draws the eye and makes the testimonials easy to read.

20. Be Martial Arts

Weebly website example, Be Martial Arts

Be Martial Arts makes great use of Weebly’s video backgrounds to show off young students kicking, punching, and flipping their way through martial arts training.

Be Martial Arts offers different types of classes. Right under the hero section, visitors see three buttons for children, adults, and those interested in tai chi. When visitors hover over the button, text appears with more information. With a click, they are taken to a dedicated page for that offering.

Pro tip: If you offer a service, feature images of your team working with clients. This helps potential customers envision themselves working with your team.

21. Threshold Fukushima

Weebly website example, Threshold Fukushima

What we like: This film site lets the work speak for itself, prominently featuring posters and trailers of the documentaries in the series. The site also presents information in Japanese and English to appeal to a wide range of visitors.

22. Flaming Pear Software

Weebly website example, Flaming Pear Software

The composition of Flaming Pear’s homepage photo is striking, and naturally makes visitors wonder if they could create something similar with the company’s Photoshop plugins.

What we like: This brand also offers free trials of its plugins. This is a great way to give users a taste of what they offer, get them hooked, and encourage them to purchase the tool.

23. Kerlin BBQ

Weebly website example, Kerlin BBQ

What we like: Listed as one of the best BBQ joints in America, Kerlin leans into what they know best: Meat. The site offers limited navigation options, serving instead as a way to connect buyers with the brand for large orders or catering events.

24. ImmuneSchein

Weebly website example, Immune Schein

This company is all about the elixirs and teas and leans heavily into using handcrafted in-house products. The website is bright, colorful, and fresh, keeping this approach.

What we like: Cutting-edge websites feature animations that load on the page as visitors scroll. This helps decrease image load time and create visual intrigue. ImmuneSchein uses this technique throughout the site, paired with popups that offer special deals.

25. Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

Weebly website example, Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

Old pups need care, too — and what better way to capture how great it is to have a dog in your life than with an old pupper wearing sunglasses? As the site says, love never grows old, and neither does this picture.

What we like: The page with sponsorable dogs is both adorable and a joy to navigate. Visitors can click on an image of a senior dog, then learn more about their stories on a dedicated page.

26. Guide.fi

Weebly website example, Guide.fi

What we like: This site offers guides for small groups of tourists in Finland, promising a unique and highly curated experience. Its single image and tagline showcase the beauty of Helsinki and make it clear what the company wants: For all of its customers to have a very nice day.

How to Design a Weebly Website

Seen enough great Weebly websites that you’re ready to try your hand at building your own? We’ve got you covered with six steps for success.

1. Get Weebly

First up? Download and install Weebly. If you want to create a simple website, Weebly’s Free plan for basic use is a good place to start. You get free SSL security and the ability to add 3rd party embed code, along with a shopping cart for ecommerce.

The personal ($10 monthly) and professional ($12 monthly) plans let you connect to a custom domain. They also include support for digital goods on ecommerce sites. In addition, the Professional plan comes with a free domain and unlimited storage.

2. Pick Your Template

Next up? Pick your template. Weebly has many options for online stores, retail businesses, portfolio sites, event services, and blogs.

3. Dive into Design

With a plan and template ready to go, you can start designing. Weebly makes this easy with drag-and-drop elements, including text, photos, videos, and maps.

4. Customize Your Site

Once you’ve found the right mix of design, customize your site with image and color background elements. Websites can include everything from video backgrounds to custom headers and slideshows — whatever works best for your brand.

5. Ask Questions

Questions come standard when you’re building a website. With Weebly, you’ve got access to answers thanks to the active Weebly community — the forum is an endless source of insight and inspiration.

6. Find Help When You Need It

If you can’t find what you need in the forum or have a specific question, try the Weebly Help Center. This resource has many articles and information to get you back on track.

Winning with Your Weebly Web Work

Weebly is a powerful and easy-to-use website builder, but it’s best used in conjunction with great ideas. Get inspired to create your Weebly site with our list of 26 great examples, then follow our six-step startup guide to get your Weebly work noticed.

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